Friday, January 13, 2017

Putting Yourself Out There

Sharing our work really has it's ups and downs.  When we put ourselves out there it leaves us vulnerable to judgment.

Sometimes that judgment leads to compliments and recognition, but just as often it leads to rejection and criticism.

I have experienced both recently.  In December all three of my QuiltCon entries were rejected.  I wasn't shocked.  I took it in stride.  I don't really know that community and I'm certainly not alone.
On Monday I notified that my Alice Payne quilt was rejected by the AQS Lancaster show.  This was tougher and I was a bit heartbroken.  I wanted to share this quilt with the region where the original was created; Pennsylvania.
I'm hoping this means that hand quilting is making a comeback.  The show will display over 400 quilts but only about a dozen will be hand quilted.

On the upside I had a wonderful surprise last year at the Vermont Quilt Show and was awarded Best Hand Quilting for my Jubilee Quilt.  It was a thrill of my quilting career and I couldn't have been more surprised.

Within this past week I heard from two international blog friends that QuiltMania published a photo of this quilt in the latest edition. What a complete and unexpected surprise!
So I've had a good think about how I feel about rejection and recognition.  

Rejection is Painful
Recognition is Nice

Having said that, I feel strongly that putting our work out there is what really matters.  If I hadn't, I wouldn't have made so many special connections and friends through blogging, lecturing, teaching and also through sharing my work in quilt shows.

I have real problems with how quilt shows are judged and by whom (which I may share one day),  but I am always glad to share my work in the hopes that it might inspire someone.   Maybe sharing my recent rejections will make someone out there feel better about putting themselves out there.

So what is this unusual post all about?  To encourage everyone to share their work on blogs, at guilds, and to enter quilt shows.  You never know what effect you'll have on another quilter.  The Vermont Quilt Festival is not a juried show - it has a time deadline and you are not competing against the other quilts, you are judged on your own work.

Put yourself out there.  You will meet with rejection, but you may also be surprised now and then.

I'm adding a couple of polls to see how you feel.

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

cut, sew, press, repeat

I've been having lots of fun spending time in the sewing room.  Small projects have jump started my year so far.

What's on my wall~
 I finished this string quilt with a 1 inch hanging diamonds design.  I used olive thread.
I used this Asian print for the backing - still needs a label.

Tip:  after using a seam ripper, use a lint roller to roll away those pesky threads.
Tip:  When "fussy sewing" use the fabric to help you sew accurately.  I can easily see where I have to stitch on the wrong side.

On the 4-patch, I machine quilted from the back to create an Apple Core quilting pattern.   I made a dot to guide my serpentine stitching.  I quickly realized I only nee 1line each way to make the design - duh.
I love the way it turned out - a little wonky but fun.
I've joined the sew along with Cecile' of Patchwork Inspirations and Bea' of Needle in a Haystack.  We are to make 2 log cabin blocks a week.  I've started a new modern quilt for my boy, Andrew.  
Yay- we finally got a nice snowstorm last week.   The woods around my home looked magical.  We celebrated with pancakes :)

Sad News in the Quilt World
Sue Garman passed away on January 8th.  I never met Sue but I have admired her for many years and always enjoyed her blog.  She posted on January 1st and sounded so positive.   This is my favorite Sue Garman Pattern; Ladies of the Sea.
Have a great day - I'm going to be back on Friday with the "Ups and Downs" of quilting and putting yourself out there....

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Finally!

Hooray 2016 is over and I won't miss it.  Some really great things happened and some really not great things happened.  I'm ready to move on....

I've been making little doll quilts in preparation for a new workshop that I'm rolling out in February.

Here is my first finish of 2017.  Thank you, Annie, for helping me with show and tell.
It's a mystery doll quilt class.  The purpose is to pick a theme out of a hat and go for it.  No patterns.  I will have lots of inspiration on hand and will guide the students.  Here is a log cabin quilt I made last week.
I've made 2 more which I'll share next week.  It's been so fun.

I've decided to use this chart to keep mindful of my UFOs next year.  I'll fill it out and share it next week.
I finished this top January 10 LAST YEAR and didn't have it quilted for this Christmas.  Hopefully the list will help.
Christmas Stuff Round Up:
My sweet coco turned 8 on Christmas Day.  Here is a IG post with her as a 6 week old puppy and on a Christmas Day walk.  We also served her a special dinner and she has new giant hedgehog toy.
Mr. Starbuck got a special stocking, but literally did not care.
Thank you for all the nice comments on my new God Jul quilt.  If I can figure out where to get giant paper, I may be offering it as a pattern.  Here you can tell how big it is.
sorry- it's a cell phone pic in bad light.

