Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Swap News & Mary Schafer

Will there be a swap this year?  What is the theme?  How can I get in on the fun?  I've had many inquiries and here some answers.

Hink for the next swap:
The timing for the next swap is going to be Jan-March 2018.

My fall schedule includes lectures, trunk shows, workshops, a quilt show and a Seminar this fall so I'll be announcing the swap in January and the blocks will be due in March.

Please participate in the survey on the right sidebar.  It may have an impact on the number of swappers for each group.

Can't find it on a phone or ipad?  if you scroll all the way to the end of my web page, you'll see "View Web  Version".  click the link and you'll see my complete page.
After jumping off the cruise ship, I jumped in the car to visit the Mary Schafer exhibit in PA.

This was my favorite, hands down.
 I also love this one.   Mary added the borders and quilted this lovely pyramid quilt.
 A very quaint sampler quilt.
 Not a Mary Schafer quilt, but part of the PA exhibit and my favorite color combination.
 This was Pauline's favorite.  It was very fun to study it the pattern and placement of fabrics.
Among the quilts, beautiful doll houses were on display.  I love the step stools for small visitors :)

Gwen Marston has lovingly written two books about her friend Mary.
 I may not Bingo in real life, but my friend, Diane, sent me these winning vintage button bingo cards.  I love them!
 yay!  I finished basting my OBW quilt and today will be day 4 of quilting.  My machine is humming along again after it was cleaned.
 I'll leave you with this sweet photo.  When I clean and wash  Timothy's big enclosure, he spends the day in his travel crate.  Mr. Starbuck makes a very good babysitter.
Hope you get a peek at the eclipse next Monday and please take my swap survey.  I'll leave it up for about a month.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Vacation Mode - Bermuda Baby

My sewing machine is on Vacation too.  A great tip is to get in your annual cleaning while you are away.  Thanks, Norma,  for reminding me.
My Etsy shop is reopened and I'm offering a 20% discount through August.  Use coupon code: SUMMERFUN at checkout.

We took a cruise from NJ to Bermuda.   Due to a recent job change, our son wasn't able to come so Sigourney's mom, Olga, joined us.   We had a great time.  As you can see it didn't bother Mr. Fun one bit to have 4 women in his party.
Here is King's Wharf as were leaving.  This is untouched photo.  The water really is this blue.
I love this mother/daughter photo.
The Martini Bar.  It has a chilled snowy surface (very Winterfell).  The bar tenders juggled and did fun cocktail tricks.
A view from my favorite quiet spot.  Everyone knows this is where I'm likely to be in the afternoon listening to a book and stitching when its not too windy.
In Bermuda Hanna and I rented pedal bikes.  I have some advice.  DON'T!!  It was a billion degrees with lots of hills and no sidewalks.
We pretended we were on the Amazing Race.  We found this secluded beach to rest and regroup. haha  Where's the fast pass?
Rich and the other girls rented scooters.  They admitted it was a bit terrifying, but very fun.  Hanna took her first ride.
The ship had a fabulous therapeutic mineral salt water pool which we all loved.
We give these two first time cruisers A+   They got into the groove of things right away.

We visited Elbow Beach - gorgeous.
The Sand really is pink and feels like powdered sugar.  YUM
It was my first time at a Silent Disco.  It was fabulous.  Everyone wears headphones and listens to 1 of 3 channels playing different songs.
I really loved it - but then again I love everything Disco Related! 
Somewhere under the Bermuda

It's always a little jarring to re-enter reality.  Don't know what to have for dinner?  I do
Public Service Announcement:  This is the BEST summer dinner ever.  mic drop......
Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Now where was I?

Oh yes, still stitching clams for the Birdie border on my Medallion Quilt.  Three down, with only one to go - woo hoo!
Hint~  I find the best way to press applique' with a clear water spritz, right side down on top of a clean bath towel.  

This way your pretty applique won't get flattened as you can see below.
I use a print out of my design as a road map.  It helps with color placement when things have been "simmering" a while.   I spy George and Abe tee hee.
It is a little like dealing cards finding the right placement for the little clams.

Using a long banquet table works great for this kind of prep.

OBW update (it's a good news/bad news situation)

I made it 90% through the second marking of my OBW and realized it is off again (did you hear my wailing and gnashing of teeth?.   I then had a "ah ha" moment and realized it is the wrong design so I have a new plan and will share it soon.  This is getting boring at the this point.

On to the borders.  I'm using a portion of my newest fan stencil.  It is "Snowflower and the Secret Fan" after all......
Hint~  when you're only using a portion of a large stencil, mask off the area you don't want mark.
It also really helps to keep things straight.  Of course you have to put the tape on straight ha ha ha - you get me.
I have had the sweetest nectarines this summer.  I found this great recipe for a cobbler to take to quilt friends for a sew day.
Have a wonderful Week!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bingo, Blunder, Boats and Birds

I have a funny post today with nothing much, especially if you follow me on IG which I hope you do.

First an oldie but a goodie and never shared before.
Fairy Mini Quilt - just 11" x 11"
The center was inked by an Illinois friend, Laurie P.  I paper pieced the borders from a Kathleen Brooks pattern.
 Another early epic fail of labeling but it says 1996 on the front.
I had a marking plan and even bought juicy new water soluble pens (which worked against me).

I am using the Tea Cup design.  Perfect for an Asian quilt, right friends?
Well, in my excitement, I picked up a pen and just went at it, picking a random area to start.  In no time I was off my markings....which was very evident by looking at the seam lines on the quilt.
I share this in the hopes you don't make this mistake.  Marking should line up in some way with the seams.  I didn't think about this pitfall until it was too late.  Worse yet, I kept marking thinking I could fix it.  ha ha ha the quilt Gods laughed.
It took many many sprayings to remove the juicy dark lines and by then I lost my flat quilt top - but I repressed/starched yesterday and I think it will be okay.  Keep a good thought for me and this quilt.

Mr. Fun crewed on his 24th Chicago to Mackinac Yacht Race last weekend on his childhood friend's boat.  I tracked it at home on an app. It was fun to watch the fleet progress up Lake Michigan.
 For the first time, Slapshot won a flag by finishing 3rd in their class, J109!  Congrats to all the crew aboard and the Skipper Scott.
This hummer was at the kitchen sink window feeder. Check out those sweet feathers on her  legs.
She hears or sees me - clever girl.
 Here is my Nyger Thistle feeder, which the house finches just love.
I'm caught again!
 I'm taking these through the window, but they still catch it.
B I N G O !!!
Don't laugh, but this was a life dream.   To play at a big hall bingo at Foxwoods. There were about 4000 people and we played 34 games with 9-card sheets. We didn't win, but we had a great time and will go again!
Thats about all I got this week.   Hope you have a fun week.

p.s. one more thing to be happy about - Winter is here.