Friday, August 20, 2021

Dog Dayz

I don't have a big project in the works so I'm playing with these circles sent by my quilt buddy Wendy of The Constant Quilter.  Use the link to see her project.

These are the circles trimmed out after appliquing.  Here is a photo from her blog.  Wendy does everything so neatly!
  All the fabrics are designed by Betsy Chutchian.
I considered several options for these little beauties.  I decided to use solid fabrics and picked cheddar and red.  A natural, right?  

I'm gathering them around 1 3/4" paper circles from  I starch them to hold the finished edge.
I am glue basting them onto 3 1/2" background squares.  I only use little dots.  You don't need much.
I made a CutRite Heavy Duty Freezer Paper mask in order to center the circles.  (you can see the product here and its available on Amazon).  Thank you, Sharon, for telling me about this!
Those photo shows the circle placed inside my template. It is on top of the yellow background square which you can't see because I liked it up perfectly 😁 I hold the circle with my finger, then remove the paper.
I press with hot dry iron to set the glue.
Nutmeg watches over my used paper circles.  Thanks Nutmeg!
I dry press them to use again.
Here is a batch all ready to applique'.  Can I tell you again that glue basting for applque has changed my life?   Have you tried it? 
Summer Recipe: Perfect for August
It uses cherry tomatoes and I like to use several varieties.  It is easy and keeps in the refrigerator for several days.  You can also use it as spread for toaster bread.
All you need is cherry tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes.
There is so much upsetting news in the world at the moment.
I am trying to stay calm with simple sewing and simple foods. 
I wish you all the same.  
Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Town so Nice they Named it Twice

 New York,  New York.   I took a one day trip last week to NYC.
I took an early train with Mr. Fun who goes to the office about once a week.  I look like "take your munchkin to work day".   We come from the boonies of CT and the train fills up more as we get closer.
Does your starbucks sound like this first thing in the morning?  Are we in a club?  They shout the names through their masks and you can not hear them. lololol
The Plaza outside his building was beautiful.
First Stop:  Moma  ( I really wanted to go to the Met but they are closed on Tues & Weds).

Favorite Paintings of the Day.
I took myself to lunch on the 6th floor terrace.  I had a little sparrow for a friend.
Next Up:  Central Park Zoo  
I watched the famous Delacroix Clock with dancing animals.  I've always loved this famous clock.
Beautiful flowers in the zoo.
I strolled through Central Park - past The Mall Literary Walk.
I visited the Lincoln Center Folk Art Museum Gallery.  On display:  Weathervanes.
Beautiful Flowers at Lincoln Center.
I met Rich for dinner at one of our upper west side favorites, Fiorello's.
Mmmmmm delicious after 9 miles of walking!
Grand Central Station Celestial Ceiling.   Off for home on the choo choo again.
Thanks for visiting New York, New York with me!  
I hope you are getting out and about and staying safe and well.