Monday, September 26, 2022

Fun Fall Festivities

Wee!  All the pieces are cut out for  Double Wedding Ring Quilt.
I'm trying to take my time and enjoy the process.   The tracing and cutting was slow, but allowed for  lots of good TV and Movie viewing.
Thank you Narragansett Bay Quilters for  having me come and share my Scrap Secrets Lecture.  We had a fun day of building houses too.  I love to see each unique house come to life.
My friend, Wendy Reed, has an 8 page feature in Quilt Mania Magazine!!!  It is amazing.  The article was written by Cecile' and it tells the heartwarming story of how Wendy got started quilting and her passion for  Potholder Style Quilts.
Congratulations Wendy! Such wonderful and deserved recognition.

My Sparrow quilt flew home from Wisconsin with a beautiful ribbon.
My Chrome quilt won 1st Place in Applique'.  To be fair, it was the only Large Applique' Quilt.   It is great news because it means I will be invited to the State Fair Dinner Banquet which is always fun.
Here is the big Award winner of Cliff Geisler Family Award.
Best Pieced, Machine Quilted.
And here is Best in Show.
A few photos from the fair.  Rich loves the goats.
and Kettle Korn.  He would get a bigger bag if they offered it. 
Here was our first course of fair food.....
And speaking of piggies....
We have a tradition of going on opening night and watching the Demolition Derby. 
Speaking of Demolition; we had our driveway replaced.  It was a huge job.  We had a big crew and lots and lots of trucks.
I've done a little fall decorating to usher in the season.  I'm looking forward to the leaves changing colors here in New England.
Happy Autumn.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Wedding Quilt!

 It is finally happening!

I am making Hanna and David a Double Wedding Ring quilt.  Now I have to admit that I didn't really know what it was going to entail.

It was a rough start and I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the direction I should take with this project.
I consulted with my best quilting friends and began getting it organized with some color continuity along side some scrappiness.  
I'm using the Tara Faughnan Pattern that uses freezer paper pieces, but you don't sew through the paper.  You press, add a quarter and fold.
I worked up to doing six at a time.  Here is my table with precut color stacks to choose from.
I guess Nutmeg didn't really go for this blue one, ha ha.
Speaking of the Queen of the Sewing Room; her favorite spot is an empty batting bag.  I had it put away and then when I got it back out she was very happy to nap on it again.  Weird?  uh, yeah.
It was fun to pick out the organized color rings and the scrappy ones.
There is a lot of hand tracing and cutting of the melon pieces and the corners to go.  Not to mention (I'll try not whine), the 4 curved seams PER BLOCK.  I repeat:  PER BLOCK.
What can I say?  I like a challenge and I Love my Daughter and her Fiance'.   All the backgrounds will be dark colors.   
Here is a finished block.
Wish me luck quilt friends!  Please!

I ordered this little solar LED string of bumble bee lights from Amazon.
This is how they looked from the kitchen.  Aren't they cute!?  The white latern is a solar LED from Ikea last year.
September means one of my favorite treats:  Caramel Apples. I tell myself they are healthy.  They are.....right?
However you may feel about the Monarchy, I have really been moved by the pageantry of the Royal Proceedings for Queen Elizabeth's Funeral.
I set up a humble little tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and the people of London from a small collection of items today.  
Happy September!  xo

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Leaves of Grass - Modern Mini

 I decided a little modern sewing was just what I  needed this month.
I used scraps from a recent finish to make this little cross quilt.  I've called it Leaves of Grass to reflect the greens and blues.  

I used this Frida fabric for  the backing and did a little scrappy binding.

I machine quilted it with matchstick quilting using different thread colors.
I love this easy quilting design.  I tired to do a repeating pattern, but I messed it up - not that you can tell.
I also don't mind at all if they are not perfectly straight, do you?  
Hello and thank you to my new quilt friends of Q.U.I.L.T. Arkansas.  I had such a nice trip and met many friendly and talented ladies.  Here are some great Liberated Houses they made in my workshop.
What a fun day! What a fun group of women :) 

Sewing Machine Update~  I zipped back up to Maine on Monday to exchange my Janome.  Lucky for  me I stayed with my friends, Wendy and Gordon.   We went for a waterside lunch and then to their family property.
Cocktails on the porch - Heaven
Dinner at the Robinhood Marina where they have worked for over 30 years.  Gordon is retired, and Wendy is soo to be.
We watched the tide go out.
and the seals come in :)
Pop over to Wendy's blog to see the Monthly Mini she made with bits she made in my classes at Maine Quilts.

Finally a shameless cat photo.  I think Nutmeg has missed me with all the running around I've been doing.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Quilt Show Review - Woo Hoo

Popping in to share some quilts from the New England Quilt Festival.  Alas, I missed the deadline so did not have a quilt in this show.

I loved this version of Sue Garman's Quilt.  It's pinks!

Fabulous quilts by Barbara Marcone
This cross hatching is a wonderful background choice.

A Stunning quilt made by my friend, Christine Wickert.  Her work is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations on Best Hand Workmanship!
Here are my favorites of the Modern Quilts.
What a wonderful surprise to see Gladi in the merchants mall. 
Visit  Gladi's blog here for more detailed photos from the show.

It was food for the quilters' soul to be at a live quilt show and spend some time with quilters!

I'm off to Arkansas on Thursday to visit Q.U.I.L.T.  Guild of Northwest Arkansas.