Sunday, October 30, 2022

Hello Out There

I made this in 2006 with swap blocks from a Yahoo Group.  Remember Those?  I love a simple strippy quilt, don't you? 
It is official; this is longest break I've taken on my blog but I'm still committed.   Thank you so much for continuing to read and comment.  I write it for myself, but I love the little community that has stayed with me over the years.

This a very old nine patch that I made with swap blocks from my Piecemakers group in Illinois.  I love a simple strippy quilt, don't you?

I've stalled a little on my daughters DWRQ, but I've made progress.
I got called out a little on FB for using so many pins.  I know I wouldn't need this many with just two fabrics, but when you are adding the pieced arcs, it really helps and doesn't distort or pull the seams on the arc.
So I've been busy with Mr. Fun who had a knee replacement about 11 days ago.  What a nice dog visitor at the hospital.
Lots of meds to administer.  Home PT and recovery is going very well. 
It has been a pretty fall here in CT.  Azure blue skies and pretty oranges and yellows.
I hope this caterpillar makes it before the frost.
My town is having their annual scarecrow festival.  I love to take coco and check them out.  How cute is this one?
and Frida 
On a recent family trip to Washington DC, we visited the African American Museum of History and Culture.
I was thrilled to see this Amazing Quilt in person!  It was made by Jesse B. Telfair, circa 1975.   She was fired from her kitchen job for  registering to vote.  
I'll be working at the polls next week, so please keep a thought for me and our Democracy.