Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Happy February!

Punxsutawney Phil says that spring is on its way!   Actually we haven't had much of a winter if I'm honest.

This wasn't on my UFO list, but I did finish these pretty ornaments in time for  Valentines Day.

I also finished this little dolly quilt while on my first January retreat.
Do you like a flat quilt?
Or a washed and crinkly quilt?  I like this one :)
I finished the baby quilt and I'm just waiting for the baby information so I can make a cute label.
I used this sweet Paris print to set the swap blocks.
I tried this "Green Batting" from Quilters Dream and I liked it, especially after I washed the quilt.  
I used a Paris Black and White print on the back.  My friend, Norma, gave it to me and it is perfect!
I went on a second retreat in January and it was a great retreat center with nice big sewing stations.
We each had our own little dorm room.  I brought 2 quilts because it was a really cold weekend!
Well some of you may have noticed on Instagram, I joined a group to work on Jane Stickle blocks.  Jane Stickle of Bennington VT is the original maker/designer.

I started with a modern bright color palette, but its not working for me.  
I have decided to, with the support of my great friend, Wendy Reed to make this quilt potholder style.  I'll let you know what my color theme will be soon.

On the wild side, just today I saw this beautiful hawk land in my tree.  He was flying with another hawk but she kept going.
I saw this lovely doe having a little breakfast last week.
I hope you had a nice peaceful January and I wish a happy February!