Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sizzling Summer Stuff

Whew!  It has been HOT here in CT!  Here's what I've been up to this week.

I have had so much fun making these fast string flip and sew tray liners.  It makes eating on the couch to play Jeopardy so much easier!
 Here is mine:
Mr. Fun's tray:
They are also great to take to the beach for lap picnics.

Gardening Project:
We have been adding to the front garden since moving here 3 years ago.  It is one of the only spots we can get a shovel into the ground.

See that low black planter in the back of the border?
Surprise!  It is an up-cycled doggie pool.  Here is Rich drilling drainage holes after spray painting it.  (do it the other way around by the way to avoid scuffing the paint).  Also, if you  make one to sit on the ground, drill the holes around the bottom sides.
Find a nice spot and fill first with rocks and stones then garden soil and a top dressing of potting soil.  Here it is from INSIDE the house where I can see it best.
It is in this back shady area of the the front border outside of our laundry area in the back hall.  Brilliant?  I think so.
 Here is a view from the walkway.  You can see another planter that has been spray painted.  I love how the black matches the shutters.
Another view with my purple cone flower and purple butterfly bush.  This was all very sparse.  Now it has the messy, easy look I like.
My experiment to have morning glories is a success.  I planted these inside and have them on our raised deck.  Next year I'm going to rig up more climbing material.
We've had some real rascals around the deck garden.  I often wake up to a spilled hummingbird feeder.
 some little devil decided he didn't care which herbs were which.  Luckily I know.  I'm always surprised that chipmunks and squirrels don't eat these herbs.
Finally here is the Alice Payne block I'm quilting.  After this block I will have only 1 more then on to the borders.
I hope your summer days are long and easy in the US and that my friends in AUS are having a cozy peaceful winter.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Rainbow of Love

I've finished my Quilt For Pulse which has been organized by the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild.
Here is my label.  I think it would be fun if the recipient visited the blog - we'll have to see.
I had to purchase a backing fabric as everything I had at the house seems wrong somehow.  I wanted it to be cheerful without being too cheerful.  I thought this dahlia print would be good for a quilt going to Florida.
I've filled it with several hugs.  I hope it brings a small amount of comfort to someone affected by the horrible tragedy.

Here is a fun little project that I made last week.  My daughter, Hanna, usually takes her breakfast to her room to start the day on this little tray from Ikea.
 I make a little string quilt liner for it so things don't slip around.
I pieced and quilted it at the same time using the sew and flip method.  I think it's called flip and sew but that makes NO SENSE.
I added a little extra straight line quilting.
 I put this funny cat newspaper fabric on the back for her.
Speaking of funny cats I definitely recommend the movie "The Secret Life of Pet" and also "Finding Dory".  I love to go to the movies in the summer where it is dark and cool :)

Corn Hole Update:  Check out the decoration that my boy, Andrew, did on this set that went to our farm for the Fourth of July.  Great Job Andy!!
I'm having a small fabric sale on Instagram and Etsy this week so check them out if you're interested in picking up a few bargains.  I'll put a notice on the FWB Facebook page the day of the sale.

Happy Monday

Monday, July 4, 2016

Extra Special Exhibits

Thank you for your nice comments on my Ribbons at the VQF.

Today I'm posting the Antique Quilts and Gwen's "Less is More" exhibit.

First up Gwen's exhibit.  She had told me earlier this year that her quilts would be there, but she wouldn't.  I would have loved to see her, but seeing her quilts was nearly as good.
The texture she created here with her hand quilting is fabulous!
I loved gazing at a group in the exhibit.
 I think this was my favorite.  It was so exuberant, lively and fun!
And here are the Antique Quilts.  I was surprised and delighted that photography WAS allowed.   hooray!

This quilt is wild - it starts as a log cabin then goes crazy.  It was all hand pieced and hand quilted.
Did you know they don't call this cheddar in Vermont?  Their creamy rich cheddar is white and it is good!
 Aaahhhh lovely.  Look at that kooky block near the center  :)
Love the combination of the streak of lightning and the tasseled swag.  YES!
 Up in the sky:  it's a bird, it's a plane - nope it's more quilts!
 That is where I spied this bow tie beauty.
And sitting quietly off to the side was this phenomenal whitework quilt.
Obviously this quilt should have won Best Hand Quilting; not me.
Happy Fourth to my fellow Americans!
News Alert - I am hosting the 3rd annual Fun With Barb Block Swap.  I will be announcing the sign up and theme on August 1st.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Green Mountain Goodness

40th Anniversary, Ruby Jubilee Vermont Quilt Festival 2016

Best of Show - Christine Wickert - Shellabration
I try so hard to remember to photograph the card, but I missed this - here is what it said:

"Inspired by an antique quilt in Kaffe Fassett's "Museum Quilts".  I was particularly taken with the mirror imaging of the fabrics in the diamond blocks and the applique' strips separating the blocks.   Hand Quilted.

Christine's work is always lovely and so is she.  Congratulations.
This was my favorite quilt so fresh and fun!  Pineapple of my Life.
The card said:  This quilt was primarily made during the snowstorms of 2015.  Every block tells the viewer something about me:  where I lived, my love of sewing, hippos, foods and peas.

Halloween block.  What an incredible use of low volume prints.
I was incredibly honored to receive a Blue Ribbon and Best Hand Quilting.   A life goal!  (sorry, cel phone photo)
Can I share that one of my goals is to receive a Purple Ribbon of Exception Merit?  You need a combined average of 98 points from 3 judges.  I've missed it by 1 point, not once but twice.   Still on the goal list.

I spotted these 2 women discussing it and have the opportunity to chat with them.
My blog buddy Wendy's (Constant Quilter) potholder quilt -
Here are the others that I really like and had an opportunity to photo.
 Literally brought me to tears....
I missed the card again - this is two sided quilt - and was a delight to study front and back.
Hooray for applique!
My friend and roommate won a Yellow Ribbon - first time entering a big show - Congrats Norma.
I've come home very inspired.....tired, but inspired.

I'll share the antique quilts soon.