Broken Dishes Swap Tutorial

Making the Broken Dishes Blocks:

Method #1 - This is my preferred method, as it made the most accurate HST.

Trianges on a Roll - Thangle Method

Here is a link to Amazon.  You may also find them at quilt shops.

Place fabrics with right sides together and pin the paper to secure it.  I like to leave a little around the edges.  Be sure to line it up straight on the grain.  We don't want wonky blocks.
 It is so easy to follow the arrows - you won't miss a minute of the Olympics.
Use a sharp rotary cutter and ruler to carefully cut the units.
Once you have removed your papers, you are ready to press - please use starch as it helps keep them square.

Press toward the red (in both groups).
Please trim your dog ears before you continue.
Arrange your block before sewing.  I sewed several incorrectly while watching TV -  is is easier to mess up than you think.
Press the first units before finishing the block.  I used to try to skip this step - but don't it makes a real difference.
Press the last seam open for a nice flat block.

Method #2 

Making 8 HTS at a time.  This works well, but it is necessary to mark the fabric and trim each unit.

Start with a 6 inch square of each fabric.
Mark a diagonal line cross-wise from each corner - sorry, it's a little hard to see.
Stitch on both sides of the drawn line.  I'm using white thread so you can see it - please use red for modern and off white for repro.
Cut the units apart using a good sharp rotary blade and ruler.
Press well to the red side.
Measure!! and trim units as needed - be sure to keep the angle square.  2 1/2" unfinished.
Snip those ears.
As in Method #1 - arrange and sew
 Press sub-units
 Press the last seam OPEN.
Ta Da!

If you like to do them 2 at a time that is fine.  If you have another method of making HST that is fine too as long as your measurements are correct.

Here is some inspiration!

 I love these used as a border in a medallion.
I have unlocked my Pinterest Board and you can see more here.


  • HST units are 2 1/2 inches unfinished.
  • Broken Dishes block is 4 1/2 inches unfinished.
  • Use your very best sewing skills.
  • Press as you go.
  • Do NOT trim the final block.
  • Make 2 sets of 40 blocks - using a different fabric combination.
On you Marks, Get Set......SEW

Have fun and thanks for swapping!

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