Friday, July 13, 2018

Quilter in the Garden

Balipop Garden - My new Workshop Quilt.   
**Take a workshop not for what you make....but for what you learn then make what you want**

 In the workshop I teach finished edge machine applique', how to make circles, stems and scrap string piecing.

I used this bright fun print on the back.
This is my favorite modern quilting design.  Can you tell how what I'm doing here?  It is so simple, it is easy to miss.
Pubic Service Announcement - Don't forget to label your quilt.  I attached this "B" circle on back because it just didn't work on the front.
This little quilt made the smallest rag ball.
Sumer Spread Sew Along Update:
My first 16 blocks.  I've decided not to use more of the darker fabrics and will use those blocks on the outer edge.
 I'm at the stage where I am using strip trimings for the first 2 rounds and saving new strips for the last round...did that even make sense?
 I press and starch after each strip addition.  I love how neat it makes the blocks and how accurately I can trim them.
 I don't have a special Log Cabin ruler, so I use use my Creative Grids square.  These are my Favorite Rulers!
 It is so easy to swivel and trim on this cutting board.
 Remember this old fabric?  Can't believe its been 18 years!
I had coffee with this handsome fellow this morning. 
One of the benefits of living in country - you can garden in your nightie :)
Have a Fun Week - Happy Sewing!
p.s. It's not too late to join the Sumer Spread Sew Along.  Jump in anytime. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer Spread Sew Along

Good Friday Morning to you!  Summer Spread Sew Along!
Last Friday I announced on Instagram that I'll be having a little casual sew along this summer.  I am making a summer spread.  A quilt without batting to use in the summer.  

All are welcome to join in.  You can use any color, any size, any layout you like.  Please use #summersewalong and #summerspread on social media.

Here are the sizes I'm using:
Center - cut 2 1/2"
Strips  - cut 2"
easy peasy lemon squeezy and they go fast!
The inspiration came from having 5 stacks of low volume and shirting fabrics.  I am making up lots of FQs to sell on Etsy as I work on this project.  

Other Summer Fun~

We have a local brewery "Thimble Island" Beers and decided to head over for Tuesday Night Trivia.  It was very fun to have our whole family out for an adventure.
And this happened!   We won with the highest score after 5 rounds.  What did we win?  Beer on a future next Tuesday....

Thank you Diane for this lovely package with a cute Bee pin and cheddar nine patches.  The wrapping was gorgeous!
I'll have to find time to make a dolly quilt.  
Have you ever made a Summer Spread?  I'm still deciding on how I will finish mine.
Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Simply Splendid!

Happy Wednesday!  Popping into to share photos from our trip to Vermont.
Hotel Glamping is the BEST if you're driving and have the space.
I like to bring my own bar and order pizza in.  To lay around and read magazines, sew and not go out after a long drive is heaven.
We visited Ben & Jerry's for a factory tour and a scoop.  Very Fun.
Hey Ladies - the B&J classic cows.
Here are some of my favorites from the Quilt Festival.
One of TOP FAVORITES at the show.  I thought it should have gotten a lot more of the judges love.  If you know her, please tell her for me.
Best in Show - incredible artistry
What a beautiful basket quilt - congratulations Laura!
Congratulaitons Karen!
Congrats to my buddy Wendy!  I told some women about your potholder process.  It had a great location at the show.
Gladi did a wonderful Post on Vermont here.  Here is her quilt.
what a delight
I shared a couple on IG click on the sidebar link to see them.

Cynthia also has awesome photos on her Post on Vermont here.

Kathy, of Kathy's Quilts sent me these fun socks.  How stinking cute are they?  Quilters are the kindest and most thoughtful people.  I love the card too. 
She's been working on machine quilting her Red and White Broken dishes from the FunwithBarbswap2016.  She got the socks from Quilter's Ninepatch.

Do you have a favorite?  It think it is hard to pick with so many good ones.

Have a Happy Week.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Happy Summer!  Thank you all who left nice comments on my last post and for your encouragement to continue blogging.

Here is another early peek at my new Liberated Piecing Project.
I have plans for a series like this.  There are some more details to add.  Very different but it's exciting to do something different.

Yay! There seems to be a fix for blogger email connection to comments.  I have heard of a couple but this is what worked for me:
Open Blogger
Click Settings
Click Email
Add your email to the box and SAVE CHANGES.
If your email is there, like mine was.  REMOVE IT - SAVE
Close all windows
Re-open Blogger
repeat above then "add" your email and SAVE CHANGES
Your should get an email to subscribe to "emails" in your email inbox.  Follow email instructions and you should be good to go.

Good Luck!

I have also been working on a new workshop sample based on my Lollipop Garden Quilt. 
In progress~
Still needs to stitched and borders.  It has been fun making circles and doing machine applique' this week.
Susan McD sent me a photo of some rag balls she made with African fabrics.  Aren't they fabulous?
Lifestyle Section~

Do you have a Morning routine?  I used to watch about 2 hours of News in the morning and I've weaned myself completely off and I'm so much happier!
Now I read, meditate, sew, dream and plan....aaahhh that's better.

Here is a great recipe I tried this week.  It whipped up in about 30 minutes and was great for a summer dinner.  I think it would be good for a 4th of July BBQ too.

Meatball Sub Casserole - click here for Recipe
If you shop at Costco I highly recommend their Green Matcha Tea.  It is good hot or cold and look how clever it rests on the top of your cup/pitcher/glass.
Alice Payne is on Display at the  Shipshewana Quilt Festival.  Give her a little love if you see her :)
I'm off to the Vermont Quilt Festival tomorrow with Hanna - yay!  There will be Ben & Jerry's and Flea Marketing this time.