Wednesday, November 15, 2017

2017 BSQ Show - Part I

Hello there.  It's been a busy couple of weeks but I'm back to share quilts from the Brownstone Quilt Show 2017 Show.

The quilts are followed by their info cards.  I did a bad job taking these phone photos. I even missed a couple sorry about that.

on with the show....
This is a charming quilt that is perfectly made, but was hanging badly when I took this - I am sure it was fixed before showtime.
 Whoops, I didn't get the card - this is Norma's selvage quilt above.
I this this is Gentle Thoughts by Maureen (let me know if I'm wrong).

Isn't this a great action shot of hanging some of the smaller quilts?  The are hanging quilt on the opposite side at the moment, lol.
Today I shared quilts made by friends and members.   I posted mine on FB and Instagram and will also post them here next week (just for my record).
I haven't had time to get back to my baskets - but I have picked a few more bow tie blocks to go with them.

See you next week with more quilt show photos.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Thank you for so many nice comments and for entering my AQSG giveaway.  Congratulations Janet of Mrs Sew n' Sew!.

As promised, here is a better look at the antique 4-block applique' quilt that I won at the live auction event at the AQSG Manchester  Seminar.
 I love the large starburst flower center.
How great to have a provenance label on the back of the sleeve!  I think the baking is a white sheet.
 It has chunky wool yarn ties.  I think I would prefer cotton floss, what  do you think?
 One of the details that I Love is that she used the same green for buds....
 except on this one, where she used the solid green of the stems.  These are the funny quirks that I just adore.
At the Seminar Wendy and I lent a hand with the silent auction.  As I said last week there was about 450 items to sort.
 I won this set of sweet embroidered kitty pillowcases.  I also picked up a couple of embroidered towels and some old quilt books.
After winning first place at my local fair, I was invited to the CT State Fair dinner banquet.   They judged quilts, 3 baking categories and photography for top state prizes.
Hanna and I had a nice buffet dinner and saw a wonderful QOV presentation.
Alice Payne was awarded First Place in  CT - Applique - so exciting!   The Blue Feathered Star won 1st in pieced and was hand quilted.
Alice has one more quilt show next week at the Brownstown Quilt Guild show.  It is a wonderful show and I'm always happy to be part of it.
I'll be there Friday Morning and I hope to see some of my NJ quilt friends.
Have a great week!  Check out my IG feed (on sidebar) to see my Halloween Decorations.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Baskets - Sew With Us!

Surprise!  Happy Friday Post!
After seeing Julie H's antique quilt in Ann Arbor,  Kelly (Pinkadot) and I decided to make some and do them in our own style and size.
We're inviting everyone who would like to make some to join in the fun.  This isn't a formal Sew Along - but more like a Sew With Us.

Kelly is doing bright solids with a 5" block.  She's calling them Baby Baskets.  Aren't they sweet!
I'm making mine like Julie's antique with muslin and 2 (or 3) prints.
My blocks are going to finish around 6 1/4".
Here is my little tutorial - use your favorite methods.
I'm using the easy eight method click here to see how it works.
My easy eight square size is 5" x 5" which requires trimming of the 8 HST.

I like to lay the pieces out by my machine before I sew.
I'm pressing the way it wants to go and then I'm grading the seam.which means cutting the dark fabric back to 1/8" to reduce shadowing and bulk.
which means cutting the dark fabric back to 1/8" to reduce shadowing and bulk.
After each piecing step I carefully lay the block out - ooops.  Clearly I was paying more attention to Scandal on TV.
 Well, I did stitch it just like I had laid it out.....
After ripping off the top and sewing back on, I realized I put in on the basket bottom - aaarrrgggg - pppppffffffftttt
When you make 3 piecing errors within 1 hour.  It's time to call it a day.
Here is a little hint as to where I'm going with this project.  Yes, I'm going to combine my FWB Swap Bow Tie blocks and the new basket blocks - wee!
Kelly and I hope you feel inspired to try a few of these wonderful basket blocks.  Let us know by posting in FB, IG or blog with #basketswu.

Happy Friday and Happy Basket Sewing