Friday, November 20, 2020

Kitchen Sink Finish

 "Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?"   That is the silly name of this quilt.  It finishes at 40" x 40".

  I started it in a Maria Shell's workshop. I have worked with orphan blocks many times so am very comfortable with the process.

I used swap blocks from 3 of my swaps; the Broken Dishes, the Churn Dash and the Star Blocks.  Can you find your block?I used black and white prints to pull it all together.
As I was watching Election returns, the quilting got very busy and noisy and confused.......

I pieced a backing.  Here is a very crooked photo, lol
I used the rest of this panel.   how funny is this section?
I tried out a new 3-D face mask.    I really like it because it allows room for talking and breathing and it help cut down fog on my glasses.  I used the Large Pattern.
If you want to try this one, here is the link for the patterns and a good YouTube tutorial

Happy Friday Everyone!
Stay Calm
Stay Well

Friday, November 13, 2020

Stay Calm

Stay Calm and Quilt On.  Many thanks for your kind comments about Nutmeg and her big adventure.
I took this photo last week in the early morning.  Mother Nature is amazing and I feel so grateful when I see her quiet beauty on full display.

I've been busy with all sorts of projects and I'm winding down my speaking and teaching schedule for 2020.

I shared my Scrap Secrets lecture taught my EPP Hex workshop with Colonial Quilters of Williamsburg.   They were very warm and welcoming as have all the groups I have visited.  Thank you all!

Here is my new project for teaching.
My theme fabric is the Ghastlies.  They crack me up.  Sadly they also seem to reflect the mood of a lot people I see.
It worked out really well on ZOOM, but I really miss teaching in person.
I'm booking 2021 and beyond so if you have a guild, feel free to pass on a link to my webpage (it redirects here where all the info can be found.)

I'm continuing to hand quilt my Whig Rose and will take some photos this weekend to share next week.  Nutmeg is obsessed with this quilt. 
 knock knock who's there?
Oh, it's you again.  She loves dark caves of any kind.  Monster.
I am finishing up my machine quilting on my Kitchen Sink quilt.
The more election returns I watched the crazier the quilting became. Noise, noise, noise.  Meanwhile the Virus spreads unmitigated. 
How am I feeling about the Election?  
I'm glad it is over.  
Stay Calm
Stay Home
Stay Well
Quilt On

Friday, November 6, 2020

Cat in a Tree

 As a distraction from the Election,  I'm sharing the drama that played out last week with Nutmeg. 

It started  last Wednesday (10/28) evening.  Nutmeg usually goes out on the deck for a little while after dinner.  But she didn't come in.  I went out and called for her and finally heard her meowing up on the ledge in our front yard.

At 10 pm we found her 40 feet up in the air.   It was raining lightly and we called and called her.   She seemed too scared to try to come down.  We finally went in about 12:30 heart sick and scared.

We called the non-emergency line for the police and fireman.  They DO NOT rescue cats from trees.  

Here she is in the morning in the rain.  Still up in the air.  It was heartbreaking and we felt so helpless.

I took this video for Hanna.  She sounds so pitiful. 
We made dozens of calls including the Connecticut Climbing Club.  We went to REI and bought climbing equipment in case we had to do it ourselves.   We also looked into renting a lift but the ground is uneven and access isn't good. 

He can see her little head in the circle.

FINALLY an arborist said he's come and take a look. 

He agreed to go up.  He was very quiet and kind.  Here is about 4 feet off the ground.
He worked his way up talking very calmly to Nutmeg.  He also wore leather gloves because cat bites are no joke.
We stood by with a big sheet in case she freaked and jumped.....

We gave Mike a soft handled clothes hamper.  He was able to grab her and get in the bag and lower it gently to me.
Yay!  rescued!  We offered to pay Mike for his trouble and time and wouldn't accept it.  He said he has been doing this for 30 years and never takes a penny.  This renewed my faith in the kindness of people.
I have to tell you I sobbed with relief.  It was 16 long hours and I had no idea how it would end.  She was soaked to the skin.

Within a couple of hours, she was like "what?  what's the big deal"?
Did you know that I cat will stay in a tree for up to a week and then come down?  I can not imagine.

She did spend a lot time catching up on sleep.
And she stayed a little closer to me for a few days.
Does she feel bad?  No
Is she trying to go outside everyday?  Yes.
Is she the worst?  Yes
Do I adore her?  Absolutely.
Happy Friday.
Take Care.
Be Kind.