Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden State Show Part 2

I'm having a little trouble with Blogger which accounts for the delay.

Here are some other quilts from my guild's recent show-

This quilt has everything I love in a quilt!  great colors, lots of movement and that lightening streak.  Very fun Deb!

I love this pattern and since my husband and my son love sailing, I'd really like to make it one day -

Here is another one, this one is really small - no offense ladies, but the ribbon has impeded my view ;)

I found this quilt mesmerizing!  I love the contrast of the colors.

An other great color and form study.

what a wonderful hex quilt - love it Barbie! and the quilting is fabulous.

And what a delight this piece is.  It reminded me of a doll house.  Very cute with the details.

Well, th th th that's all folks.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden State Quilters 2011 Show!

Garden State Quilters put on quite a quilt show this past weekend!

As usual most of my favorite quilts to see and study are not chosen by the judges for ribbons.  But they are real winners in my book!

Here are some of my favorites in no particular order - please, I'm lucky to get them uploaded and centered :)

Hooray!  this is my cupcake friend, Susan's Lincoln Challenge quilt - isn't it awesome?  I love it, Susan and congrats on the ribbon!

Wow - isn't this great?  Love all that color

This is Barbie's version of a Bonnie Hunter quilt - it is beautiful!

I loved this modern, graphic quilt.  I went back several times to look at it.


This is Debbie Krakowski's quilt:  "Counting Crows"  I was so busy admiring it I forgot to photograph the story card - doh!  Love it, Debbie - great colors and technique.

This quilt just glowed with silk.  So lovely!

This is Dawn's amazing quilt.  It has won many ribbons and I've showed it before, but it deserves another look.  

My good friend Lori's - I love this one!  Congrats on the ribbon, Lori and a great show - again!

I was mezmerized by this beauty!  Love it, Alicia!

This quilt was made by a reader that I met at the show - love your Baseball Quilt!

Another quilt by Susan McD - I love the setting.

I had several recent quilts in the show, and my Eagle quilt won a 2nd place ribbon.  You've seen them so I'd rather show you my friends quilts.

I'll be back for part 2 soon.  Have a great Monday.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Quilt Festival

Thanks to Amy at Amy's Creative Side,  the Spring Quilt Festival is on!  It is always fun to see what other quilters have been creating.

This spring I decided to show my guild, The Brownstone Quilters,  raffle quilt.  I re-designed Florence Peto's "Calico Garden" quilt.  All the members of the guild helped to create the blocks for this quilt.  Member, Cheryl did a stunning job quilting it.

The Brownstone Quilters is raffling this quilt during our quilt show which is 11-11-11 and 11-12-11.  You can see all the quilt show information by clicking here

Enjoy the Festival and thanks again, Amy.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

B&W Revisited, Circles and Stems.

Today I thought I'd share an older quilt.  This is a challenge quilt that I made with my Wednesday group, the Needlers' years ago.

About 20 of us exchanged squares of Black and White fabrics.  I decided to do a modern twist on a traditional block, Whig Rose, and here is the result.

I approached this challenge by first separting the fabric into these categories; mostly black, mostly white and 50/50.  I used the mostly white for the background of the center block.

I used the mostly black for the stems and leaves.  

I used the 50/50 pieces to make these hourglass blocks for the border.

Here you can see some of the machine quilting I did on this one.  I have many little sparrows on this quilt.  I add the sparrow to almost every quilt I make and I'll have to share the story with you someday.

Jill surprised me Monday night with this super cute new tote bag!  I love it!  The tape measure handles are my favorite part.  Thanks Jill and Joann fabrics, I needed this!

And now a few words about stems.  I was recently asked me how I applique' my skinny stems.  Well, first I prepare them with the Clover 1/4" bias maker.  But I think the real trick is in the prep.  Isn't always?

I pin baste the stems into the placement I want.

Then I re-pin them horizontally with very fine pins.   Then I machine sew baste them down, using a baste stitch.  I'm sorry, I forgot to photograph this part (too anxious to start sewing :)

Happiness is appliqueing the stems without the pins.  Here they are finished.  I can not share the rest of this piece because it is a challenge for my Brownstone guild's upcoming  quilt show in November.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, The Garden State Quilters are having their bi-annual quilt show a week from Saturday!!
Click here for all the information.  I hope you can come!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Northern Star Quilters Shine Again!

Happy Friday!

Last Sunday I took a drive with my friend, Pauline, to Somers NY for the Annual, yes, Annual Northern Star Quilters Quilt Show.  These ladies put a show on each and every year and I say hats off to them!

They hold it the weekend before Mother's Day, or the first weekend in May.

Here are some of my favorites:

Very pretty color scheme and wonderful quilting.

This is such a graphic and striking pattern, especially from a distance.

Beautiful feather quilting here

What a pretty basket quilt, I love the 2 sizes.

Yea, a selvage quilt!!  I looks like she painted the letters on.  So clever and super fun!

I love the sense (cents) of humor here, ha ha pun.  She has affixed token of all kinds to her "token art quilt".  So funny and well done.

There was also a display of several antique quilts, which was a treat.  This is a great GFG, I think.

Of course, I love this nine patch beauty with the streak of lightening setting.  Great fabric study!
This was a very happy and colorful quilt

As part of my Cinco de Mayo menu last night, I decided to try the Skinny Girl Margharita.  I have a 2 word endorsement:   Oh Yes!

Whether you are gardening, sewing or spending time with family or friends, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

**p.s. added after publishing:
Barbara Brackman did a post on my 2 recent Civil War themed projects.  I was very honored, as she is the leading authority in all things related to Civil War era quilting .  Click here to see it.