Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Old Quilts are the Best Quilts

 My favorite quilt in the Antique Quilt Exhibit at the Vermont Quilt Festival 2019.
 I literally can not imagine making 10 of those urn blocks and center and then doing all the borders to the same level of expertise.
I focused my attention and photos of the Floral Quilts as they are my favorite.   Here is some information about the Sharon and the exhibit.

Quilted Treasures of New York

Sharon Waddell, Curator
Miller North
Like many states New York is home to exceptional 19 th century quilts. What makes the Empire state different are several unique regional quilt patterns. Often popular for only a generation, these century patterns and styles appear in specific areas. Border patterns with trees, twisted ribbon, floral vines, and tasseled swags were common. Papercut patterns whose names have been lost to history immediately identify the quilt’s or maker’s New York origins even when found further west. This exhibit explores many of these 19 th century patterns and other unique characteristics that make New York quilts special. 
Sharon T. Waddell is an independent quilt researcher who has been collecting antique quilts for over fifteen years. A quilt maker since 1988 she is active in several guilds. Inspired by the patterns and styles of antique quilts she became a member of the American Quilt Study Group where she specializes in regional patterns of the mid-19 th century. She enjoys sharing her collection in hopes it will inspire others.

These quilts make my heart beat faster.  Enjoy
 I love the edge treatment on this rose wreath.
Love that limey green on this one.  What a unusual flower.
You had me at Bird and Berry :)
 I can not tell you how much I admire the level of commitment these quilt makers had.  Nothing was too much work.
 That feathered wreath quilting love at first sight.  Beautiful embroidery detail on the rose buds.
If only I could teach Nutmeg to quilt!
Here's a peek at a new project I'm working on.  Drafting is hard by the way.  It took a few tries to get the size and style.
I've made 5 so far with a plan to make 16.  I'll share the inspiration for this next week.
See you Next Week.  Hope you are having a Happy Summer.