Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quilts = Priceless


Here is an update on the Cathedral Windows doll quit.  I try to get a little done here and there.  I've really enjoyed this process.

My moving date is finally about 1 week away!  Since I consider my quilts priceless, I've moved them all to a friends' house.

I didn't count, but Margaret is a trusted and dear friend and is so generous to offer her home as a storage for them.

I stacked them up and wrapped them with sheets.

This is a big bundle~

Here they are at Margarets house.  bye quilts.....see you in July.

On the home front, the sewing room is closed for business.  I have pre-organized everything for the packers so I'll know what is where.

It was a sad day when I took down the design wall.  I'll be replacing it and maybe I'll do a tutorial. It is so easy to make.

Sad....I'll never have another sewing room like this one.

On Sunday I celebrated the end of my Jubilee year.  I am grateful to my friends and family for making it a special day. 

I want to share this great gift that I received.  (I actually got 2 from different people....guess they know me :)

This is an icicle that you freeze and insert into a bottle of wine to keep it perfectly chilled.  It can also be used to quick chill red to the perfect temperature.


I don't know when I'll be back, but thank you all for the support during this move.  I hope to come back with fun and inspiration from Connecticut.  In the meantime, happy sewing!