Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Challenge Accepted!

Here is the big reveal of the word challenge quilts my small sewing group created.  We had such a fun time making these.

My word is Bee.  Can you guess what each block represents?  Click the photo to see my baby bead embellishments.
We each picked a word and made 9 blocks to depict the word. We connected the blocks with the pot holder method.  

Thank you Wendy Reed of Constant Quilter who has a great tutorial.  Wendy makes incredible award winning quilts with this method.  She has a wonderful blog that always inspires me.

Norma's word is Cat~
Pauline's word is Eye.
Nancy' word is Time.
Fun, right?  what word would you use?  

Special thank you to Pauline for making our story cards.  They are just great.

Whig Rose Update:
Hooray!  I finished my last block.  I am setting them with a zillion HST.
Thank goodness for Triangles on a Roll.  They come perfect with no trimming.  Extra steps on the front end for great results on the back end are worth it for me.
I can't decide if I like them radiating, or going all the same way.  What do you think?  It's hard for me to be impartial when I see it so often.
I get a lot questions about adding lettering to my quilts.  I use Microsoft Word and print out the letters on the computer.  I enlarge them to about 350%.  

I also like to make plastic templates because it makes marking them easy and more accurate.  I don't mind extra steps that produce excellent results.
A Cooper Hawk came for a visit and we had a great view out the kitchen window.  
Have a Great Day!