Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fun With Barb - How to Get Some

Yesterday I finished this new sample for my "Applique The Fun and Easy Way" workshop.  I decided to make it a tribute to my hero, mentor, teacher and friend, Gwen Marston.
It highlights all the good stuff that Gwen has taught me;  split borders, mix matched borders, mix matched prints, liberated houses, 
and the importance of berries.....I could go on and on.
It came a long way from beginning steps and attempts, as all my quilts do.
This hung around for about 2-3 days I decided it was too controlled.
It's not rocket science is it?  The great thing about folk art is it ISN'T perfect dahling.
Getting a note from Gwen is always a fun occurrence.  Her zest for life always comes through.
Now I'm honored to be teaching her style and my own methods to guilds and groups and I love it!

Spring Schedule:

April 1 & 2, I'm presenting my Scrap Lecture/Trunk show and Liberated House Workshop at the Lake and Mountain Guild in Seneca, SC.

April 9,  I'll be with the Four County Quilters in Mt. Airy, MD with my Scrap Lecture/Trunk Show.

April 10 & 11, I'll be with the CAMACO Quilters in Cape May  NJ for the Scrap Quilt Lecture and a Applique' workshop.

May 2, 3 and 4 I'll be in Texas with the Quilters Guild of Dallas.  I'm presenting  Quilts: The Story of My Life and teaching Liberated Houses & Hex Vex (epp) workshops.

 You can check out my programs on a tab at the top of this blog.  Be sure to check "web version" if you are on a smartphone, or tablet.  You scroll to the bottom and look for this:

You can also just email me at 

I hope to see a lot of you this spring!


Lori said...

What a sweet free form quilt! So fun to get an encouraging note from your mentor!!
You have a busy spring schedule!

Janet O. said...

That quilt is so "you", Barb! FUN. :)
Too bad your schedule isn't bringing you out West.

Robin said...

It is a fun playful quilt. I enjoyed hearing about what Gwen has taught you. And the enthusiasm comes through in your post. I love the purple print in the basket. I used to have some and can even remember where I bought it. I used up what I had long ago - it's funny - there are just some fabrics that I'll never forget.

Kyle said...

Your style just keeps evolving in the most wonderful way. Your quilt is a lovely way to honor your friend and mentor. I'm sure Gwen is thrilled to have you carrying on the "free and folk art" style.

Diane said...

Darling quilt! I want to make it to one of your presentations/workshops so badly! Unfortunately, I'll be teaching in GA when you are in SC. One day, we will get lucky and the stars will align! Have fun on the road and I know all of those quilters will be very happy to see you!

Karen said...

What is the deer print part of? I saw some deer print fabric just a few days ago....I am not sure if it was the same but it was of that style. I was wondering what I could do with it if I had some.

Rebecca in AK said...

Such a fun little quilt! You have certainly captured Gwen Marston’s style. Looks like you will be busy this Spring.

CecileD said...

Congratulations ! I'm pretty your classes will be a "fun" success !!
Your quilt is adorable and soooo Gwennie ! No doubt she will love it !
Enjoy !

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Absolutely love this quilt! Gwenny would be proud!!! And thanks for the tutorial on how to find your classes - wink!!!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I can almost feel the joy you had making this cutie!

audrey said...

Love your little sample quilt so much! The floral strip in the bottom border is just perfect. I really need to stretch how and where I combine fabrics. I've been working on it for several years, but it's obvious with how sweet your sample is that I can do better if I put my mind to it!:)

Pinkadot Quilts said...

This such a happy quilt! Your must always trust your eye, it knows what your quilt should be.

Barbara said...

What a fun little quilt! Love the way you incorporated all the things you learned from Gwen. Your workshops are going to be awesome! Have fun!

Ruth said...

Oh, My! I used to belong to the Quilters Guild of Dallas!!! When I lived in Texas! But now I'm in Oregon. There is a Dallas here too - a small town about 20 miles from where I live. It has a wonderful quilt shop - Grandma's Attic. Your Gwenny quilt is adorable! Wish I could go to your presentation in Dallas!

darlynn said...

i know the background on the house block...I have a bit left in my stash....Debbie Mumm! Goodness, I loved her fabrics back, how many years??? I am sure only 5. HA!

Nann said...

I am mailing off some of that night sky Mumm fabric today to one of the winners of the Orphan Adoption drawing. I really like your whimsical wall hangings. I'm going to recommend you to our guild program chair. P.S. I saw your mother's garden quilt at Quilt Festival on Friday. "I know her!" I told my travel friend.

QuiltGranma said...

What a precious quilt to commemorate a friend. Love your options shown too. They inspire me to get back to working on George!