Monday, June 21, 2021

June '21 Modern Mini

Isn't this a crazy colorful print?  My flag is 15" x 16".
I quilted it with my signature straight and wavy line design.  I may get tired of this one day, but not yet.
This month's Modern Mini Theme was an easy one for me.   I have several family members and friends in the Gay Community and I love them very much.  I have been quietly celebrating Pride month in small ways.

I learned more about the Pride Flag.  Did you know each stripe has a meaning?

The original was designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978.
Here is a modernized version with black and brown added.
Here is the most current flag which includes transgender and non-binary.
There are many different versions of this important symbol.

I bought this fabulous rainbow bag at Ikea.
I changed my Apple Watch face for the month.  
Every time I look at it is a different rainbow combination.  Very Fun.

Pride month commemorates the Stonewall Riots (should have been called Uprising) in June of 1969.  It was a catalyst for the first Gay Pride Parade in NYC.   Here is a short video about the history.
Sesame Street introduced a bi-racial Gay couple on its Family Day Episode.   Sesame Street has tackled all sorts of difficult family and cultural issues over the decades.   Hooray for PBS!

The US Government got their Pride on.

Landmarks all around the world are celebrating!
I especially loved this story.  A couple in Racine, WI was told by their Homeowners Association that they were not allowed to fly a Pride Flag.  Here was their reaction.  How Marvelous!
Celebrate Pride Month in anyway that makes you Happy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Life's a Beach (and Garden)

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on Chrome Quilt and for the Birthday wishes.

I was so lucky to go away for a weekend with my CT besties to the beach and to the Philadelphia flower show.   We visited Susan's family on Brigantine Island on the New Jersey Shore near Atlantic City.  They are such a warm and generous family and shared their fabulous beachfront home with us.
We went boating, to the beach and to the Tropicana Casino for dinner and a little gaming.
They surprised me with a delicious cake - so thoughtful and sweet.
On Monday we went to the Philly Flower Show.  It was HOT and I mean HOT and HUMID.  
The Show Theme was:  Habitat
There were many bird themed displays - yay!
And Bee habitats
I always love to see Bonsai trees.  This one is 75 years old!
The indoor display had unusual plants and orchids.
They had a cool window box display.  I  really liked this one with a Octopus's Garden theme.
I loved this display.  The human man is fragile and almost invisible, as we all are.
What wonderful inspiration!  Wouldn't you love to visit this garden party?
Speaking of gardening; I'm back working on my Cantaloupe quilt.
Hope your summer is off to a good start!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Chrome Sweet Chrome

 At Last....🎶🎶🎶🎶

She is 66" x 66" and I'm naming her "Chrome Sweet Chrome"  In the future it will be noted that I worked on this quilt during the Covid 19 pandemic.  I included 20 for the year.

It has been a long and fulfilling quilt to make.   I thank you all for the continued support and encouragement through the years!
If you look carefully you will see 2 sparrows quilted within the feathered borders.  I will be adding one to the back next to the label for good measure.
I pulled fabrics together for this quilt in March of 2017.  Can you believe I saw my inspiration quilt at the New England Quilt Museum just a couple of weeks ago?   Kismet 
I started the first block a year later in March of 2018.
I started the hand quilting in July of 2020.
I finished the binding on Saturday.  It is a funny feeling when you finish a long term project.
Sunday was wash day.   I wash my quilts in my big bathtub because basically I soak them to remove lint and pet hair.
I used a little Blue Dawn Dishwashing liquid and a little Borax. 
I rinse it several times.  I used a few color catchers and they seemed to catch some chrome.
I wring it out by hand getting as much water out as possible, then I transfer it to a laundry basket to take down to the washer.
I put it through a rinse and spin cycle with cold water, medium spin to avoid creasing.

I put it in the dryer on low for about 20 mins.  I then lay it out on a bed sheet on the carpet.  I gently block it with my hands.
I often set up an oscillating fan to help it dry.  I flip it over to dry the back.
and Voila'!
Today is my 59th Birthday and I'm so grateful for my family, friends, home, health and to you blog readers who have been part of my life for so long.