Wednesday, July 28, 2010

French House with Cherry Tree

Good Morning!

Sorry for yet, another blog make-over, I wanted a wider column and this one is the best solution - 

This is a little quilt I made in 2005.  I usually display it in the summer.  When I made it I was disappointed when the house turned out so normal looking as I had free pieced it.  So, the solution?  Make a whimsical  cherry tree  in the side yard.
Here is some of the machine quilting and the back.
Isn't this a funny Parisian print for the back?

So, I've been discussing things with Abe and here is where we are now.
I've sketched out the block I intend to use in the second round.  I've played around with many layouts but I like this one the best.  I have a growing pile of "nope" blocks, that don't play nicely with the quilt.

Here is how Jill's is progressing - great, isn't it?

Just received this book from Amazon used books (love that!).  This in definitely on my "life list" of things to make.  I am in the process of collecting books and images.
I would love to be able to cut my own pattern. So far I really like the look of this one -
I also loved this one.  My son plays the Ukulele and I love the drums in this modern version.

 And lastly, I picked up this step stool at Ikea.  It is fantastic.  Super sturdy and doesn't tip or slide.  Finally I can safely move things around on the design board, "it's a good thing" AMWS....



  1. I love that cute little house quilt. It's amazing that it came out so evenly and you weren't even trying. Abe is coming along nicely too!

  2. Isn't it just the way things work...if you wanted that house to be straight it would tip over! Really like the Abe quilts...

  3. I love how your Abe quilt is coming along. Can't wait to see the second row.

  4. I like the new look on the blog. You have a bit more elbow room?
    It's funny how your house didn't end up wonky? I think we get our eyes trained for accuracy and they make us cut and sew straight? The cherry tree adds that touch of whimsy that makes the quilt so fun!
    I LOVE the Abe quilt! Those log cabins arranged like that are wonderful, especially. :)

  5. Forgot to add..the key to the Hawaiian quilts is basting, basting, basting. :)

  6. Abe is looking wonderful!! I admire your taste in Hawaiian quilts, but designing the cutout must be the toughest part. I was never good at cutting snowflakes in school, were you? Michele

  7. Lots of lovely things to see. Your house looks great. Abe is coming along quite nicely - that is going to be an awesome quilt. I've been thinking about making a Hawaiian quilt too - it's been added to my long list of quilts to make after I read Jennifer Chiaverni's latest book.

  8. Abe is looking fantastic!!!

  9. I'm impressed! It ony took me about 2 months to figure out how to widen my blog text space!!! Your blog is always such a happy place to visit.
    I adore your little liberated house and cherry tree. Perfect for hanging in the summertime.
    So did you gals make a new deadline for next February for the Lincoln challenge? They both are terrific!

  10. I'm loving the Abe quilt. I can hardly wait to see what you have come up with for the second row.


  11. What a wonderful post loaded with great ideas! You and Abe are doing a fine job. And I love your cherry tree and newly covered chairs. You are really on a roll.
    Happy quilting to you!

  12. your Abe quilt is coming along , I really love what your doing with the quilt. So fun to see Jills too thanks for sharing. great use of that eagle fabric on Jills
    I love the way you used that coverlet fabric in the corners
    ah I bought some of that line and still haven't decided what to do with it.

    Hawaiian Quilt, a dream some day!
    hope your enjoying your "vacation" with your DD

  13. I love the house quilt, specially the cherry tree.

    Looking at some of those Hawian quilts, my first thought was about how much fiddly applique-ing there would be. I'd just never have the patience to do it.

  14. whee, cute little house quilt and that cherry tree is marvelous. Abe is looking good - love those log cabins.

  15. how did you make your design board? what is covering your wall? it looks so clean and wonderful!

  16. Hi Amelia -
    i hope you check back for the response, you have a "no-reply" on your comment and no profile for me to find you.
    My design board is made of 2 Tyvek housing insulation panels (from Home Depot, or the like) which are about 4' by 8'. They are covered with an off white queen sized flannel sheet and screwed to the wall.
    It is a wonderful design board and I can pin many layers when I need to.
    Thanks for your interest!

  17. I have a few patterns from a co. in Hawaii, Creative Stitches. One is a Pineapple. I've had them for a while and REALLY need to get one started... I made a log cabin block as an experiment for a border on the medallion style quilt (M&S fabrics w/basket in ctr) and now I see how you've done yours! I think it will work nicely. You always validate so many of my ideas that I question... thank you.


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