Thursday, May 23, 2019

Round And Round

What a fun workshop!  Here is my finished Top:  "Fun House" 
As you can tell, I'm delighted with it.  I didn't even see a peek of it all day so it was a wonderful surprise.

Beth, of Eva Pagie Designs led this fast paced workshop.  In each round we were given a theme and a time constraint.

First Round:  Flying Geese (I added to the seashell block)
Second Round:  Strip Piecing (I added for patches to the floral block)
Third Round: Half Square Triangles, Plain or Free Choice (I added corner circles.  Can you tell it stressed me out?  ha ha
typical photo of me with my mouth open.  I love karen's expression.
Great borders to finish this beachy quilt.
I love how the corners turned out this one, perfect finish.
Time ran out on this one too - but I will be super cute.
Here are some of the other quilt tops.
How great is Terry's?  Love the HST border
 Great use of that print on the border!
 Great contrast on this one.  The simplicity really works.
Wee!   fun border
Here on Buck Hill Road, we have a new baby.  My IG friends came up with the perfect name:  Bami.  A baby deere.  So perfect.
 For my PBR, lol
The Orioles are returning often for the oranges I'm putting out yay!
As soon as it stops raining I'll finish getting these plants into pots.
I wish all my US friends a Happy Memorial Day this weekend.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Play Day!

Hooray!  I'm off today for a play day.  I'm taking a Round Robin in a Day workshop.  Here is my center starting point.
I pulled out bright and happy prints.  I have no idea what to expect, so I have no expectation except that it will be fun!
Coco has been a real sew room buddy lately.  Maybe because I have been eating breakfast and lunch in here....
in order to finish this!  It is not sewn into a top yet. I am so glad I made 16 blocks.  I for half a second thought, maybe 25 would be even better, but then I moved on.
I can put my bins and tubs of strips away.  I've tucked in a few eye spy moments.  Not easy with a 1/2" string.
A Baltimore Oriole couple have been visiting.  I got a photo through the kitchen window.  Isn't he gorgeous?
Yikes - now I know for sure who has been drinking and knocking off my hummingbird feeder at night!  Little Thief!
I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.  Andrew brought me a Portillos' Chocolate Cake all the way from Illinois - 940 miles.  He knows what an awesome surprise it was.
Hanna sent me a sweet quilt related Mother's Day card.
On Saturday I got to pretend for the day that Summer is on its way.
 Trust me, it didn't last.  It's been cold and rainy.
Yesterday I popped into Michaels.  My heart still sings when I see this display.  As a young girl I ADORED a craft kit of any kind.
I thumbed through a couple of coloring books.  I love how they smell and have fond memories of coloring and doing the dot to dots.  Maybe I should start a little secret collection for "someday" grandchildren.
Thank you so much for leaving me messages here on my blog.  I really enjoy the connection to quilters.  I respond to them if possible.  If I don't respond just know it means a lot to hear from you.


Thursday, May 9, 2019


Howdy!  Back from Dallas with a full report.
Thank you to all the friendly and talented ladies in Dallas for such a welcoming visit, especially my hostesses Pat and Sue for all the rides and wonderful dinners.  They introduced me to Fried Green Tomatoes - yum!

Hex Vex workshop (notice those sliding design walls!)
 I always love to see what fabrics students choose.
 Look at Sue's pre-pieced hexie. It would make a perfect spring or Easter table runner.
wee - that bee block!
 After me own heart Pat.
My two workshops were held at the Best Little Retreat Center in Texas.  Owner Pam (she works with her husband, Chuck) they are very warm and generous and passionate about quilters adn quilting.
Here is the main workroom (not my class).  Each student gets 2 tables. with a center outlet station.  It is fabulous!

They have a kitchen
A cute lounge area where I got to watch The Kentucky Derby.  (no comment)
Just down the way is a quilt shop, how handy!
How cute is this display at the quilt shop? 
My House Party Workshop Group!
Here are some of the builds
Notice the tornado roof :)

this one is fun.
 As you can see Ragi, who had never done this, really took to the process.
It was Nancy's Birthday and her Mom brought balloons and delicious baby bundt cakes for us.  So fun.
 These are nancy's blocks.  Alice's tower is so charming!
I did a little stitching at 20,000 feet.  
I spent 12 1/2 hours at the Dallas airport on Sunday due to multiple delays and missed connections.  But I still love you Texas.
I treated myself to a bagel- big carb cheat for me! and later a great dinner and a glass of contentment.
 Pineapple update.  This is how it looked monday.
Each round takes this long.  I'm usually not a counter, but I was curious.
Here is how it looks this morning.   My goal is to finish them by 5pm tomorrow. 
Okay, that is more than enough for one post.