Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Double Wedding Ring Finale!

Wedding Quilt Ready for next Saturday's Big Day!
I think this was the first post I did.  I started this quilt in August of 2021. 
Using Tara Faughnan's pattern.  It is a freezer  paper piecing pattern where you sew and flip and re-use the paper.
I pre-cut the squares in  many different solid colors.  Solids were the happy couples choice, which was fun and challenging!
I set up a table and layed out lots of piles.
I lined them up and layed them out for sewing.  There was A LOT of sewing!
Here are some early arcs up on the design board.  It took a while for it to come together.
If you can believe it,  I made templates and hand traced and hand cut all the background pieces.  Yikes.  No wonder this took so long!
For  the background I used black, brown, purple, dark blue, and dark green.   You can see here that I do try to conserve fabric.
On to the curved and there was A LOT of curved piecing!
All I say about all that curved piecing is that practise makes perfect or (good enough).
Pins, pins, pins.....
Woo Hoo - It is coming together - yay!
sewing, pressing, sewing, pressing......and anon......
After all that - I made a  mistake in the middle and put a block in wrong.  Woe is me.
The backing I picked out is a beautiful floral print with a back background.  A Fruitful Life is the name of print.  How Perfect!
pinning day - hooray!

So... How to quilt?   I decided to machine quilt all the blocks and each arc.  you can see it better on back.
I also used perle cotton to do big stitch hand quilting.  Again, how to mark it? 
 I like to use motifs and lines that already exist in the quilt design.  Here is what I settled on.

Mirroring the curve of the piecing, then marking a diamond.
Here is the edge design.  Wow - check out that cat hair!
Hey Nutmeg, you're not helping.

Each arc had a matching or contrasting color
I really enjoyed doing the big stitch...Friday Cosmopolitan notwithstanding.
And finally it was bath time!  I did a multi-part post on Instagram on my process for  this.
The quilt released a lot of color but it all ended fine!
And finally it is ready!   Here it is today for  its dress rehearsal.
I'm so happy for  my daughter, who has had a wonderful bridal season. 
the invitations she selected are perfect fo ra botanical wedding.
It has been a very exciting time in our lives.
If you want to see some photos of the happy couple, here is their website.

The next post will be some wedding photos.  Then it will be back to quilting!


Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sewing: What Else?

 This is a little dolly quilt I made for my friend, Diane Burdin's Birthday. Who can resist a purple basket quilt?
I only had a fat quarter of this fabric but I just had to use it on the back.  It paired perfectly.
It looked very sweet on my little spool doll bed for  a few days.
I'm continuing to work on my Vedderstone Ranch.  Here are the latest houses:  Bunkhouse and Implement Shed.
This is what's on the wall - this is not the layout.
This was an inspiration quilt that I really like.
Last weekend we went to a wedding in Indianapolis by way of Philadelphia (both ways) and I saw this interesting art installation.
We were rushing to our connecting flight so I didn't get to see the information plaque (if there was one).
It looks like found objects maybe.  I wish I had had more time to look at it.  I'm amazed at airport art.  It can be really great!

Linda Swanekamp sent me a photo of her Star Swap Blocks.   Read more on her blog here.  She really went the extra mile making these double stars with lots of great black and whites.  I love it!  Can you spot your stars?
Just when I thought I was done.....I found an arc that needed big stitch.
I love how it looks on the back as well.
As for  sewing today....I'll be sewing the binding down on the Double Wedding Ring quilt!  woo hoo!  

I'm doing well on my Black Films.  I'm concentrating on the top 50.
I'm also working on the Oscar Nominations.  They are always problematic in terms of equality.
Thanks for  stopping by!  Happy Sewing.