Friday, August 17, 2018

Dog Daze

woof!  that's how I feel about the recent hot and sticky weather.

This is a random post with some of what I've been up to the last 2 weeks.

I started tying my Sweet Dreams quilt last Sunday.  I had hope to be finished....but you know; Life.
As you can see I'm using Chenille needles and an assortment of gold pearl cotton thread.

I set the table with old cutting mats.
I made a very funny error on the backing, which I share next time.
I made a fabulous blueberry pie using this recipe here.
My son gave me the Broadway CD of Hamilton for my Birthday.  I became pretty obsessed with the music.
It is based on this book, so listened to it.  All 36 hours.  It was fascinating.  I can't wait to see the show one day.
At my son's suggestion I attended a free one hour iphone video class at Apple in New Haven (where he works part time).  It was great and I highly recommend taking a session I learned so much.

Afterward Andrew and I popped into the Yale Gallery.  These are installed right onto the walls.
It is a completely free Art Museum and worth a visit if you're traveling on Interstate 95, and who isn't this summer?  am I right?

This looked like a quilt.
wild.  I can't image how rough this was to work on.
Andrew reaction when he learned it was all made with liquor caps.
 A video (3rd try) of humingbirds at the kitchen door.  Our record is 9 at one time this summer.
A little while back I "saved" a hummingbird caught in the garage.
 Poor thing was exhausted.  They only fly up, so I got on a ladder and caught it.  Poor little thing it happily flew away.
What have you been up to?  Have a great week and see you soon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Sweet Dreams!

My Summer Spread is a top - Sweet Dreams 99" x 99"
Here are my guys trying to hold it.  These are guys who can sail a boat 333 miles in horrible conditions, but complain about holding a quilt up.  ha ha  Bless their hearts.
The tiniest toad hopped into the shoot.
For the plain blocks I arranged them to coincide with me and Mr. Funs' interests or life experiences.  
 Some of the bottom row which were a mix.
My side.  It was fun to have a plan for which to include.
 I also liked that it added some color to the outside border.
I used 11 different toiles' for the top row.  Believe it or not I did arrange them in a color order.
I think Mr. Starbuck and Coco are really going to miss this project.
They spent a lot of time helping me in the sewing room.
I am in the process of piecing the backing for this quilt, then I plan to tie it and machine bind it.

My Goal:  to have it done this time next week....

If you are in the Sewing Along - happy stitching!  Post your progress on FB or IG.
Happy August Everyone