Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fun With Barb - How to Get Some

Yesterday I finished this new sample for my "Applique The Fun and Easy Way" workshop.  I decided to make it a tribute to my hero, mentor, teacher and friend, Gwen Marston.
It highlights all the good stuff that Gwen has taught me;  split borders, mix matched borders, mix matched prints, liberated houses, 
and the importance of berries.....I could go on and on.
It came a long way from beginning steps and attempts, as all my quilts do.
This hung around for about 2-3 days I decided it was too controlled.
It's not rocket science is it?  The great thing about folk art is it ISN'T perfect dahling.
Getting a note from Gwen is always a fun occurrence.  Her zest for life always comes through.
Now I'm honored to be teaching her style and my own methods to guilds and groups and I love it!

Spring Schedule:

April 1 & 2, I'm presenting my Scrap Lecture/Trunk show and Liberated House Workshop at the Lake and Mountain Guild in Seneca, SC.

April 9,  I'll be with the Four County Quilters in Mt. Airy, MD with my Scrap Lecture/Trunk Show.

April 10 & 11, I'll be with the CAMACO Quilters in Cape May  NJ for the Scrap Quilt Lecture and a Applique' workshop.

May 2, 3 and 4 I'll be in Texas with the Quilters Guild of Dallas.  I'm presenting  Quilts: The Story of My Life and teaching Liberated Houses & Hex Vex (epp) workshops.

 You can check out my programs on a tab at the top of this blog.  Be sure to check "web version" if you are on a smartphone, or tablet.  You scroll to the bottom and look for this:

You can also just email me at 

I hope to see a lot of you this spring!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

NEQM - Solid Gold

My March Modern Mini:  Four Seasons
The Back - the binding still needs stitching.  I used blue to represent the sky.
It was fun to take photo at Hammonasset State Park Beach on Long Island Sound, but it was cold and windy.
 I used Invisifil tan thread and did even and uneven lines, which is my favorite modern style of quilt to do.
On Saturday I visited the New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA.  It is a wonderful museum and the quilts displays are thoughtful, creative and impeccably hung. 
I went to see my friend, Wendy! Her blog The Constant Quilter is one of my favorites.  Here we are with  Laura who works at the museum (lucky!)  Pam gave a great gallery talk but I didn't get a chance to snag her for a photo.
For the Fun of It - Quilts from the Collection of Gerald Roy was my favorite exhibit.  These have never been displayed publicly until now.  
Stunning quilting.  I love dark thread on a lighter ground.
I don't fancy this quilt, personally, but the quilting deserves my admiration.
I'm not a fan of Joseph's Coat, but this quilting is fabulous.
 This pineapple was all velvet and silk, ooh la la.
 Bump-badda-DA  My Favorite!  Pink and Yellow Prince's Feather!!  Where are the smelling salts?
 Here is a video with all the quilts that I missed while visiting.  You'll hear me call the Museum the "exhibit" and at the end you'll hear my response to Wendy's telling me she has to go.....
It was a great visit and I was so inspired by all the COLOR in this exhibit.  I highly recommend you see these beauties in person if at all possible.
I will have more quilts from the museum to share next time.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Good Old Days

Elegant Migration 2008
I shared this old traditional quilt on IG last week and was quite surprised by the positive response.
I guess you can't ever go wrong with a classic.  I was inspired by this quilt.  You know, I wish I had done the double yellow striping.  I am not sure why I didn't.  Maybe I didn't have enough gold?
This is one of my all time favorite quilt books.   Did you know that my friend, Barbara was a co-author?  If you are not reading her blog, it is wonderful see it here Quilts, Gravestones and Elusive Ancestors.
Here is another oldie by goodie from 1994. 
This was my husband, Rich's, quit that he hung in his office.
the backing was fun.  I just cut along the buildings and appliqued it by machine to a backing.   I wish I took more time like this to make creative backings.  Maybe I will.
I'm working with solids a bit this week.
TIP:  it is good to grade (or trim) the back so that solids don't show through the white. 
aren't these sweet
I am working on this too.  I am following Kelly's Tree Tutorial.  She makes it looks easy, but it takes practise.
I've already chopped down that one on the left and have re-done the left side.  It looked to controlled and awkward.

We had a fun weekend here.  Hanna came home for a 5 day visit and we celebrated Rich's 60th. 
 I had to move all my truck show quilts to the sewing room.  Today I'll sort them and put them away.
I found this sweet little clump of crocus in my yard.  If I hadn't looked I might have missed them.
Spring is surely coming.....

Monday, March 11, 2019

Wintry Mix

Happy Monday!   Hooray three out of four Whig Rose blocks are done.
 My least favorite part of applique' - prepping the block.  One day I'm going to do ALL the prep before I if.
 I had a great visit with the Crazy Quilters of Emmaus, PA.  Can I just say that I LOVE to visit Pennsylvania?  It is such a great quilting state.

What a wonderful surprise!  Kelly (of Pinkadot Quilts) came to my talk.  I was so touched and it was great to visit in person.  She brought me this beautiful painting as a gift.  She is so talented! 
I had a wonderful and creative group of quilters at my Lollipop Workshop.  They were making perfect circles in no time.  Here is some of their work.

I love to see this - auditioning ideas right on the background.
Nicole is going totally off pattern which I really love to see.  This is really why I like to teach.  To inspire everyone to do their thing.
We have snow people.  March: in the a Lion...
 I looked very pretty.
 I love the quiet hush on a snowy morning.
With the clocks changing and the snow, my cactus is so confused it bloomed again.
Have a great week and I'll be back soon since I missed last week!

I'll leave you with this easy wintry