Thursday, May 16, 2019

Play Day!

Hooray!  I'm off today for a play day.  I'm taking a Round Robin in a Day workshop.  Here is my center starting point.
I pulled out bright and happy prints.  I have no idea what to expect, so I have no expectation except that it will be fun!
Coco has been a real sew room buddy lately.  Maybe because I have been eating breakfast and lunch in here....
in order to finish this!  It is not sewn into a top yet. I am so glad I made 16 blocks.  I for half a second thought, maybe 25 would be even better, but then I moved on.
I can put my bins and tubs of strips away.  I've tucked in a few eye spy moments.  Not easy with a 1/2" string.
A Baltimore Oriole couple have been visiting.  I got a photo through the kitchen window.  Isn't he gorgeous?
Yikes - now I know for sure who has been drinking and knocking off my hummingbird feeder at night!  Little Thief!
I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.  Andrew brought me a Portillos' Chocolate Cake all the way from Illinois - 940 miles.  He knows what an awesome surprise it was.
Hanna sent me a sweet quilt related Mother's Day card.
On Saturday I got to pretend for the day that Summer is on its way.
 Trust me, it didn't last.  It's been cold and rainy.
Yesterday I popped into Michaels.  My heart still sings when I see this display.  As a young girl I ADORED a craft kit of any kind.
I thumbed through a couple of coloring books.  I love how they smell and have fond memories of coloring and doing the dot to dots.  Maybe I should start a little secret collection for "someday" grandchildren.
Thank you so much for leaving me messages here on my blog.  I really enjoy the connection to quilters.  I respond to them if possible.  If I don't respond just know it means a lot to hear from you.