Monday, September 28, 2020


 Thank you so much for your kind wishes for a fast recovery from Lyme's Disease.   It is getting better just in the last few days.

I finished this table runner to use on my Zoom table in my sewing room.

When not zooming, it is a great little table for laying out blocks or cutting.

This was a sew along with my Ninigret Quilt Guild.  Thank you Tina and Sharon!  We used Kari's sew along instructions you can find them here.

I low volume prints with lots of sewing themes.

the pattern had 10 different layouts of the block, but I mixed it up and many many versions.

My friends Joe,  Pauline and I tried to figure out how many combinations you can make with these subcut parts to make a 6" block.

In the end we decided A LOT!!

I really wanted to get back to my sewing machine, so I set up my area so I wouldn't have to get up (counter to how I usually sew).

Using my little table, gave me the idea to custom make this size.
I marked it on a 45 degree angle and made uneven parallel quilting lines.  Isn't this the cutest sheep fabric?
I had this pretty variegated thread that  thought added a little fun.

This is how I attach a single fold binding.  I have a tutorial on a tab on the top of my page.  
Here is what you DON'T want to do.  I forgot to plot out my corners and ended up with a connection seam right at a mitered corner - oooops.  I muscled through it.
I use just a tiny bit of school glue to hold it down.
This time I machine stitched it down.  I stitched from the front right next to the binding, and is was very close at some points.   I used a 1 1/2"  strip, but would 1 3/4" next time.
I wound the batting and backing trimmings into a rag ball and made a little mug rug with some leftovers.  The selvage of the lamby fabric had little bunnies on it - too cute.
Thanks I'm grateful for this week:

My new Singer 301!  I have named her Betty.  Everyone on IG said this is a fabulous machine.  I still haven't really tried her out yet.

I met Betsy in town for the sale.  Thank you Betsy!  It was great to see you, if only briefly.  I hope you had a great time in NH.

Grateful for this wonderful surprise care package from Rondi.  It was full of so many fun goodies.   Thank you for your thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness.
For my son, Andrew, who graduated from nursing school with honors.  He also "unofficially" passed his NCLEX nurse licensing test in the least amount of questions:  60.

The world will be better with a nurse like him!

Have a great week.  

I'll be here doing my "Homework"

Friday, September 18, 2020

Drat! Lyme's Disease!

Happy Friday?  I was diagnosed yesterday with Lyme's Disease.  The upside?  I went to my DR right away when I knew something was wrong and I got a fast diagnosis and I'm on a 3 week treatment regiment. 

Last weekend I participated in an Zoom workshop with Maria Shell provided by Vermont Quilt Festival and here is my project so far.  The yellow notes are the width of the columns that I want - yes I did make a big boo boo before I added the notes, lol.
Here was my color inspiration.    Lobster buoys.  Aren't they fun? 
Each lobster fisher-person has a unique color buoy. 
Here is the pallet I selected
A little sketch of an idea I had for me piece.

We didn't sew at all the first day during the 3 hour workshop, so I got busy after the class and started in.

Here are the first blocks I made.  Maria calls these Short Rows.

Then I made a snake with the leftovers.... each color is attached to a black bit and a white bit.

Day 1

Day 2 Blocks.

Tiny Crosses - you'll notice I used some leftover trimmings here and there.

Here is a block I've named "venetian blind".  You can see it, right?
Here is another set of blocks I created and I'm calling these roadway/walkways.

My favorite block of Maria's is one she calls cave/canyon.  I find it very intriguing.  It is a log cabin variation.
Here are my ZOOM pros and cons:

no travel (or travel expenses)
no packing my stuff
no packing my machine
Having all my good sewing stuff right with me
No pressure or competition with other students

no travel opportunities
no being with my friends
no interaction with the instructor
no meeting new quilters
no benefit of seeing other students work 

Have you taken a ZOOM workshop?  what did you think?

I may try an hour of sewing at the machine today before returning to my chair for rest and hand quilting.

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Blurrsday? Already?

This week I'm back in the sewing room working on a fun new liberated basket project.
I love this process of making each basket with no pattern.
I'm using beautiful Indigo and Woven Japanese fabrics that Gladi sent me as a thank you for some fabric I sent her.  I got the better end of that deal.  She has wonderful blog you can see here.
I made these on Tuesday afternoon and was disappointed with the lack of contrast.  Everyone on Instagram thinks they are black and they do look black!
I made six more blocks yesterday on a light cheddar color.  (seen here under a very bright light).
It is so fun to make different shaped baskets.
I added this little fishy as a band on this basket.
I am using a quick method of top stitch applique' for the handles.
I had no intention of combining these blocks but while waiting to join a Zoom with friends, I arranged them on my wall and what they heck?  I like it!  Do you?   Stay tuned I plan to add more liberated blocks.

Quilting update:
 I'm quilting along on my Whig Rose when I can.
Here is the back.  I have just started my third block of outline stitching.
Here is the section where I've filled in the background cross-hatching.
Here is a little marker so I remember where I left off.  It is just a ribbon on a safety pin.
I've had my head down putting the final touches on my new Lecture:  Sensational Solids.   Which I'll be sharing Monday night with the Pen Oaks Guild.  Looking forward to it!
You can see a description at the top of the page on the Lectures/Workshops tab.  Your guild can contact me for information on my  ZOOM programs.

Please visit Janet's blog post about kindness and Loving your Neighbor.  I was so touched by her remarks and I think you will be.

Here is my quilt "Won't You Be My Neighbor".
In my quilt, and in my life I welcome anyone to be neighbor.  I make an extra effort when I do go out to be kind and thankful to all the people working in grocery stores, drug stores, post offect, doctors offices, etc.  There is no such thing as being too Kind.

I'm taking a morning workshop Saturday and then a 2-day workshop Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Should be fun!

Have a Happy Blurrsday.