Friday, October 27, 2017

Baskets - Sew With Us!

Surprise!  Happy Friday Post!
After seeing Julie H's antique quilt in Ann Arbor,  Kelly (Pinkadot) and I decided to make some and do them in our own style and size.
We're inviting everyone who would like to make some to join in the fun.  This isn't a formal Sew Along - but more like a Sew With Us.

Kelly is doing bright solids with a 5" block.  She's calling them Baby Baskets.  Aren't they sweet!
I'm making mine like Julie's antique with muslin and 2 (or 3) prints.
My blocks are going to finish around 6 1/4".
Here is my little tutorial - use your favorite methods.
I'm using the easy eight method click here to see how it works.
My easy eight square size is 5" x 5" which requires trimming of the 8 HST.

I like to lay the pieces out by my machine before I sew.
I'm pressing the way it wants to go and then I'm grading the seam.which means cutting the dark fabric back to 1/8" to reduce shadowing and bulk.
which means cutting the dark fabric back to 1/8" to reduce shadowing and bulk.
After each piecing step I carefully lay the block out - ooops.  Clearly I was paying more attention to Scandal on TV.
 Well, I did stitch it just like I had laid it out.....
After ripping off the top and sewing back on, I realized I put in on the basket bottom - aaarrrgggg - pppppffffffftttt
When you make 3 piecing errors within 1 hour.  It's time to call it a day.
Here is a little hint as to where I'm going with this project.  Yes, I'm going to combine my FWB Swap Bow Tie blocks and the new basket blocks - wee!
Kelly and I hope you feel inspired to try a few of these wonderful basket blocks.  Let us know by posting in FB, IG or blog with #basketswu.

Happy Friday and Happy Basket Sewing

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Historic Giveaway

Part of my busy fall schedule included attending the American Quilt Study Group Seminar in Manchester, NH.  It is a wonderful organization that concentrates on American Quilts through study and research.
To celebrate my first seminar, I'm giving away my Windham Fabric favor, the seminar book, so you can see what kind of events are included, a NH quilt card and a one yard piece of George Washington fabric.

AQSG Seminar - New Hampshire
The Bed Turning event on Thursday was absolutely wonderful.  Eight tables of quilts hosted by the owners who provided details.
Here is Wendy (Constant Quilter) and Cindi (Busy Thimble) at their table of Maine quilts.  Thank you ladies they were fabulous!
I had to laugh, Wendy did a post with no photos, but she is in nearly everyone of mine, ha ha.

Here are some of the quilts we enjoyed~
A small group of us visited the Manchester Historical Association to look at their swatch books.
Prepare yourself - this is what I came for.......
I was obsessed with this line of Grant/Wilson fabric.
Note the eyeglasses in the border along with Grant's initials.
 His coat, and beets (?) and read the words -
Wendy wrote in her comment:  I think the coat and hatchets were from the Horace Greeley fabric who ran against Grant & Wilson. He is the one who wrote the booklet "What I know About Farming". 
"Let us Have Peace" 
Hatchet, scythe, top hat, glasses and initials -aaaahhhhh!!  so good!
 I almost fainted from delight in seeing this fabric.

The live auction was on Saturday.  I loved this one - but it got away.
 Awesome blocks.  I've seen this many times in antique quilts.
 Here is the one that I got - a great folk art 4-block summer spread.  I'll share a better photo when it stops raining here in CT.
Since my regional group hosted I helped out where I could.  Here are the co-chairs (over my right shoulder) Marge and Anita.  They did a fabulous job.  Also in the photo are Wendy and Barb G from my former NJ regional group.  
We were sorting over 400 items of the silent auction.  I'll share more about that next time.

Here is the start of my basket project.  Feel like making some baskets?

Leave a comment to enter the Historic Giveaway!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dear Doreen!

What a wonderful visit to Virginia and the Centreville Quilters Unlimited Guild.  I stayed with long time blog friend, Aunt Reen, in her beautiful country home.   She wrote a sweet post about the visit here.
Doreen and I quickly became great friends and we truly are kindred spirits.  She is the sister I wish I had.  Maybe I'll adopt her.

Here is Doreen's incredible Modern Dear Jane quilt.  She is internationally known for her incredible and innovative 13 month DJ program.  She has guided hundreds of women to compete this amazing quilt. 
 This quilt was selected by Brenda Papadakis for the Special Dear Jane Exhibit at the Vermont Quilt Festival in 2013.  Here is a link to see some of the incredible quilts.

Doreen hosted her sewing bee while I was there and they were an amazing group of talented and friendly ladies.   Here are just a few photos from show and tell.
 As usual I got so into the quilts that I forgot to take more photos - darn!!
The Hex workshop was great.  Look how hard they are all working learning the whip stitch.
After all our events were over, we celebrated Friday the 13th at a charming local pub.  I miss you already Doreen!

Quiltyfolk is a fabulous magazine and you can get the first issue reprint here.   They are also offering single issues at half price, with free shipping with new subscriptions.   Christmas is coming...... 
 I'm off today for the ASQG Seminar in New Hampshire.  I used my old stamping supplies to make labels for my centerpieces.  It was easy and fun.
Have a great week!