Friday, June 9, 2023

Quilting and Norway Part 1

Come for  the Quilting - Stay for the Norway photos.
I machine outline quilted my Vedderstone quilt top.  Now I'm adding details with big stitch quilting. 
I missed the deadline in Cecile's sew along for the prizes, but I will enjoy this quilt.  I also think it would make a great baby quilt.

Norway Ho!   

We planned a post wedding European trip and it was fabulous.  We flew overnight out of Kennedy airport.   Our car is somewhere out there.  I'm astonished by the sheer volume of travelers through New York City.
First Stop:  Amsterdam!
What a vibrant, busy and charming city. 
Cheese is very prominent in Holland.  How cute is this shop!
We took a self guided walking tour to a Pancake House that Hanna and David recommended.  Can you tell this guy didn't sleep much?
This is how they serve pancakes - with whipped cream AND ice cream.
A quick walk by the Ann Frank House and Museum. 
 I would love to have gotten tickets for a tour, but we had a boat to catch!  

We cruised aboard the new ship:  Rotterdam of Holland America.  Me and my boys.
Cocktail hour was a great time to talk about our day and getting ready for a nice evening on the ship.
The artwork on this ship was incredible.  I will be sharing it a little at a time. 
 Yay - a crocheted piece.
I was so happy to see crafty art.  I loved these paper cutting sculptures.
First Port:  Ulvik, Norway
So small, so charming.....  We visited this beautifully painted church.
We just took a walk about.   We like to do our own thing when we can.
I picked this charming little house on the water as my favorite place to live in Ulvik.
We like to help the local businesses when in port when we have time.  The coffee here was wonderful and the view was fabulous.  (check out that cloud reflection on the table).
We had a beautiful cruise through the Hardanger Fjord which is how Hardanger Lace got its name.
So many waterfalls in the Fjords.
We passed under this bridge, with 2 feet to spare.  It allows residents to visit locations that used to take hours, days or a boat to reach.
So gorgeous.  
If you're still with me here is one of my favorite Far Side cartoons.
I'm so grateful that we we had the opportunity to take such a special trip.
Happy Friday!

Sunday, May 7, 2023

"Getting Janome"

 First Quilt Top on my new sewing machine - Getting Janome 😉😉

I used star  and churn dash blocks from past Funwithbarb swaps.  What do you think? 

It started like this.  It was just sitting there waiting for something.....anything to happen.

Then I swapped out the light squares and wow - what a difference!   I had the green triangles already cut out from a project that never got put together.
I'll admit that this strippy style setting sometimes throws me off!
I guess angles can still confuse me.   I mean, really??
I recently went on a great bike ride with my son, Andrew.  It was fabulous to be back on my orange bike.  
I even got a shout out for my pink streamers 😁
The path is an old train line from the 1800s that ran between NYC and Boston.

Here are a few more workshop photos of my recent visit to the Genesee Valley Quilt Club.  Thanks Ladies for  being so enthusiastic and fun.

Liberated Houses Workshop
Lollipop Day Class Photo
Special thanks to Nick for  helping set up and helping me throughout the two days.
The last night of my visit Christine and I had dinner with the guild president, Peggy and her husband.  Afterwards we went to a performance of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.  It was incredible! 
They perform at the gorgeous Kodak theater.
What a treat!
I'll leave you with this little applique' quilt I made with a Gwen Marston pattern in 1996.
Thank you to everyone who attended my Zoom talk last Monday!
Happy May