Monday, January 14, 2019

Well Begun is Half Done

It's a top! 
 It measures about 66" x 66".
I had a little snag after attaching the last border frame.  It left a little awkward background area.
So I quick starch prepped a clamshell, unstitched the borders,
then appliqued it in the corners.  I would do it differently if I were starting over, but in the meantime I think it's okay.  What do you think?
Aaahh, that moment when you finish a top and say Whew!  now I can start hand quilting it....

then you remember you have to find a backing, which means going to the quilt shop because all of yours are wrong.  I found this which will work well behind my light top - I really don't like shadowing through a quilt but I didn't want to use muslin this time.
Then you have to wash the backing, press it and piece it.  Then you remember oh yeah, I have to mark it too!
My goal is to have it marked and basted by Friday!

I received this delightful dolly quilt from Sheila in Elmhurst.  I just LOVE it.  Thank you, Sheila!
 Their embroidered expressions are so charming.
 I love the hair bow on this one.
Here is one that I made.  Sadly it has a lot of sun fading.
 I'm hoping to get some information from Sheila about the pattern.  Can you believe this was dark navy fabric?  It is purple now and someday it might be grey.
Dotti sent me a photo of her finished Bow Tie Swap Quilt.  What a great setting!
It is sunset season here on Buck Hill.  I try to pause everyday to notice it.
I love the blue, white and lavender in the clouds.
I hope you have a Happy Week!

Monday, December 31, 2018

All is Calm.....

Happy New Years Eve.   I hope you had a peaceful Holiday Season.
I finished my mini Asian One Block Wonder
Lilly  21" x 24"
 Here you can see how small it really is.
 I quilted it the same design as the large quilt.
 The backing is a bit of a mashup with what I had leftover. (still needs a label)
I also made this quick modern mini.  I just felt like making something new the other day. 
Chicken Little 12" x 14"

 I had exactly 1 strip of this cute fabric.  I think I picked it up teachinga workshop or from the free table at guild.
I like to use a single fold binding for little quilts.  I have also developed a new pre-pressing method and glue basting which makes the hand sewing go very smoothly.   Hhhhmm  maybe I should do a tutorial?  
I found a fat eighth of this pretty fabric I picked up somewhere for the backing.
Yay!  Here are some great Liberated House quilts from a workshop I taught last spring for the Ocean Wave Quilt guild.  Thank you Lorraine for sharing this photo.  I see Elmo, lol.
My talented friend, Nancy, finished her Christmas Lollipop Garden workshop Quilt.  Very Cute!
Mah Jongg! Santa brought me a beautiful set for christmas.  I'm very excited to learn and play.
It came with a beautiful carrying bag.  
 I am spending time everyday with lessons on YouTube and I'm looking for a local teacher.
I also received a vintage ViewMaster and some new vintage reels including Mary Poppins one of my all time favorites.
Today we are going to see Mary Poppins with friends and then out for dinner.  Home early which is just how I like on New Years Eve.

Thank you all for making my blogging rewarding by continuing to read and leave comments.  I am very grateful for my little corner of Bloglandia. 

I wish all Peace and Joy for 2019~

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Relax...It's almost Christmas

Take a page from Coco's playbook!
I usually have my vintage pink tree in the sewing room, but this year it is in the Living Room.
 I used piece of vintage linen for a skirt.  It looks pink here, but it is red.
I have a mix of vintage and new red and pink ornaments.  I love when they have glitter.
 or snow.
One of my favorite holidays crafts is making Pomanders.  I use a citrus spiral tool to make designs and make it easier to push the cloves into the orange.
From the internet:
Pomanders were first mentioned in literature in the mid-thirteenth century. They were used in the late Middle Ages through the 17th century. Also a version of the pomander with oranges, cloves, oils, and a golden ribbon can be used as a recovery charm in witchcraft.
 I recommend you check dollar stores or Job Lot because the whole cloves can be really expensive.  I rotate them to dry them out evenly.
While enjoying a sip of Christmas Cheer I like to take a walk down memory lane with my View Master reels.    Click here to see a post from 2009 on how we made these hat boxes.
 I have my mother's collection from the 1940s, mine from the 1960s/70s and my kids from the 90s/.

 these were my Moms.  I have everything from Nursery Rhymes, World Capitals, Animals and Bible stories to Sesame Street and  Spider-Man.

I'll close today's pre-holiday post with this sweet photo of Coco.  She is such a dum dum.  I love this look on her face.  It is mostly blank but with a mild confusion.
 I put it on the freezer so she can enjoy it.  She was born on Christmas Day and will turn 9 this year.
Wishing you a little piece and quiet during this busy time of preparation.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Deck the Halls Danish

My Mother-in-law, Geraldine Bovbjerg Vedder, was 100% Danish.  We both shared a love for all things Christmas.
I have a collection of Danish Nissemen.  The one above is holding his giant porridge spoon.  Here is a little more about him.

Julnisse with porridge
A nisse considers porridge his due and is greedy for butter.  The legendWhen the Nisse Got No Butter on His Christmas Porridge  illustrates the consequences of tampering with his porridge.

You can read more here: The Legend of the Nisse or Tomte.
The whole gang~
My dear friend, Jill, celebrated Christmas the Nordic way too and loved all things ginger.  Here is a little quilt she made me.  I just treasure it as I do our friendship.   I miss her so much this time of the year.
I think she'd love that I paired with my leg lamp this year.
I'm late to the amaryllis party this year but finally got one potted up.  Looks like I'm having twins.
My cactus is blooming early and looks beautiful in the morning light.
Have a happy week!