Monday, August 7, 2023

The Maine Event!

 After Vermont Quilt Festival was cancelled Wendy convinced me to enter my Chrome Sweet Chrome Quilt at Maine Quilts.  I'm so happy it received a 3rd place ribbon.
I also entered my Chernobyl quilt since Jen Kingwell was going to be the featured teacher/speaker.  I was surprised and thrilled that she posted it on her IG feed.  So I know that she saw it.  Yay.

Wendy's quilt was in the same category and received 2nd and Best Hand Quilting.  I may have done more quilting, but Wendy's is superior in every way.
Here is the first place quilt in our category. 
I finally had the opportunity to visit Busy Thimble Quilt Shop and see Cyndi.  Can you see the wonder and happiness on my face.
I think I purchased about 25 yards of fabric.  It was wonderful!
Her shop is by appointment only.   Here is her website:  The Busy Thimble

There were many beautiful quilts at the show.  Here are a few that I loved.
I really wish there was a little more information about the quilt.
I was lucky to win (bid highest) in the silent auction for  this hand quilted Amish style doll and quilt.  Nutmeg likes her too.
I also won a Christmas Raffle Basket but I didn't get a photo before giving half of it away.

It was too hot to visit the botanical garden so Wendy and I saw the Barbie Movie.  So fun!  Hi Barbie, Hi Barbie, Hi Barbie......
I'll be back soon with the Hortense Beck exhibit.   In the meantime you cans more from Maine Quilts on Gladi's Blog here and Wendy's Blog Here.