Friday, January 17, 2020

Honest House Quilt

My Honest House Quilt top is finished!  58"x 58"
 I'm so so pleased with it.  This is the first time I've tried adding the cornerstones as I went.  It was actually easier to do the remaining sides (thanks again Molly!) after they were pieced.

Here is my inspiration quilt from Pepper Cory's collection of southern quilts.  I attended her lecture at the Vermont Quilt Festival 2019.  I've always been inspired by Pepper.
I got a lot of help from Nutmeg.
Luckily this came together last week before I was hit with a nasty virus.  I don't know for sure if it was/is the flu, but it kept me down for a whole week.
I passed the week resting and watching Netflix and Amazon.
Here is what I watched and what I thought:

  • Don't F**K with cats - disturbing, but fascinating too (netflix)
  • The Two Popes - great movie and performances (netflix free )
  • The Joker - disturbing but provocative, good performance
  • Judy - Sad, great performance
  • Find Me - Inspiring, funny and sad (netflix free)
I love movies and it became a daily treat.  I gave Mr. Fun Acorn for Christmas and we've been watching Midsomer Murders.  They are a bit campy and gentle and just right.

Nothing better than a quilt and cat when you're sick.
I rallied for a few hours and made two tree blocks for families affected by the bushfires in Australia.  
My take on a jacaranda tree
 An EPP tree
you can see more on instagram @wollongongmqg.  

Yesterday I worked on swap block packages.  We are waiting for 2 in modern and 3 in repro - including me!  yikes.
will finish sewing these up today and tomorrow.
We had a dusting of snow early last week, but we have had very little snow this winter so far.  I made a nice backdrop for my bright houses.
Happy Friday Everyone.  Stay well!