Wednesday, September 21, 2016


is hard to do!

I'm waiting to have time to bind and label my finished Alice Payne Quilt.
Waiting to finish my broken dishes for the swap.
Waiting for the mailman to bring me blocks from 70 swappers.
In the meantime we had a fun fast getaway to The White House Inn, in Vermont.

I found these adorable PJ bottoms at TJMaxx.  oh, yes, I am a Maxxinista.
Ever since I made this quilt in 2005 I love all things Whale.
I recently read this great book which tells the story of Melville and his friend, Hawthorn.
I also rewatched this movie on cable about The Essex which inspired the masterpiece.
Wouldn't Herman be surprised that the book he tortured himself over and was a commercial flop has endured and inspired so many artists and writers.

Hooray for Moby Dick!

Back to sewing broken dishes.  Have a Super Week.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Oh My Stars!

Thank you all so much for your nice comments on my Medallion Project!

I hung up my Sumptuous Stars quilt for the first time.  It's perfect for fall.
 I also hung Happy Town in the Sewing Room
It's Fair time in New England!  Hip Hip Hooray.  Is there anything more American?
 Hanna and I love to see the exhibits of flowers, jams, and baked goods.
What beautiful horses.
 we love the petting area!
This Darcy - a 3 month old calf.  Everywhere mom went, Darcy was by her side.
This bunny is so over the whole thing. 
Hanna's college pong skills earned her a new Goldfish:  Pumpkin.
MMMmm the food.  Fried dough and lemonade.  We have plans to attend 2 other major fairs.
We've had a very fun time this summer taking care of Timothy, my son's science classroom pet.  He's a skinny pig, which is a hairless guinea pig.  He does have hair on his cute face.
It was fun making little houses for him.
For no reason at all - he tossed his cage one night, lol.  He moved literally everything in his enclosure!
First Day of school photo of my science teacher son Andrew.  We're so proud of him.  Have a great year at PS 28.
I hit a real speed bump while making my repro swap blocks.  I spritzed a block and pressed it and this happened.
To test my other intended fabric I sprayed each with water.
 I layered them and pressed with a dry iron.
 Here you can see the transfer onto the muslin :(
These may be slightly older fabrics and not as colorfast.  Without knowing what process everyone uses when piecing their quilts, I think it is safer this time to pre-wash and begin again.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Round (ding)

Ta-Da!  Here is the first round border on my Medallion project.  I was keeping it under wraps so I wouldn't influence the sew along, but now that they have a star border theme, I can share mine.
Here it is in the planning stage.  I tell you it took many, many calculations to get that accommodating strip the right size to fit the already pieced stars.
I had this one awkward area that kept bugging me.  Can you spot it in the photo above?

Here it is
So I un-stitched it.  Painful when it is hand sewn.
and here it is - so much better to me.  What do you think?  Would you have changed it?
Whew - that was a close one.  I always say to students "if you don't like it now, you won't like it later."

I just finished this book and I literally could not put it down!
In in, Anderson mentions a "room of quilts" that his mother created at their NYC home.  I found these photos on-line.  Incredible!
There are quilts on the ceiling and floor~   amazing!

I have stepped up my hand quilting to complete my Alice Payne quilt.  Woohoo - on to the borders.
I really do love this fan in the corner to honor Alice's fan border quilting.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Hello!  Today I'm sharing a quilt that I made way back in 1994 to celebrate Hanna's 1st Birthday.
"Sue Confessions"
I free motion quilted "Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in a dish...."  and other things in the border.  Luckily you can't see how bad that quilting is.

My use of unusual backings goes way way back.  This is a Gloria Vanderbilt print.
 I'm not sure when the selvage crazy started, but in 1994 I removed the selvage and machine appliqued it to this block.  What is "total action zepel?"
Evidently I thought is was okay to machine buttonhole stitch as an embellishment while quilting.
 I was delighted to take a second look at this cute old quilt.
As usual coco was on hand to lend her critical eye.
Hooray!  Gwen Marston has a new book out.   I got a surprise copy from Gwen and posted on Instagram.  Get your copy and read my reveiw here on Amazon!
 Sneak Peak - This is the layout of the book.  Great photos and inspiration!
Bird News
Hello there stranger...who are you?
This is a Juvenile Bluebird.  In the next photo you can see he's losing his baby feathers.   These are such curious birds.  They just crack me up. 
 Surprise -  A sibling!
On a sad note, during the heat wave this poor little snake tried to cross the blacktop driveway.  It was so pretty and tiny.
Here is my specimen shelf by the kitchen sink.  I just can't help picking things up.  There is nearly always a hummingbird at that window feeder.
My favorite is this wispy little nest.
Happy Sewing to the Swappers!