Happy New Year!  Looking forward to sharing another year of creative inspirations from my sewing room to yours.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

God Jul!

Ta-Da!  Happy Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year.
God Jul Quilt for Rich - 2016
This is my modern version of a Christmas Quilt.   It is for my Danish husband, Rich.  This is our 31st Christmas together and we love celebrating the season.

It was a very dark day here in CT.  I'm in my cocnigto costume to hide bad hair and no makeup and not being dressed at 1:30pm - ha ha
 The back could not be plainer to keep with the modern theme of the quilt.
 One of my favorite features is the blueberry binding.  Thank you Hanna for being the photographer today.
 I made the quilt in exactly 2 weeks from design to binding.  I entered it in QuiltCon and was rejected.   Oh well, Rich loves it anyway and so do I.

coco had a great time without her collar running all around our big rock in the front.  We had a hard time getting back inside.
I'll close with our 2016 annual Christmas photo taken here at Thanksgiving.   Our Sig came up with the perfect caption.
I Wish you all a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season and a Blessed New Year!  

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Santas Workshop

Hello Out There!  This is sadly a no-sew post.  We've been busy with other Christmassy stuff as I'm sure you are too.

The 2016 Craft Project was........Shower Tabs to Steam Away Colds.  Everyone pretty much guessed bath salts which was close.

They were fun to make and smell wonderful.
Giveaway Winners: Alicia B (even though she commented on FB and not officially here and cause we're friends).  I also picked at random from those who guessed bath salts or bombs and Janet O was the winner!  Send me your home addresses and santa will bring them your way.

I made my own labels with Avery.  Did you know that you can print your own at home through their website? they have a gazillion designs.  So easy!
 And here they are ready for gifting.
I love setting up crafting stations here in the DR.  Hanna is busy assembling our guild favors.
 We decided a little "treat" was more fun this year than the same old recycled FQs.
While ordering Christmas Stamps I saw this on the USPS website and all I could say is "Merry Christmas Barb".  
 This came as is, fully framed, for $39. with the newly minted stamps.  I just love it!
 It was released the day before my Birthday last year.  How fun.
 I've hung it in the "Hall of Presidents"  which I need to do a post on.  You can see some of my collections of  Lincoln here.
I found a vintage tablecloth at the antique mall.  These are almost always card table size and imagine they were used for bridge parties or bunko.
Here is a video of the windowsill Hanna and I arranged in our kitchen.  We wanted a theme that would work through February.  We bought almost everything at the Dollar Store and most of it is Plastic but I think it looks like a million bucks......ha ha....get it?
Hope you are enjoying all the sights, smells and sounds of the Holiday season.   

I'll be back soon to share a Christmas quilt that I made start to finish in 2 weeks.  


Friday, December 2, 2016

Busy as an Elf

It is that time of year; busy busy busy.

I popped my Whoovile quilt onto the back door and I love seeing it as I take out the trash or leave the house.
My indoor Christmas plants are doing very well.
This morning I started Paper Whites.
After last years Decorating Blow Out for our party, this year I'm scaling back.  I am, however, putting out my ceramic trees in the Living Room.  I need to find the star topper for this one.
Hanna and I have planned a special winter display for the kitchen sill.    I decorate it several times a year.  The theme is Silver and Gold.  The Dollar store was a treasure trove.
We also visited the local antique mall and I found these wonderful vintage ornaments.
Thank you TJMaxx for having stemless Spode wine glasses.  Perfect to use while decorating and wrapping gifts :)   I also picked up the pretty foiled glass candle sleeve for.......wait for it........$3.99.  As Hanna said "how??"
We are planning a making a new crafty little gift this year.  If you are the first to guess what it is, we'll send you some.
I was supposed to have a special house guest this week from NJ so I planned a nice Pot Roast dinner.  She had to cancel so we had to eat it all ourselves.  Sorry Susan McD!
I posted this on IG and received many comments.  If you want to make it I used this recipe from Pioneer Woman.  The only things I changed were, adding turnips and baking it in the oven for 4 hours on 275 degrees.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I'm sure you are busy busy busy too