Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bloggers Quilt Festival Fall 2018

Hello and Welcome!

I am happy to be participating in Amy's Creative Side Bloggers Quilt Festival.   Click here to see all the entries and enter a quilt.

Snow Flower and The Secret Fan
This was my first One Block Wonder quilt.  I will definitely make another one because it was so much fun!

Close up of the machine quilting.  I used gold silk #100 thread.
 My sweet chocolate lab, coco, modeling with it.
 I used my fan stencil to quilt fans on the black borders.
 Here it is hanging in the Brownstone Quilt Show Fall 2017.
I am currently working on a mini version using the leftovers.
These little blocks will finish at 2 1/2" across.  Good Girl Coco.
Thank you for visiting my Blog today to see my entry.  Have fun visiting the other bloggers at Amy's Creative Side.
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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Hey Ya'll!

What a whirlwind couple of weeks!  Here's what I've been up to:

Drove 940 miles to get here, Pioneer Farm, our family farm in Illinois for a family visit and farm business meeting.
View of the Main House with the new crab apple trees.
still spinning.....
 I always have loved this garden spot hiding (sort of) the propane tank.
 There are always chores to do.  Mr. Fun with his Sister, Nancy.
We (with our farm partner) grow Corn & Soybeans
 We took lots of rides on the Gator.
A view from the front porch where I spend my mornings....
We went to see Hamilton!!!  woo hoo!!!
My Andrew started it all for me with the soundtrack.
Can you tell I'm excited?  The Show was FABULOUS.  We drove home through the night afterward (16 hours)  - but it was worth it!
Look who else was there to see the show?  Cynthia (wabi-sabi Quilts blog)   click the link to read about her trip.
Two East Coast Quilters meeting in Chicago for Hamilton. Cray.

State street was so pretty with these color changing lights and flowers.  It really is a great street.
after being home a couple of days we moved Hanna to D.C.
More road trip food.....yum and ouch.
 Here was the weather on Sunday. 
The key to NOT needing ponchos, is to go to THREE STORES to get them. ha ha.  We had a rain reprieve while unloading the cars.
Mr. Fun has put this bed together so many times.  What a hero.
 She has found a great spot - and she'll be back for the fair in a couple of weeks.
So now I'm doing homework for my fall teaching and lecturing schedule.  
 I'll post my schedule next time and on my FB page.  Lots of circle counting for my new Lollipop Garden workshop.
and supply making.
Back soon with some beautiful quilts I saw in Illinois.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Word Challenge

My sewing group is taking on a new challenge.  Here is our first reveal:
The Challenge is to pick a word and make a little quilts or blocks using that word. 

We were inspired by two quilts at the Northern Star Quilt Show.

This word is SQUARE - square dance, Times square, etc.
This word is APPLE - the Big Apple, Apple Computer, etc..
We decided on a 9" block and will make one monthly and reveal them when get together.  Here are our first blocks.

Norma's word is CAT:  Cat's Pajamas
Pauline's word is EYE:  Eye of the World
Nancy's word is TIME:  Showtime
My word is BEE:  Queen Bee
I am planning to make 9 blocks and make a wall hanging for my sewing room using the potholder method like my buddy Wendy at The Constant Qulter. who has perfected this technique.

I think it will be great fun and I have so many ideas for my word.  Stay tuned or jump in and pick a word to start your own.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Kats, Kwilts & Kitchen Hacks

I haven't made a matching little mini in a long time.  What fun it was!
 When Randy D sent me some great low volume strips after I had I finished my top, I knew just what to do with them.  Thank you Randy!
 I simplified it to little plain blocks.  I tied and finished the edge in the same way. 
 I even did the backing the same.
Starbuck is such a good quilt inspector.
Speaking of matching minis....I had misplaced this a long time ago.
 It was buried under that still unorganized stack of crap good stuff.
 I think this will make a fun mini to my Snowflower OBW quilt.
Kitchen Hacks:
When you have leftover hamburger or hot dog buns they make great croutons.
Melt some butter in a pan
add fresh chopped herbs (dried in the winter) and garlic powder.  Add the cubed buns and toss and toast them
If I have some, I add Parmesan cheese when I take them off the heat and let the cheese coat the warm croutons.   If you are lucky they will not all be eaten before you add them to a salad.

Finally a good solution to storing quick bread loaves.  Just use the lid as a base and the bottom as a dome.   I had to use 2 for this loaf.
Here is a vine that I have no idea of its name.  The hummingbirds have been feeding on those tiny buds all week.  It is fun to watch an hard to catch on the camera.
 My moon flowers finally bloomed last week.  They only last one night similar to morning glory blooms.  (which have not bloomed yet).
 Linda Harris mentioned on IG that they have a lovely scent at night and she was right!
Paula Harden mentioned that they attract hummingbird moths.  I sure would love to see that!  Here is an image from the internet.
Starbuck seems to be saying "Are we done yet?" 
I'll be back on Friday with a bonus post on my Sewing Groups new challenge.