Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jill's UFO Update

Happy Sunday from rainy New Jersey - finally! and we need it!

If you want to see the original UFO challenge post click here.

This post authored by Jill:

"It pains me to admit failure on our UFO challenge...especially to my near
and dear Cupcake friends!   However I have failed miserably and could offer
the usual litany of excuses...A, B, C, or all of the above...but no one
really wants to hear

Note to self...for the next UFO challenge, choose a NF UFO (nearly finished
UFO), not a BBHS UFO (barely begun hand stitched UFO)!!!

Here is a pic of my progress however, which consists of one more completed
star and a half finished fourth.  I shall plod on!    I also discovered
after placing this many on the design wall that my original vision of this
finished quilt was seriously flawed, so back to the drawing board on that
one, too!

I will keep Barb up to date on my progress...have a Happy Spring everyone!



Lori said...

It looks like she made a little progress:)

Kyle said...

Not a failure. Any forward motion is success.

regan said...

I love these stars! Awesome!

Debra said...

Jills stars look fantastic. Keep on plodding along!!

Donna~~ said...

I really like the stars! I agree with Kyle--progress is simply moving in the right direction!

Sarah Martin said...

Good golly, they are such great looking blocks! I love the colors! What's not to be thrilled with?! Plod On!

Janet said...

Your stars are very beautiful! Keep going! :0)

Rachaeldaisy said...

Hi Jill, take as long as you like as long as you share your progress with us, the more times I see those stars the better, they are super amazing!!

Maureen said...

Keep plugging away, Jill, it looks great!

libbyquilter said...

beautiful stars~!!~
hang in there Jill, this one's going to be a showstopper~!!~