Sunday, May 7, 2023

"Getting Janome"

 First Quilt Top on my new sewing machine - Getting Janome 😉😉

I used star  and churn dash blocks from past Funwithbarb swaps.  What do you think? 

It started like this.  It was just sitting there waiting for something.....anything to happen.

Then I swapped out the light squares and wow - what a difference!   I had the green triangles already cut out from a project that never got put together.
I'll admit that this strippy style setting sometimes throws me off!
I guess angles can still confuse me.   I mean, really??
I recently went on a great bike ride with my son, Andrew.  It was fabulous to be back on my orange bike.  
I even got a shout out for my pink streamers 😁
The path is an old train line from the 1800s that ran between NYC and Boston.

Here are a few more workshop photos of my recent visit to the Genesee Valley Quilt Club.  Thanks Ladies for  being so enthusiastic and fun.

Liberated Houses Workshop
Lollipop Day Class Photo
Special thanks to Nick for  helping set up and helping me throughout the two days.
The last night of my visit Christine and I had dinner with the guild president, Peggy and her husband.  Afterwards we went to a performance of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.  It was incredible! 
They perform at the gorgeous Kodak theater.
What a treat!
I'll leave you with this little applique' quilt I made with a Gwen Marston pattern in 1996.
Thank you to everyone who attended my Zoom talk last Monday!
Happy May

Monday, April 24, 2023

Genesee Valley Quilt Club! Part 1

Thank you Genesee Valley Quilt Club!
Cheers Christine!  My quilt friend, hostess and an amazing quilter.

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting The Genesee Valley Quilt Club in Rochester, NY.   What an active, enthusiastic and friendly group.
They had a great promotional display for visiting teachers.
One lovely member brought me daffodils from her garden!  
How clever is this water bottle turned travel vase??  Brilliant!
What a treat to have them in my hotel room.   I brought this quilt that I made for  Hanna.
We had a group potluck dinner with many board and club members. Thank you, Peggy!
After my prestation with the club I visited Christine in her home and I was treated to a backstage tour of her quilt workrooms.  Here is a miniature of a full size quilt design created in her signature material; silk.
She is an incredible quilt maker and I hope you will have an opportunity to see her quilts in person.  

In her lower level she had this sweet display of dolls.  I love dolls so I asked her about them.

Each doll was made by her sister and are just beautiful.  Each doll has her own  unique personality and cross-stitched apron.   I was smitten by them!  I picked the "Q"doll to share.  I wish I could have admired each and every doll......but there were quilts to see.
Isn't this one magnificent?  okay, they all magnificent.  Christine has won numerous awards from every Major quilt show across the US.
You can also see some underneath.  I will admit I did not do a good job taking photos because we were chatting about them.  Christine is so generous in sharing her quilting making knowledge and techniques.
The labels are all mini-quilts themselves.  She also uses many interesting edge techniques.

I intriqued to hear about this earlier cotton quilt.

A very traditional basket quilt.  Christine explained that since the hand  quilting wasn't really showing up, she decided to do stuff work.
This the view on the back.   Her hand quilting is the best  I've ever seen, and I've seen some beautiful hand quilting.
Do I sound like a super fan groupie?  I am.

In her dining area she has a potholder quilt (yoohoo Wendy Reed).
She won the blocks on a quilting cruise.  How fun!
Oh my gosh, we had such a great three days together. 
Thank you Christine for everything!

She is so humble and her passion for  silk is undeniable.

back soon with some workshop photos.

Monday, April 10, 2023

Here Come's the Bride!

 Thank you everyone who has sent well wishes for the Newly Weds~

The "First Look" moment.
For anyone who has not heard; Hanna wore My Wedding Dress.  The sleeves were altered but otherwise the same as in 1987.   It was so special for us.  Here is a back view captured during their first dance.
Here is how the weekend started.   Finishing the welcome bags for hotel guests.
David's parents hosting a wonderful dinner at Hanna and David's favorite neighboorhood Italian restaurant.
It got a little wild with spontaneous dancing, and singing and included an all girl conga line! 
The Bridal Suite was decorated.
Getting ready - whew finished those buttons!
Reminds me of Cinderella.
My handsome boys!   It has stopped raining long enough to get outdoor photos.
Time to line up!
Hooray!  The quilt had a great location!
Hanna's favorite stuffed dog, Toby, was the ring bearer with the help of Matthew and flower girl and sister, Vivian.
The event took place at The Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA.
Hooray! They're hitched.
Everything was beautiful
the party was very festive with lots of dancing and fun having! 

My besties in a little before and after photo.
Still crazy after all these years......almost 50 year friendship.
Oh what a night!
Happily Ever After....
Early photos from the photographer - very happy parents!
Centerpiece that I brought home.  It lasted a whole week.
Well, that's all folks!
Quilting and other earthly pursuits will resume very soon.