Friday, June 21, 2019

Beach Baby Bingo!

Beach Baby Bingo!  June Modern Mini.
I was inspired by the Jersey Shore.  I tried to represent the boardwalk, salt water taffy, sand, beach towels and umbrellas and the ocean.

Here is the backing.   Once again proving that every piece of fabric in my collection belongs somewhere at some point.  Monopoly is based on the streets of Atlantic City, NJ.  
"The board game Monopoly has its origin in the early 20th century. The earliest known version of Monopoly, known as The Landlord's Game, was designed by an American, Elizabeth Magie, and first patented in 1904 but existed as early as 1902 " (wikipedia)

I have only a little bit of this Elvis fabric left.  I parse it out slowly.
 I used a variegated pink thread on the boardwalk and tan on the sand.
This quilt brought to mind my little Skipper doll and playing with tupperware or Pyrex "pools" when I was a young girl.
 She even has a vintage Goodie barrett with a metal clasp.  This is also her original little bathing suit.
 Miss Nutmeg was very curious of what what going on.  It really reminded my of Mr. Starbuck who would do the same thing.
She's still pretty cute. 
Wow!  I found this 1 yard piece of my favorite toile' in Pink on the free table at guild.  I will use it to cover my ironing board when it needs it.
Here is my guilds Raffle Quilt for the show in 2020.  Tara and her team did and fabulous job.  If anyone is interested I am willing to offer tickets by mail for a chance to win.
I stumbled upon this page on Pinterest.  Enjoy a little nostalgia~

Hope you are enjoying Summer so far!  Have Fun

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

challenges and Nutmeg

Here is an update of my small groups' project. 
My word is Bee
From Top Left:  Spelling Bee, Bee-dazzled (which I redid), Bees Knees, Beeswax, Bee Happy and Queen bee.

Nancy's word is Time
 Show Time, Time Bomb, Wasting Time, The Time is Ripe, Saving time and Time Weighs Heavy.

Pauline's word is Eye
 Eye of the World, Black Eyed Susan, Seeing Eye Dog, Private Eye, My, What big Eyes you have and Pink Eye.

Norma's word is Cat
Cat and Mouse, Raining Cats and Dogs, Cat's Pajamas, Eye Cat-cher, Cat in the Hat and Cat Nap.

We have decided to make 9 so there will be three more each.  It has been a fun challenge.

I found this pattern on the free table at guild.  I found it amazing that it is handwritten.  The drawing is charming.
I loved this notation;  My sentiment exactly.
The last page really struck me as odd as it is very technical and also typed?  funny.
Here's NUTMEG!
With the help of my friend Norma, we adopted her from a shelter in New Jersey.
She is only 3 months old.  She is very sweet and has such pretty markings and olive green eyes.
She Loves to Play!
I'm really working hard to finish the quilting on my Medallion Quilt.  I'll share progress soon.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

May Modern Mini

"Gifts from the Sound"

Here is my inspiration photo.  I took this on a walk with coco.

An early loose layout.  
Hunting for small buttons was almost like looking for shells at the beach.
I don't embellish often, but this little quilt called for it.  I even added very tiny crystals to represent sea glass.

I first did some quilting where I was going to add beads, then I did the beading.  You can see here my knots here on the back.
I left the underneath fabric which showed through to add a little texture. (a happy accident that I notice, before I trimmed it off.

I quilted the water and sky section with pink and blue silk.

I was going to do a raw edge treatment instead of binding, then I remember this trim tape.  So I folded it and machine attached it act as my binding.

The number seemed sort of nautical, like depth findings, or tide makers.

I frayed the corners with a needle.  I can't tell you how much I like this binding for this piece.

Here in its natural habitat.  The beach was packed on Friday, but no seemed to take an any notice of my photo shoot.

Lastly, I came downstairs for coffee on Friday and was met by this awesome sight.  It really was spiritual and I'm so happy I captured it.

Happy June! 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Round And Round

What a fun workshop!  Here is my finished Top:  "Fun House" 
As you can tell, I'm delighted with it.  I didn't even see a peek of it all day so it was a wonderful surprise.

Beth, of Eva Pagie Designs led this fast paced workshop.  In each round we were given a theme and a time constraint.

First Round:  Flying Geese (I added to the seashell block)
Second Round:  Strip Piecing (I added for patches to the floral block)
Third Round: Half Square Triangles, Plain or Free Choice (I added corner circles.  Can you tell it stressed me out?  ha ha
typical photo of me with my mouth open.  I love karen's expression.
Great borders to finish this beachy quilt.
I love how the corners turned out this one, perfect finish.
Time ran out on this one too - but I will be super cute.
Here are some of the other quilt tops.
How great is Terry's?  Love the HST border
 Great use of that print on the border!
 Great contrast on this one.  The simplicity really works.
Wee!   fun border
Here on Buck Hill Road, we have a new baby.  My IG friends came up with the perfect name:  Bami.  A baby deere.  So perfect.
 For my PBR, lol
The Orioles are returning often for the oranges I'm putting out yay!
As soon as it stops raining I'll finish getting these plants into pots.
I wish all my US friends a Happy Memorial Day this weekend.