Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We Need A Little Christmas

Holiday Greetings!

I know how busy I've been, so I can imagine how busy all my friends are too.  I hope you finding a little down time to enjoy the season.

Just popping in with a Christmas post before signing off for the year.

Last year I went on a Christmas tour (click here  if you want to see over the top christmas collecting!) and was inspired to start my own White House Historical ornament tree.

This began in 1981 and each ornament comes in a beautiful box with a booklet telling the story of the ornaments historical significance.  Here is this years:

I've replaced the ribbons with these Christopher Radko gold hangers.

Here is a daytime shot

and a night time shot

and two of my favorites, The Madison's and my man, Abe.

It's been so fun to collect these (thanks ebay!)  I have only 3 more to go.

Here is my sewing room tree, with vintage red and pink ornaments and Janet's (Quiltsalott) doll quilt swap:

The cupcake group got together for food, games and presents.  I won LCR again - lucky me!

We actually had sing during this game.  so funny.

Susan and her husband make a beautiful wooden gifts each year.  The white mice collection has grown to 4, aren't they wonderful?

Jill made this beautiful hand quilting sewing kit:

Pre-threaded quilting needles all ready to go.

What a nice surprise!  Sujata (The Root Connection) sent these wonderful mug rugs.

Believe me, it's no accident that coco matches the new FR furniture!

I'll leave you with a couple shots of my Dickens' Village.  I placed tiny lights underneath this year and it's a magical effect.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas filled with laughter and cheer.  I hope that the New Year is filled with comfort and joy.

I'll be heading out for the farm and will be back in January to share a new year long project that I've started.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elfing Around

I've been busy with all the usual holiday stuff, but I finished my gift quilt and wanted to share it.

I used Jay McCarroll fabric and pieced the back, and pieced the batting, and made a scrap binding.  Waste not, want not.

For the quilting, I stabilized the block then added the wavy lines and also quilted the circle centers.

How wonky is that?  So funny.  The large print was not really on grain, so the whole back got thrown off.  I'm okay with it.

No peeking until Christmas.....

I really liked these colors and thought they were an unusual combo, until one day while looking at my inspiration board I saw all of these.  They are of similar color combinations.

I've finished 2 more stars -

What a nice model.  Thanks Coco.  She'll be turning 2 on  Christmas Day.  What a good girl she's turned out to be.

I'm prepping a couple of more.  I'll be making 12 in all.

And finally, I'm having twins!  I received this amaryllis as a hostess gift and it was asleep so long, I thought it would never get going.  I'll post what color it is when it blooms.

Kids are coming home tonight!  Hope you are having fun with your family and friends during this season.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Going Hawaiian!!

Happy Tuesday!

My friend, Sujata, of The Root Connection guessed right!  Go check out her wonderful Christmas quilt.

I'm using a chocolate brown background for my red Hawaiian quilt.  Here is my small sample that I finished.

I treated myself to a Bella Solids fabric swatch card from Anna of Thimbleanna.  She always has something fun going on.

I can really see what the solids look like.  It is just too hard for me on the computer.

I was really able to study the reds and browns.

I also decided to do a little inventory of my solids.  Well, I guess I don't have to buy red for a while, lol.  Or cheddar for that matter.

It was so fun reading what my readers and friends guessed for the red applique' that I decided to do a little comparative test. I just used a raw edge cut out of the little sample and changed the backgrounds.  It's been dreary here, so I had to use indoor light, not the best, but you get the idea.

Green was guessed by Karen, Dawn, Mayleen and Rachael.

Purple was suggested by Karen and Maureen.

Orange was guessed by Kate, Meredith and Sandra - you ladies know me too well!

White was popular with Lori, Karen & Anna.  Sorry it's fuzzy, it did not want to photograph, it kept coming out almost black.

Rachael guessed this - she is a hoot!!

Blue was Janet's pick.

Yellow/Gold/Cheddar was guessed by Kelly, Terry, Donna & Regan.

Quilt Sue guessed black.

Fuchsia/Hot Pink was guessed by Jan and Never Bored.

Lime Green/chartreuse was suggested by Linda and Jan.

(sorry Shirl, I didn't have turquoise).

This was so fun to study.  It is interesting how the value of the red changes when you change the background.

I think this would make a great quilt, actually.

Thanks for playing with me it was Fun!

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Beginnings

I've started 3 new projects and I'm sharing them here today.

First, a special Christmas gift for a dear friend of the family.
Can't tell you who it is yet as it is a secret....ssshhhh

Here are the blocks.  They are a simple square in a square.  These are Jay McCarroll's fabrics.  You remember he was the first winner of Project Runway.

Here is the layout in progress.  I just finished the top and will share it next time - I love these colors for a man.

Here are stars that I'm english paper piecing.  I was inspired by an antique quilt I saw at the New England quilt museum.

I have one more finished, and another started.   They are addictive!

I'm trying to push myself to use interesting colors and patterns.  I'm always so inspired by the women in Australia and they inspired my color choices.

And finally, a first look at half of my Hawaiian quilt project.

The clover white pen worked great on this!  It's very fine and removes with the iron.   This is a test block which I'll probably make into a doll quilt.

I will send a surprise to the first person who can guess correctly what other color fabric I'm using for my Hawaiian.

I'm hoping to Deck the Halls this weekend and do a little sewing too.

Have fun!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brownstone Quilt Show - Part 3

With the dishes done, the decorations collected and the leftovers nearly gone, it's time to return to quilting!

Here are the last few photos from Brownstone Quilt Show 2011.

As part of our Patriotic display, Berniece shared this quilt "My 9/11 Flag Quilt".  It is really spectacular!  I have encouraged her to get in touch with the 9/11 museum, as I feel it should be shared with the world.  It even includes a memento from the restaurant at the top.  The blue represents the brave police and firemen and it's torn and ravaged, as our the many lives following the 9/11 tragedy.

This elegant and beautiful quilt, "Cranes in Flight" was made by Elizabeth O'S. It is a gift and is hand quilted, and includes sashiko.

I love the softness of this quilt, made by Bea.

Here are the 2 mini quilts I won in the auction.

I was thrilled to win this one, as my boys are sailors.  I think I will matt and frame this, the stitchery is lovely!

Here are some of my purchases.  Already made - score!

One of my favorite vendors is Joe, of Lancaster Traditions.  I bought this piece of 19 century double pink - my Favorite!!

And also two yards of this glazed cotton.  I don't know what I'll do it, but I just had to have it.

I was so excited to buy this from Antique vendor, Dana, of Material Pleasures.  My home town, Chicago, Worlds Fair Hankie, 1893.  I'll frame it with this gold fabric.

And how sweet is this calendar print from 1899?  I guess she is training the dogs as they are surrounded by whips.

Who could resist these faces?  Not me.  I will frame this also.

Lastly, I tried to take a couple of photos of my Passage to India quilt to show the crystals.  It is just not possible, but there are over 600 on the quilt.  The boys suspended raking to give me a hand - thanks guys!

The pieced backing.

I used a practice piece for the label.  Waste not, want not.

Thanks for sharing the show with me!

I've started a few new project and I'll be back to share them next time.  In the meantime, I hope you are having fun!