Tuesday, April 27, 2021


 April Mini.

Wendy our monthly hostess helped me name it.  The backing is from a  pretty blue  FQ print.

I machine quilted it with invisafil thread in a alternating design of straight and squiggly lines.  I have used this many times andI like on modern and contemporary quilts.
Here is how I approached this little quilt.   I first made circles become egg shaped.

I made slightly different sizes because, you know, eggs; not all eggs are the same.
I dug through my blue batiks to find appropriate exotic egg colors.
I prepared them the same way I do circles.  Easy Peasy.
Backgrounds!  Oh boy.  That is was the toughest decision.  I tried many things.  You might like one of them better.  Point is, I need to try lots of the ideas before making a final decision.
I glued them in place then machine top stitched to the background.
I missed the anniversary of the  Chernobyl Disaster which is April 26th but I'm machine it now.
For some reason my blog has reformatted for no reason - sorry about that. ha ha.

I'll leave you with this beautiful undulatus cloud I spotted yesterday while walking coco.  Being in the Cloud Appreciation Society has really increased my appreciation for the beauty right over our heads.
Have a great week! 

p.s.  after finishing the quilt vault, I found a drawer with about 20 more little quilts. 

Friday, April 9, 2021


The Quilt Vault is Done!  The bottom shelf is the hand quilted quilts.

This is part of a bedroom re-do and a long awaited solution to quilt storage.
When Hanna moved to DC, my quilting stuff took over her bedroom.  
Quilt stuff was everywhere!
I designed an Elfa shelving closet with very deep shelves.  I have designed installed about a dozen of these over the years.
I came across this little quilt which was perfect for Easter.  The 9-patch blocks are 1 inch and it is hand quilted.

In other domestic news we had a full day of tree care done.
I love having a wooded property but it does take a lot of maintenance and we are catching up on tree work following 2 hurricanes and growth.
These were the views out my BR window.  Below is a view from kitchen window.
I have finished setting my propeller blocks and let me tell you friends, it was a challenge.   They DID NOT turn out 9 1/2" but more like 9 1/4" inches.   I had issues with the seam allowances too :(
When I asked my friend, Pauline "which is worse blocks that are too big, or too small?"  her response was "Both"!   Too true.

In order for the lattice to line up properly I cut 9 1/4" squares of freezer paper to use as guides.
I pressed the blocks onto the freezer paper centering as best as I was able.   I trimmed some edges.
and here I'm scant.
So I used the edge of the FP to line up the lattice.  Did I lose some corners?....sadly yes.   I have to live with it.  I think there is a flaw in the templates/pattern but that's just me.  Nutmeg liked the crinkly paper.  Me?  Not so much.
I graded the seams to avoid shadowing.   I have missed this step in the past and was sorry.  With light backgrounds these shadows become very noticeable once the batting is added.
I picked a font called "Kremlin Advisor" perfect for my Chernobyl theme.  I tried many many sizes and finally settled on one that I like.
Wednesday was my boy, Andrew's Birthday.  We enjoyed a picnic at the beach.   It was a gift and a joy.
I'm off for my second vaccine this morning.   So Grateful!
Take Care.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Spring has Sprung

 Spring!  Time to spruce and clean.  

I might even have guests one day in my guest room. Here is my redo with three quilts that feature cheddar.

In other news I got my first vaccine in Connecticut. yay!  I'll be getting my second on April 9th.
Last weekend we took coco on vacation to the DC area to visit Hanna and David.  I have to say, coco LOVES a road trip; the open window, new smells, pit stops on 95 south and hotel living.
We did nothing, and it was awesome.  Eat, drink, talk and sleep....repeat.  
we also took coco walking in two area parks.
Lots of take in meals - the safest way to go in a highly populated area.

I've finished all my Steam Punk blocks, or Propeller Blocks as they were originally called.  Newspaper pattern from 1933!  Also note that it belongs to Modern Quilts.
I had some questions about calling this my "Chernobyl Quilt".  I was fascinated by the HBO series and I read the book "Midnight at Chernobyl".  

The meltdown event was very layered with so many people and living things affected.  The Russian government covered up a lot of it at the time.   I'm making this to honor those killed and those who sacrificed their lives in the subsequent clean up.  I chose this pattern because it reminds me of radiation fall out symbols.
I am so used to seeing it on my design wall with a white background.  I thought I'd try a dull tan...
I like both.  What do you think?

I did a little talk yesterday for the American Quilt Study Group on present day medallion quilts that I've made.  Here are a few that I layed out last week.  Some of you might have seen this on IG.

I was treated to a double hawk sighting in my yard.   Just two guys hanging out have a snack in my tree.
Here is a good image of the red shouldered hawk.
I wish you a Happy Spring and an Early Happy Easter.  Watercolor bookmark by Kelly of  Pinkadot Quilts.