Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sharing - All Quilts Matter

All Quilts take planning and time to create.  They are all a reflection of the makers vision.  I would not be the quilter I am today if Quilters before me had not shared their work.

A group of Berry Basket Quilters shared a whole day with me making Liberated Houses. They were such a talented and nice group!  Thank you for spending the day with me.
here are some of their houses~
Blair brought her beautiful basket quilt to share with me.  She is quilting it with my Baptist Fan Stencil.  I love her smile!  and Carole is obviously in awe behind her.
Susan shared her Evening Star quilt.  I've made this beauty twice.  Her version is spectacular!
I recently heard from Quilts Inc. that my Mother's Garden quilt was accepted to exhibit in Houston this fall.  I'm so happy to be sharing this with a wider audience.
Janet of Mrs. Sew n' Sew blog took my encouragement to heart and entered her fabulous Bird of Paradise Quilt and it will be on display this year!  This quilt will be shared with so many people who will be inspired by it.
I am so happy that they offer a place to "exhibit" as well as  "compete".  Just because you might feel a quilt isn't "prize worthy", or  even good enough to get in a juried show, doesn't mean that it doesn't have great value to viewers of the show.

Like quilt shows?  Enter a quilt!  My favorite show is a Guild Show.  That is where I see (achievable) unique and original work.  Here is some from the Northern Star Quilters  recent show.
 I think this was my favorite - there is a charming little mistake in it which made me smile.
 Best in Show
Wonderful version of Florence Peto's Calico Garden quilt - this one is for you Barbara S.
 I loved this unique modern quilt!
I entered my Snowflower OBW quilt.  I loved every single part of making this quilt.
My friend, Elizabeth, won a red ribbon for her version of a Sue Garman applique' quilt pattern.
Norma won a HM for her charming Witch Quilt.
Speaking of sharing, Lori of Humble Quilts shared our mutual friends, Susan McD's quilts from the QuiltFest of NJ.  Click the link above to see and read more.
We as a community should take time to share our quilts and to support our sister quilters.  Go to shows, enter shows, read blogs and leave a comment.  Be encouraging.

As you can tell I'm very passionate about this subject.  If you are too, consider sharing this post to Spread the word of Sharing!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

News Flash

I've decided to celebrate the arrival of spring with a Etsy Sale!  All Items are 20% off.   Click here to visit my Shop.
In other News, I have a new Lecture ~

Inspiration! - Interpretation to Celebration
PowerPoint Presentation illustrating how and where to find inspiration and develop it into your own work.  Concepts of transformation, color, scale, composition will be covered.  The importance of editing and auditioning.  I will discuss techniques for staying engaged through completion and the importance of celebrating our work.  

1 hour with trunk show of quilts
I also have two new workshops to instruct and inspire~

Lollipop Garden - New 2018
A fun workshop that teaches quilters how to make perfect circles! This is a sewing machine class where students will learn the technique of  finished edge machine applique'.   Students will also learn how to make the foundation string border.  This class is great for all skill levels.
Full Day Workshop.  Class limit 20.
Kit fee required which includes pattern and circles.

Magic Medallions - New 2018
Using leftovers, strips, UFO or swap blocks, learn how to compose different elements into a cohesive pleasing composition.  Students can work in a liberated way or traditional style.  Students will learn principles of drafting, resizing blocks and the importance of auditioning.  This is a hands on design class for all level of quilters.
Full Day Workshop - 20 student limit.

Some Nice things people have said about my programs and workshops:
"I've known Barb for over 20 years and have watched her grow from dedicated student to accomplished artist.  Her approach to quilting is both studied and fun.  She can speak with knowledge and humor on any style and tradition of quilt making.  Her workshops encourage quilters to expand their boundaries, make their own work and enjoy the process."
Gwen Marston 
Teacher, Author and Friend

"Barb Vedder is a terrific Speaker.  Her lectures are fun and engaging and her quilts are spectacular.
Our Guild also enjoyed her Workshop.  We'd love to have her back again!"
Doreen Johnson
President of Centreville Quilter's Unlimited, VA

"Barb Vedder is an award winning, talented quilter and an encouraging and generous teacher. In her lectures,  hear about her quilting journey and be awed by the variety and workmanship of her quilts.
In her workshops, you’ll learn lots of techniques and be inspired to create your own quilts.  When she visits your group you really will have Fun with Barb!"
Nancy Strife
Vice President/Program Chair of Brownstone Quilters, NJ

"Barb's presentation of her quilting journey was amazing! She captivated the guild with her stories and inspired many to “think” about doing a little appliqué and designing their own works of art!"
Silver City Quilt Guild of Taunton, MA

Yikes, that is enough shameless self promotion for one post - or forever!
I'll be back soon with a regular post.
Happy Spring!