Wednesday, July 28, 2010

French House with Cherry Tree

Good Morning!

Sorry for yet, another blog make-over, I wanted a wider column and this one is the best solution - 

This is a little quilt I made in 2005.  I usually display it in the summer.  When I made it I was disappointed when the house turned out so normal looking as I had free pieced it.  So, the solution?  Make a whimsical  cherry tree  in the side yard.
Here is some of the machine quilting and the back.
Isn't this a funny Parisian print for the back?

So, I've been discussing things with Abe and here is where we are now.
I've sketched out the block I intend to use in the second round.  I've played around with many layouts but I like this one the best.  I have a growing pile of "nope" blocks, that don't play nicely with the quilt.

Here is how Jill's is progressing - great, isn't it?

Just received this book from Amazon used books (love that!).  This in definitely on my "life list" of things to make.  I am in the process of collecting books and images.
I would love to be able to cut my own pattern. So far I really like the look of this one -
I also loved this one.  My son plays the Ukulele and I love the drums in this modern version.

 And lastly, I picked up this step stool at Ikea.  It is fantastic.  Super sturdy and doesn't tip or slide.  Finally I can safely move things around on the design board, "it's a good thing" AMWS....


Friday, July 23, 2010

Musical Chairs

Good Friday Morning -

Yesterday I finished doing a little re-covering project on my 2 favorite chairs.  I bought them at an antique mall many years ago.  I wish I had a whole set of them.  I painted them black and covered them with this soft Waverly toile' years ago.

On my recent trip to Vermont for the Quilt Festival I picked up this beautiful Red toile' with George Washington.  Looks to me like a centennial print  reproduction.

Here is how I did it -- the process ;)

First unscrew the seat and check out the foam and batting, replace if not in good condition.  Remove old covering.  I used staples and hot glue last time.

You may need a utility knife or something like it.

Now figure out what part of print you want to center.  Using a stripe or damask is easier you just make a template using the batting piece, or the wood bottom.  Of course, I cut out a piece, then I changed my mind about the centering of the print - doh!

To cut the second piece of a large print, it's most accurate if you lay the first piece on top and match it all around.  I turned up a corner so you could see the top piece.

The next part is the trickiest.  You pull the fabric and glue it or staple it to the wood.  This is where you do quite a bit of swearing and finger burning.  To make things extra challenging, you can cut you piece a little small like I did and do a lot of swearing and burning.    I did learn that regular fabric has a lot more stretch than home dec fabric, but I really wanted to use this print, so I dealt.

Is it pretty?  No.  Does it work?  Yes


Thank you to Liz for the wonderful package from GivetheseGirlsaGo.  They have a blog with wonderful crafty things and those girls look like a lot of fun!  I won a give away (this is my last of 4 recent wins - what? I know, too lucky lately.)

How cute is that handmade card and those gift tags?

These are "rat tails".  I've never seen or heard of them.  They don't fray - awesome!

And finally these beautiful Kaffe fabrics - thanks girls!!  I'm still planning to make your little birdy cabinet!

After just dropping of husband and son for a 10 day sailing trip, they are doing the Chicago - Mackinaw Island Yacht Race - it's going to be girl time here with Hanna and coco.  Girl food, Girl TV, Girl Fun.

I hope you have a fun weekend too~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Go Clean Your Room!

Thank You Meredith!

I received this give away gift last week and it really made my day!  If you haven't seen her blog, check it out here, she is always working on something wonderful.

 It came wrapped in this bubble wrap, which gave me a smile!

On the very first page was the original quilt that my Supercalifragilisticexpialidocous was inspired by.  I've never seen it in color - I was over the moon!!

I have an unusual sewing room, in that it is part of a 3rd floor "in-law suite" that was added to my 1950's split level about 10 years ago.  We have a bedroom, sitting room, large bath and a kitchen up there (no stove hookup, just electrical and water).  I have transformed into a sewing room.  I'll do a more proper tour soon - it's a great way to store everything!

Okay, I've been busy in the sewing room, running in and out, setting things down, looking for things, but Seriously...?


This is better -

Seriously, better...

I finished my lamby needle punch this way -
I tried several trims, but in the end used black wool felt to frame it and affixed it to this little (fake) Nantucket basket.  I  used Sobo glue, which can be found at art supply stores.  Its a great fabric glue that dries clear. 

I just finger paint it on, and then carefully cut it out after it has dried completely. 

 Luckily coco was there to guard my tape and glue drawer.

Finally I picked this up in New York City on Saturday while on an outing with my Daughter.  We visited Dylan's Candy Bar, which is a 2 story candy store on the upper east side.  It's sweets heaven!

 I hope you have a sweet day!

p.s. anyone else using the new blogger?  Why my spacing doesn't match in the post to my composed article I don't know - darn it!  frustrating!
Finally I picked this up in New York City on Saturday while on an outing with my Daughter.  We visited Dylans Candy Bar, which is a 2 story candy store on the upper east side.  It's sweets heaven

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well, At Least It's Raining

Wow, it's been a long week!  We've been in the middle of a heat wave and drought.  No outdoor watering......all my beautiful gardens are sad, sad, sad.

Here is the progress on Mr. Lincoln.  I'm very happy with him.  I have at least another round to go, if not two, we'll see what the quilt wants to do.

Here is a needle punch that I worked on while my husband recovered from knee surgery last Wednesday.  We watched all 3 of the Lord of Rings movies - good for needle punching.  Most of the areas were done with 2 strands of floss in different colors.  It makes for a nice soft look, I think.

this is the back -

By the way, I do like the new Russian needle punchs' that I purchased.  They are easier to thread and seem to have a more consistent loop - or maybe that's me.

I'm not sure what this will end up being, but I suspect I'll affix it onto a basket.

Thank you Michelle!  I received this lovely prize from a recent giveaway on her blog.   It's a cute Santa pillow case kit - with everything needed, including a jingle bell!  The card is lovely too - thanks again.  Visit her blog to see what's she's up to.

Poor coco.   Adding to the otherwise difficult week is that coco went to the vet and found out that her internal stitches needed to be redone  :( 
We are now in week 3 trying to keep a 6 mos. lab quiet - huh?  In the meantime, I hurt my back lifting her in and out of the car - doh!
When it rains, it pours.

Not a happy girl.

Luckily I have fun sewing projects to work on and I'm going to Lancaster on Friday for a fun girlfriend day and fabric shopping.

Happy Wednesday and for our French friends - Happy July 14th, or Bastille Day.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Darn it Mr. Lincoln

Hi everyone from super hot NJ.  I usually spend a lot of summer hours sewing, but I haven't gotten in the groove yet this year, but here is what I'm working on today - Mr. Lincoln.

I'm old school.  I sketch, cut, audition, etc.  How do you design?  EQ?  The old fashioned way?  I think it's so interesting.

Here are my sketches for my Lincoln Challenge quilt that I'm doing with Jill and Susan.

Version I

Version II

The current version that I'm working on

Here are some blocks that I'm making.

And it took 2 sketches with notes to figure out the size I wanted.  I'm a very visual learner.  I don't even know what some of these notes mean now...

In a previous post there was a picture of this in the background and Quilt Hollow asked me about this collection.  These are darning eggs, used to darn sock and other garments.

Here are some of my favorites:
The bobber

Fancy silver handled darner

Pretty inlaid wood
This one has a light and dark side, to use on light or dark socks.  The handle is used for darning gloves.

These are marked "Dec. 18 1900" and have a metal ring for holding the item in place.

 An assortment of thimbles -

They need a little cleaning, the tiny one is from my mothers' Monopoly game from the 1950s.

What are you up to?