Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Test Pattern Finished!

 My Curves Quilt Along piece is finished - yay!

I went out on our balcony and took some early morning photos as you can see by my attire :)
I machine quilted it with an olive thread wich worked well over the solids.
I quilted in ditch first then I subdivided the space between the circles and I really like how it turned out.
I used this New York City themed fabric for the back.
I made this runner specifically for our TV console.   We have a big black TV and black soundbar on a black cabinet.  I think it breaks it up nicely.

I am preparing more samples for a workshop I'm teaching of my Pineapple Log Cabin. Nutmeg is a good supervisor, but I keep telling her - TOO CLOSE when she is on the ironing board.
My son, Andrew, is a new RN at Yale Hospital and is working nights, 7p-7:30a   ouch.  Here he is after a back to back weekend night shifts having a Guinness at 9am and about to have Irish Stew before hitting the sack.
I donated blood last week.  I'm lucky that it is easy for me to give and I like the snacks.
I've donated a gallon!  An added benefit is my blood is tested for covid-19 antibodies (which will show if I've had asymptomatic covid)  and I'm negative for the third time.
I'll leave you with these bluebirds at our feeder.   They come everyday and are a joy to see.  The photo was zoomed through the kitchen window so not the best.
Stay Safe and vigilant
vaccines are on their way and life we become more normal soon!  

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

humming along....

Greetings!  Here is my finished top for Curves Sew Along with Cecile.

I didn't really plan (nothing new there).  I just made blocks combining 2 solids.  I machine top stitch appliqued the circles.
I moved them around a zillion times.   I'm looking forward to machine quilting it.

Recently while waiting for my car tune up I did some doodling.  I would like to learn how to FMQ better and I've heard this is a good way to practice your eye hand coordination.

In crocheting news, you may have seen these 2 projects on IG.  I find both relaxing and challenging.

A hat for Andrew's Girlfriend.
A shawl for me.  It is called the virus shawl, but not because of covid, but because it grows and grows.  The yarn changes color all on its own color and is called "Lipstick on my Collar" so cute.
This past Saturday I attended a zoom workshop with Tara Faughnan.  
The morning was spent doing color exercises and discussing colors.
I had planned to use this soft pastel palette.   I cut 6" pieces of each. Notice the center area of this arrangement.
I sewing a few random strip sets and quickly decided that it looked like Demented Easter.  yuk
I quickly changed gears to an analogous color scheme.   I'm calling it the Cantaloupe quilt at the moment.
Amazing how perfectly Mother Nature nailed this analogous scheme!!

What do you think?   Like it?  Hate it?  all views are welcome here.  I am using about half of the color wheel from medium orange through medium blue green.
Mr. Fun and I quietly celebrated our 34th Wedding Anniversary on February 14th with a great pasta dinner and bubbly.    Costo roses were $14.99 for a dozen!  I took this photo on my Iphone with the portrait setting on Saturday.
They have opened beautifully.  This how they look this morning.
I think coco has the right idea; find a quilt and nap your way through a covid February.
Snuggle up and stay warm and safe friends.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Old Man Winter

 Tea at Downton Abbey Finished - 40" square

This was a mystery quilt project with the Ninigret Quilters guild.     Here I am holding it in July.   These seems years ago, not months.
Our balcony looks like this now!
I used a beautiful pillar print on the back.  I had to piece it very imperfectly.
In keeping with the Tea theme, I quilted it with the tea cup pattern.
I use my walking foot and serpentined one way and then the other to create this pattern.
I get a bobble once in a while and some I do over if they are really noticeable.
I quilted straight lines in the border and followed the pretty fabric pattern for the borders.
I used a pre-printed label.
I am still making these circle blocks for Cecile's sew along.  This time I tried to make them with low contrast which is not my usual style.
I am also working on my Whig Rose hand quilting.  Those triangles are super slow going.
This weekend I'm taking a Tara Faughan workshop.  I am going to work outside my box again with this pastel pallet.  
Believe it or not, it is snowing again today.  We got 6 inches on Sunday.   Pretty.
Old Man Winter is here to stay for a while!
Stay Warm and Stay Well.