Sunday, March 28, 2021

Spring has Sprung

 Spring!  Time to spruce and clean.  

I might even have guests one day in my guest room. Here is my redo with three quilts that feature cheddar.

In other news I got my first vaccine in Connecticut. yay!  I'll be getting my second on April 9th.
Last weekend we took coco on vacation to the DC area to visit Hanna and David.  I have to say, coco LOVES a road trip; the open window, new smells, pit stops on 95 south and hotel living.
We did nothing, and it was awesome.  Eat, drink, talk and sleep....repeat.  
we also took coco walking in two area parks.
Lots of take in meals - the safest way to go in a highly populated area.

I've finished all my Steam Punk blocks, or Propeller Blocks as they were originally called.  Newspaper pattern from 1933!  Also note that it belongs to Modern Quilts.
I had some questions about calling this my "Chernobyl Quilt".  I was fascinated by the HBO series and I read the book "Midnight at Chernobyl".  

The meltdown event was very layered with so many people and living things affected.  The Russian government covered up a lot of it at the time.   I'm making this to honor those killed and those who sacrificed their lives in the subsequent clean up.  I chose this pattern because it reminds me of radiation fall out symbols.
I am so used to seeing it on my design wall with a white background.  I thought I'd try a dull tan...
I like both.  What do you think?

I did a little talk yesterday for the American Quilt Study Group on present day medallion quilts that I've made.  Here are a few that I layed out last week.  Some of you might have seen this on IG.

I was treated to a double hawk sighting in my yard.   Just two guys hanging out have a snack in my tree.
Here is a good image of the red shouldered hawk.
I wish you a Happy Spring and an Early Happy Easter.  Watercolor bookmark by Kelly of  Pinkadot Quilts.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

stuff and things

is what we say at our house when someone asks "what are you up to?" 

This is my steampunk block project. It is one of my 2021 intentions.  It is a fun challenge to pick fabrics for these blocks.
Because the theme of this quilt will be Chernobyl I used fabrics that represent science, life, data and death.
It is a very messy process for sure! 
It was fun see a version of my quarantini quilt in the Mid-Atlantic quilt show.   Thanks Bonnie for the inspiration credit.  Your quilt turned out great.
In another exhibit I found this quilt, which was created in my Hex Vex Zoom Workshop.  I really love this in B&W.

I enjoy looking for hawks when the trees are bare.   They are so much easier to see.   I spied this one on a neighborhood walk with Coco.
I took several photos of this beauty and he let me come quite close.
I'm off today to get my first dose of the covid vaccine.   I hope we can control this virus soon so we can get back to our lives safely.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Here Comes the Sun!

Whig Rose Update - almost finished with the third border - YAY

I appreciate all the support that keeps me encouraged to finish.

I sent this little house quilt to my friend, Diane for her 2021 Birthday.
  I made this house block during a liberated house demo for my guild.

 The back is almost better than the front.   I adore this fabric.

Last weekend I taught my Pretty Pineapple ZOOM workshop.  I had 14 students and we had a great workshop.  Thank you, Oxford Quilters of Canada!

Here is one of my new blocks.  I plan to make a runner.

And some of the students blocks.


Lynn's - this is a hybrid block, flying geese pineapple (a small trimming error) then traditional pineapple.  I like it!

If I were to give this workshop ala carte, would you be interested?  I could pick a date and take sign ups.  Let me know and I'll consider it.

I have been working on my fitness this year following my leg issues last fall.   Anyone using Apple Fitness can identify with this, haha  When you miss closing your ring by 1 minute.  Of course I did close it right away.
Who can resist tulips a the grocery store this time of year?  I came home and said to Rich "I bought these because I knew you'd want me to have them".  he did.  😀
Spring is almost here!  

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Red Hot

 I'm late in posting my February Mini - Red Hot

I decided to try a monochromatic color scheme on a mini bars quilt.  I did match stitch quilting with 5 different shades of red.    It is interesting to see how it looks over the different shades of fabric.

backing fabric (needs a simple label).
Wendy, of the Constant Quilter is our amazing hostess.  Check out her blog here and join in the fun.

Big Win!  I won a gorgeous project bag from Kyle of Timeless Reflections blog.   It is so incredibly well made and I love the fabric.   Thank you Kyle for the pretty pattern too.

I used a quilt at hand to display and low and behold there is the same fabric in my scrap quilt.

Speaking of Wendy, I am so excited and thrilled to share with you that the New England Quilt Museum has mounted a one woman show of her amazing quilts!  I'm so excited to see so many of them in one place.

Quilts of Wendy Reed:  on view March 3 through May 22!

Here is a little sneak peek.

On a personal accomplishment note I finally put my Dickens' Village away.  I enjoyed it every morning for almost 3 months.
I miss it, but I already have ideas for this years set up.
Have a great week!
Take care and stay well.