Monday, April 30, 2012

Are You Kidding?

There's No Place Like Home is what I decided to call hanna's 1st Year Miami of Ohio quilt.   I actually have another quilt by that name, but so what, it works on this one too.

It measures 45 X 58" - not very big, but then neither is she~

Close up of the quilting-

Here is an outdoor shot which shows the quilting well.

 And the back

I used a variegated thread of light pink, medium pink and red.  I really like it.  It softened the red and wasn't too stark on the white.  I used solid red for the cables on the border.

Here is the label.  I attached it so it looked like a "M" for Miami.

The backing is 2 different pink.  This first one is a vintage 1970's with quotes from "Laugh In" a comedy show that I used to love.

The other fabric is a breast cancer fabric with the words mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc.

The reason I titled this post "Are You Kidding' is because I had finished all the quilting when I realized that I had the backing upside down - seriously?  I just had to laugh at myself.

We're off tomorrow at o-dark hundred to get Hanna home.   Hanna asked me to bring the quilt to school as she's dying to finally see it.  What a sweet girl!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Put a Pin in It


Last week I marked and pinned my daughters School house quilt and I've been busy machine quilting it.

I usually do cross hatching quilting when looking for a simple overall pattern.  This time I did 60 degree diamonds.

In this photo you can see my "eraser".  I use a Q-tip and a little water to erase any lines that are a little off.  I remove most of the cotton tip.  This works great.

My tried and true and favorite border design.  I'm extending the diamonds all the way to the cable just for fun and added interest.

If you think this looks like a lot of pins, you are right!

I'm using a lot this time because I didn't want to do any anchoring straight lines and all the quilting is on the bias.

So, what do we think of Donald Draper's new wifey?  I put a poll up on the right hand side just for fun and it's not even Friday.

Happy Pinning and Stitching everyone!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jill's UFO Update

Happy Sunday from rainy New Jersey - finally! and we need it!

If you want to see the original UFO challenge post click here.

This post authored by Jill:

"It pains me to admit failure on our UFO challenge...especially to my near
and dear Cupcake friends!   However I have failed miserably and could offer
the usual litany of excuses...A, B, C, or all of the above...but no one
really wants to hear

Note to self...for the next UFO challenge, choose a NF UFO (nearly finished
UFO), not a BBHS UFO (barely begun hand stitched UFO)!!!

Here is a pic of my progress however, which consists of one more completed
star and a half finished fourth.  I shall plod on!    I also discovered
after placing this many on the design wall that my original vision of this
finished quilt was seriously flawed, so back to the drawing board on that
one, too!

I will keep Barb up to date on my progress...have a Happy Spring everyone!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Basket Case

Last Saturday was the Liberated Baskets class with Gwen Marston.

Gwen doing a hands on demo of the handle section.

Work, work work

Here are some of the fun baskets made at the workshop.  If I remember who's is who's I'll include the name, forgive me if I've forgotten a couple - yep, turning 50 soon :)





These are my buddy Susan's

These are mine.  I finally cut those African prints.

I made 9 baskets by the end of class.  I'm thinking about using them in a liberated medallion quilt.  I  love that center piece and don't really want to cut it up.

Fun For Friday - RAK
My son found this on our door step.  I was so touched!

isn't that great?  I'm going to plant it in the herb garden where I can see it regularly.

Have a Fun Day and a Wonderful Weekend!

p.s. also for fun this week I added a Favicon to my blog.  It's a little picture you'll see instead of the Blogger "B" on the address line (on the tool bar, up top) and in Google Reader.  It's a champagne bottle and glass to represent my Jubilee Year :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

So Old It's New Again

Gwen gave this lecture at our guild meeting on friday.

Gwen shared some of the many observations she has made by  studying old quilts and how she employs them in her own quilts.  Many of the innovative ways that quilters in the mid-1800s solved design problems or fabric shortages are great ideas for us to use in our quilting to add interest, movement and a little whimsy.

Gwen created this quilt using ideas from an old quilt.  I love the "make do" blocks and all the little bits of filler in this wonderful quilt.

