Friday, August 30, 2013

Forced Integration

Happy Friday!

This week, I finally sewed in my sewing room.  It made me feel home at last.

Here is my closet.  It's not perfectly folded, but I know what is in there.
I've decided to apply forced integration with my fabric stash.  I used to keep them segregated.  Now modern, repro, toile' and florals all live together.  I do have Halloween and Christmas separate.   How do you organize your fabrics?

I installed a high shelf for lesser used stuff.

I've started a new project!  Here is a sneak peak:  Lavender!  (on a temporary design wall aka; a flannel backed table cloth)  Inspiration and purpose can be found here.

I'm making 2 HST at a time.  For whatever reason, I don't like trimming the dog ears after I sew.  I decided to clip before I press.  It works great for me.

Now these are scraps too small to use.

On the advice of my friend Susan, I am starching my fabric for this project with Linit liquid starch.  I'm doing it in batches in the kitchen sink.  After soaking and wringing, I air dry it for about 30  minutes then iron dry.

Here is my new laundry closet.  I corralled all my baskets into one area and put them to storage use.  I'd love to get in there and wallpaper, but that is a "level 4" improvement".....

Aaahhhh, set up for sewing again.  Watching Breaking Bad on my lap top until my TV gets hooked up.

Side project - little 2" four patches.  I guess I was engrossed when I made that renegade block... I'm keeping it!

Happy Labor Day and I hope the only laboring you do is creative :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fun For Friday - Maybe.....

Fun?  What is that?
Barb?  Who is she?
Friday?  Not Yet.

That is a little how my life feels after a very, very busy summer.

I'm doing a little house update and tour today, so if that's not your thing, tune in next time when maybe I'll have something quilt related to share.

Here is one of my favorite spots.  It is an outdoor balcony off our family room.

I dream of sitting out here sewing and watching the hummingbirds one day.

I found a great place to hang the hand cut silhouettes of the kids.  They are facing their designated rooms here.  They were 6 and 1 when they were done.  They are now 24 and 20.  That is a bath between the 2 bedrooms.

and finally progress in the Sewing Room!  Hooray!!

A little nook for the big ironing board.

This is a big closet - BEFORE photo.  I'm putting up shelving this weekend.

Ikea shelving that Rich built for me - 

Cutting table. filing cabinet and machine.

Now here's something really funny.  We ordered a media center from a catalog.
We measured carefully and thought it was the answer to all our storage prayers.
Are you SERIOUS?  The guys who delivered and assembled it said "too big? no problem just return it." Then they left.

We'll have to see how this one ends.  Wish me luck.  I will NEVER order furniture like this on line again!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

FFF - There's No Place Like Home - Alice Payne

Happy Friday!

This is a busy post and I hope there is something for everyone.

I received an incredible Birthday gift from my beloved friend Mary;  The Alice Payne Album Quilt:

And here we are.  We've been close friends and confidants for over 20 years.

This quilt was purchased at America Hurrah in New York City on May 9, 1996.   It has been published in the 1997 Engagement Calendar and the American Life Magazine.

This is one of my favorite blocks.  It has a reversed appliqu├ęd tiny eye and disintegrating black chain stitching from the beak.

This strawberry block has a center inscription that says:
"Jan 2 1856
Alice M Payne
her quilt in the 21 year of her age"

This block has the inscription:
"It is finish
It is finish 1858"

It was made in Pennsylvania, which makes me wonder of she was German.  I love the Bullseye block too.

Here is the setting behind our eating area in the kitchen.

And this is photo taken in natural light.

I had my first luncheon with NJ quilt friends on Wednesday.  Now it really feels like home here in CT.

Among the lovely housewarming gifts I received was a solar powered dancing butterfly and this ceramic snail that Norma (pictured behind me on the right) made.  I've named him Mr. Slugworth from the Willy Wonka movie.

For the foodies, I made this Loaded Baked Potato salad.  You can click HERE for the recipe.

Next time I'll share how I prepared the antique quilt for hanging.

Hope you had a fun week and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

FFF - Random Stuff

Hello out there....anyone home?  It seems very quiet in Bloglandia.

I finished my little cathedral Window dolly quilt - or so I thought.

I feel it would be better looking on my little bed if it was just a few rows bigger.  Easier said than done~

On the home front - here is a mountain of empty boxes.  It is literally the size of a SUV.   Our refuse service will do one free pick up to recycle, so we're holding off until we're done.  Goal; next Friday.

I have a many walls that currently look like this:

Interestingly these are the same background wall colors and also the same sample colors.  This is why it's important to do different walls and look at different times of day and lighting.

And finally.   I am a self admitted stamp nerd and here are the new offerings from the U.S. Post office:

Johnny Cash; love him.  Emancipation Proclamation; Abe Lincoln love.  Lighthouses; live in a shore town now.  Yea!

I'll be back soon with a new quilty tool and a newly acquired antique quilt to share.