Thursday, July 30, 2020


Just in time - my July Modern Mini:  Gelato
I had a hard time getting a good photo in late day sun.  But I liked this one.
I showed this sneak peak on Instagram the other day.
I cut the excess gathering which I think looks neater from the front, especially with solid fabrics.
I machine quilted it with my favorite (thanks Pauline) Invisafil white thread.  Not match stick but close 1/4".
I sew basted my Whig Rose last week.
 I can now officially report that I really love the Hobb's Tuscany blend of wool and cotton batting.
It is very easy to needle and I'm happy to be hand quilting again!
I made a few cute girl masks this week.   We will be needing these for a long time to come.
I hope you are doing okay and staying healthy.
Treat yourself to something cool and gelato!
Thank you, Wendy, for the inspiration to make mini quilts.  It has been such fun!  She'll be sharing links of this month participants tomorrow on her blog.
See you again soon.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Basting Day!

Hooray!  Basting day is finally here for my Whig Rose Quilt!
If you can believe it, friends, I had another HUGE BOO BOO with this quilt.

While trimming the excess fabric, I CUT MY QUILT!
Nutmeg was so scared she ran under the ironing board and hid.  Me?  I was calm.  Stunned might be a better word.   Oh well, time to fix it.
 I marked the area and carefully removed it.  I tried to find a place on the quilting design where I can hide it.
I carefully inserted a new piece of chrome fabric and re-marked the quilting design.
Can you see the fix?  It is easier when you know it is there.
I'm trying a new batting.  I'm going to use long basting needles and wool thread.  why wool?  I'm hoping it will grip the layers and hold them.
 Good thing that chrome is forgiving!  I have a lot of seams.
I am using wide moda unbleached muslin for the backing.

In other news~
I finished the mystery quilt that my guild, Ninigret hosted.  These are Downton Abbey fabrics.  I used 9 instead of the 12.  I just thought it made a good design.
 It has been super duper hot this week so made a great cold lunch salad.
 Tomatos, cucumbers, leaf lettuce, feta, red onion and the best part: leftover garlic herb parm bread.  I re-heated the leftover garlic before cutting into large cubes.   A good drizzle of red wine vinaigrette and I felt I was back in the Mediterranean.   YUM
Here is my design wall.  Lots of creative crazy going on here.
Thank you for leaving such nice comments I so appreciate them.
Stay Safe and Stay Well and have a great week.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Secret Garden and Applique

Happy Friday!  Here's the new applique' project that I've been working on. 
I keep changing my mind about this project, which is totally okay.
My center block started like this~
It looked a bit too sparse to me and off balance.  I added 5 leaves to fill in a bit.  I also shortened the berry sprig. 
I found all sort of bits of UFOs and orphan and block swaps to use. 
 I changed my mind from the flying geese border to a 4 patch border.  OOOPS now I have to remove and re-attach a new border that is divisible by 2"
 I'm taking these old block apart and re-purposing them.
 I've got block on every surface of my sewing room.
I think I'll be happy to have the little patches first.
Yesterday coco and I visited this garden in Clinton again.  
This time I walked around the outside border and was delighted to discover this Charming Fairy Garden!
Here is a little tour for you.
Tiny house in an old grist mill stone.
Here is my favorite.  I'd happily live here.
Here is a photo for scale.  Coco looks like a giant!  No wonder I missed this on previous visits.
 I hope this cheered your day!
stay well

Friday, July 10, 2020

Good Old Abe

It was surprise Abe week for me.  First I received this charming Lincoln tray and flag from Diane.
 It was wrapped with this primitive flag and bakery string.

My friend, Cecile of Patchwork Inspirations sent me this charming surprise Lincoln doll quilt.   Thank you Cecile!
Abe and nine patches - two of my favorite things!
 I didn't expect anything in return.   I've been so lucky to be on the receiving end.

We had a nice quiet 4th of July here.  
We played games, sipped adult beverages and spent time together.
We decorated the trees with streamers - a little tacky but festive and fun.

 It was relaxing and fun and I got some stitching done.
 I saw this book on Gladi's blog and was happy to add a used version to my Applique' Library.
I'm taking part in the Ninigret Quilters mystery quilt.  I has been decades since I've participated in one.   I'm using this lovely Downton Abbey fabric and I'm going for "elegant"...The theme is TeaTime.  Stay tuned.
 This week I was the guest for the Calico Cutters Guild Zoom Meeting.
There was lots of great show and tell and it was a very active and fun meeting.
I hope you've had a good week too.