Old quilts are an endless supply of creative ideas for us quilters today.

She shared with us these quilts using solids and various piecing techniques and styles.

Half Square Triangles

String piecing

Liberated Log Cabin construction

I really love the soft yet bold pallet of this quilt.  The black binding is the perfect frame.

Love the sticks on the outside borders here.

Black add spark and life to this soft quilt.

Rail fence piecing

Coins or strippy piecing

While these quilts look fresh and modern, they are created using age old piecing styles.  We can do this!

At lunch before the meeting, my wonderful Cupcake friends, Jill and Susan, gave me a special gift to celebrate my win at the recent Lancaster quilt show.  It's a lovely, one of a kind, potholder from a Lancaster quilt shop.

They looked through a hundred to find just the right one -

Gwen is coveting it!

Joke's on me!  Thanks girls you are the best!

Back soon with a report on the Liberated Basket workshop I took on Saturday.   We learned how to make baskets like this:

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun For Friday - Button Cards

A quick post today before the guild meeting.

At a show I picked up this new button card, it's my favorite.

Here is a sweet one

I think this one is from my buddy Jill.  Aren't they handsome devils.  Buttons on your underwear, lol.

I love this one too, being an avid game enthusiast and bingo player.   Educational Lotto - funny, huh?

As you can tell, I'm not a serious collector.....yet.

After taking down the Easter Decorations, I decided to group my few London themed objects.  Almost anything can make a vignette if they are related in some way, an old toy bank, toy bus, pepper shaker and tea accessories.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Reunited after 7 years!

What fun~  Gwen is here on the east coast for the first time since I move here 9 years ago.  She is visiting both of my guilds in addition to 3 others.  We are all thrilled to see her.

We started the day by looking at some of the quilts that Gwen brought with her.  The workshop we were taking was the Nineteenth Century Folk Art Appliqué class.

I never tire of looking at  and studying these quilts based on motifs and styles from the 19 century.  The quilting is lovely and lively.

This one was machine quilted by Sue Nickels - beautiful.

I was happy to see this one again.  I'd like to try the liberated sawtooth border one day.


This quilt is one of the collaborative quilts made with Freddie Moran.

A good backing if ever there was one.

Gwen demonstrated simple sketching techniques to use as a road map for small projects.

Paper cutting flower and star shapes -

Let me pause here just to say that after being a student of Gwen's for almost 20 years I am even more impressed by how fresh and fun her approach is.  I am so grateful that she gives quilters "permission" to make their own designs.  To use what works for them as quilters and not demand it be "her way".

I can not fully express how invaluable these lessons have been to me over the years and often I employ them in my work.  I would not be on the quilt journey I am without the 5 years of Gwen's Fall Retreat and her influence.  

Here are some of my friends pieces at the workshop.

Susan H's pineapple

Ann's vase of flowers

Susan Mc'Ds Flowers

Jill's spring basket - how cute are those pussy willows?

I decided to make a quilt about my puppy; coco.  She doesn't fetch, but loves to "pick" flowers in the yard and chase the bunny.

After admiring all the fun flower pieces,  I composed this.

When Gwen wanted to demonstrate an appliqué sawtooth border, naturally I volunteered my piece.  hey, I'm no dummy.

Friday she'll be lecturing at my guild The Brownstone Quilters.  Saturday I'll be taking her liberated basket workshop.  

After joking with Gwen about sitting at the heels of "the master" and also that the "sheep had returned to the shepherd",  Betsy took this photo of us cracking up.  

News Bulletin - News Bulletin - News Bulletin - New Bulletin

Gwen gave me permission to share her big news.  Gwen told me they have a saying in the Auto Industry in Michigan; 30 and out.

Next year (2013) will be Gwen's 30th Annual Quilt Retreat and she will passing on the torch.  Retreaters will be relieved to learn that Sue Nickels and Pat Holly will be taking over the reigns.  These sisters have been attendees and friends with Gwen for years.  She reassured me that the  retreat will be in good hands and will continue in the tradition of inspiration, information, friendships and fun!

See you soon for another report on Gwen's East Coast Tour.