Friday, December 29, 2017

New Year - New Swap

Swap Time is almost here!  Drum roll...........

The Churn Dash - Woo Hoo!

I will be starting sign ups next week.  I will provide all the details at that time.  DON'T START ANY BLOCKS until I publish the details.

To get you in the mood for the swap here are some pretty quilts using the churn dash.

So are you in?  Do you like the theme this Year?  I hope so.

wishing you a Gentle and Peaceful New Year!  

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas 2017 - It's Practically Here!!!

Today's Post is all about Christmas and a tiny bit of quilting.

I worked on this Red Work for about 10 years and  finished it in 2010.  I had it framed this year ,and I just love it.
Our dear friends, Susan and Owen make this charming mice every year.  We love this collection and treasure it.
My front hall.  No White House Tree this year......No Comment.....and no comments please.
My Indoor Winter Garden.  Plants get moved to pretty locations when they bloom.  That is a self contained Amaryllis bulb in wax on the sill from my friend Pauline.
Danish Plates and old family Christmas photos on display.
My Kitchen Window which has a wintry scene (hard to take this photo with the back lighting).
Here are my Christmas cards which I am not sending this year.  I decided after 30 years it was okay to take a break so I just sent a few.
I will share this antique quilt another time.  It makes a wonderful Christmas quilt display.
I finished trimming our tree yesterday - yay!
One of my plastic spinner ornaments from my grandparents 1940s collection.
 Elf ornament from the kindergarten teacher.
Bubble lights and Danish Flags a must at our house.
coco is thrilled beyond measure.....
The Nissemen
A little quilt marking.  For anyone who guess I'd be using my large fan for quilting my Christmas Nine Patch:  A+++
 I'm framing the edges then I'm going to scatter them all around the center.
A Tour of my 2017 Dickens Village (photo heavy~!)
by day
by night
 Dickens and his wife Catherine
 Gin Drinkers
 The "village area"
 New this year - Chimney Sweep
 I made more elevations this year.
From our home to yours I wish you all a 
Happy and 
Gentle Holiday Season.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

God Jul Everyone!

Hello Friends~
 My issue Simply Moderne Magazine arrived this week and my God Jul quilt pattern is in this issue!  Thank you Rachael Daisy for encouraging me to submit this quilt.
 I love how they styled it!  Very Danish.
 The pattern looks so good, I might just make another one in different colors.  I hope other quilters are inspired to make it.
Here are some photos from last year while I was making the pattern and quilt.
 I made this quilt start to finish in 2 weeks to enter Quilt Con.  It was rejected.....sigh
 my sewing room helper.
nice dog hair on my background.  Oh coco, I love you.
Toile' the Night Before Christmas
I finished it January 2016 - THAT IS TWO YEARS AGO!

Here is the original post.  In my defense, I have been doing a lot more quilt teaching and traveling.....but still!

Hey, at least I found it this morning...
 To commemorate seeing a final show of the Ringling Bros. BB Circus last year, I'm using this fabric on the back.
 I guess they didn't get the RB trademark because this is not a real circus.
 I also have this wonderful circus animal print which I may or may not use.
Yesterday I cleaned my sewing room to ready it for Santa's Wrapping Workshop.
 My little pink and red tree.  I have to find the tree topper today.
I know how busy everyone is, but I just want to say thank you to all the readers who leave nice comments.  I appreciate each and every one. 

Hope your holiday preparations are going well.  Here is a link to Sue Garman's Blog, where her family has posted all the quilts from the remarkable exhibit this year at the Houston Quilt Festival: 

enjoy! xo