Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Where am I?

Hello!  I feel like I've been busy busy busy the past couple of weeks.  Thank you to all the Brownstone Quilters who came out for my talk and workshop on Feb 11.  Also thanks to Clamshell Quilters where I presented my lecture; Quilts - The Story of My Life last week.  It is always rewarding to share my passion for quilt making.

Here is a little 4-patch variation that I made to celebrate my 30th Wedding Anniversary which was Valentines Day.
I included photos from the 3 decades in an IG post.
Happy Belated Presidents Day!  Here is very small sampling of my Presidents collection.
In other news, I finished a little log cabin doll quilt - its more runner size.  I did simple straight line quilting.
I had a very small piece of this pretty blue toile' for the backing.
Here is a little "Year of the Rooster" quilt that I made using leftover ninepatch blocks which worked well as little coops.
I made this before I heard about the challenge from the Two Thimbles Quilt Shop with the same theme.  I ordered this super cute challenge package filled with fun goodies!
I've already started a new little quilt for the challenge.  Join the fun!

Remember this project?  I finally had the time to really figure out the next border (it took lots of math brain power, lol).  It will be all clamshells and sparrows.
You can see a printout of the bird color placement on the left.  It is so so helpful for me.  I machine basted everything again - I love this method for hand applique it is so secure and no pins to catch.
Seriously Starbuck?   He is perched on some bedding while I was doing the sheets.....notice the empty cat bed.  If he fits, he sits.
My Alice Payne quilt will be on display this weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.  Is anyone going?  I'd love a photo of it since I won't be there.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Secret Weapon

It's Dawn Dishwashing Liquid!    I'll get back to that but first~
I finished my Stars in a Time Warp Quilt.

Good and Plenty Stars - 38" x 38"
I named it that because of the black and pink like the candy.    Do you like it?  I hate it - but I loved the Choo Choo Charlie ads.
Here is the back.  I have had this fabric for about 10 years I think. This was about all I had but it was perfect for this.
It is a neat print about the "Arts".
I used my new stencil for the quilting and I'm pleased with how it turned out.  It is much easier to use it on a smaller piece for sure.  I buried my threads using a self-threading needle.
Why you need Dawn:
In a blog post recently, Chantal of At the Corner of Scraps and Quilts, shared her experience.

For reasons unknown, the blue ink did not come out with detergent and Clorox2.  Here it is soaking in Dawn.
What is weird is that it came out perfectly on this light fabric.....?
But not this one....
Luckily, over night it all came out - whew!

Thanks to all who took my recent poll.  Here are the results:

On Quilt Shows - results combine 2 polls
92%  Attend Quilt Shows
45% Enter Quilts
35% Haven't Entered Yet
13% Don't Enter

How we share (I allowed multiple answers)
41% Blogging
41% Quilt Shows
60% Guild Quilt Shows
15% Don't Share

So Hooray for us to attending and sharing our work!  Keep it up!

On a final note I had a mishap in the kitchen with a spaghetti squash yesterday that resulted in getting 4 stitches in my thumb.
I was impressed with this little stitching kit.  Special thanks to my daughter, Hanna, who insisted we get it checked out.   It is funny when the tables turn with our kids.
Last shot of Good and Plenty Stars.  I set it down and turned around to get the camera and it got this much snow!
We may get as much as 20 inches today which delayed my trip to NJ for a lecture/workshop but I'll make it for Saturday.

p.s. it is so crazy, but I did almost this exact post a year ago, click here to see it.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Spring is coming!

Spring is Coming according to Puxtatauney Phil - woo hoo
In the US you can watch the movie almost all day.  It's one of Bill Murray's best.
Winner Winner!
I would love to win this! I have just the quilt top to use it in! Thanks for the chance to win!
Congratulations Katy.  Send me your address and I'll ship my new stencil to you this weekend.

Everyone Wins!  Use coupon code LOVE20 to get 20% off everything in my Etsy Shop from now until February 14th.  Click here to visit my shop.

I've almost finished my Stars in a Time Warp quilt.  
There are a lot of ends to bury.  Do you clip or bury your stops and starts?   

Here are my January Log Cabin Sew Along blocks.    I'm in Bea's group with the modern makers and she also has links to all participants.
Happy Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rooster
We had a visit from this gorgeous hawk yesterday.
He was keeping his eye on everything - including us.
I've rededicated myself to planning.   Are you a planner?  Stickers seem to make it more fun.
Have a wonderful week and I'll be back soon~