Thursday, April 30, 2015

Boy Quilt Finished!

Hip Hip Hooray.  I finished the boy quilt AND it's almost Friday so I have a lot fun to share.

Finished Size is 52" x 70"

I'll let you know who it was for after it is delivered.

As far as the fusible batting goes, I loved it!  Against all odds as I was prepared to not like it.  I wouldn't use on a quilt larger than my big ironing board is wide, but I will use it on smaller quilts and wall quilts.

I quilted all the 4" squares, then through the middle of the zigs and the zags.

I approached each border differently according to their printed designs.  I love the star binding.

It was a pleasure not have the pins.  It was a bit stiff to start but got much much better as I worked with it.  The Steady Betty hand grips really helped move it along.

Susan gave them to me and the package looks like this.  I'm sure it is widely available on line.

I'm sure glad I remember to throw a couple of these in - look at all that red.

There were zero pleats on the back which I was a little worried about with the fusible batt.  I used this dark red toile'.

My babies are back!  I've had the feeder ready for 2 weeks.

Don't mind if I do....

Saturday is the Run for the Roses!  I love to watch this springtime ritual on TV which is held in  Kentucky (once all the quilters leave).

I'm rooting for Gary Stevens.  He is my age at 52 and riding Firing Line.  Hey Kelly, don't you love his Pinkadot silk?

How about a pop up giveaway?  I'm offering this book of inspiration and creativity, some left overs from this quilt and a chocolate bar to those who are still here.

To enter, please follow me on Bloglovin (hit the button on the right), even if you already follow me on Google.  Also tell me your all time favorite novel and what you are currently reading.

To be fair my favorite novel is
and I'm currently reading

I'll pick a name and announce Tuesday morning and ship anywhere in the whole wide world.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Quilt Week - Paducah 2015

I had such a great time and felt so fortunate to go to the "big show" with my dear friend, Mary.

Here is our trip in review:

 I got a great spot just off the "winners circle".

I really really liked these 2 quilts
 The minis were incredible!

You can see the winners on the AQS site here.

We went to a great Red & White lecture.

I met two really fun women who read FWB and follow on IG.  I could have hung out with them all day!

Here are the blog friends I met.

Kevin of Kevin the Quilter.  It was really fun to talk quilts with him.  His quilt made it into the show book and looked amazing in the show.   Jump over to his blog to see lots of great quilt photos from the show!
Kim of Pokeytown Kim.  She was sitting right in front of me at the R&W lecture.  She had the best top on!   It was fun to finally meet her in person.
And Cecile of Patchwork Inspiraitons.  We are new blog friends.  She came over from France and was just so sweet to make time to meet me.  Her English was excellent.
Cecile brought me this beautiful butterfly and 2 fancy liquor filled chocolate bars (she so gets me).  Mary and I had a nice little party.

Speaking of food - the trucks had all my favorites!

We found great BBQ buffet

Be still my heart (literally) funnel cakes and lemonade.

We saw the lovely antique Hexie collection by Mary Kerr.

We went to an amazing lecture by Gerald Roy.  They were all tops and were soooooo good.

This was the view of our last dinner at the Yatch Club where we stay.

Being there with Mary made it such a special week for me

If you have a chance, grab a quilt buddy and enjoy QuiltWeek in Paducah. You'll be glad you did!  Thanks for coming along with us.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

FFF - Spring Fun!

Yes, I know it's Saturday, but yesterday was one of those days.

Spring has finally arrived in Connecticut!!  Hip Hip Hooray! What a joy to swing the door open wide and let the fresh air in.

While turning and watering my pansies I notice a little insect on the stoop.  I almost stepped on it.

What a miracle of nature.  It is a baby praying mantis.  Soooo tiny!

I used a leaf to pick him up and put him in my flower pot so coco wouldn't step or lay on him.  It was near the stoop that I found an adult one last fall.

I changed my funky paint-by-number art in my powder room from the winter "buck" scene -
 to my spring swan scene.

Mr. Fun thinks these are trashy, but I love them.  Look at this funny painting mistake under the swans neck.  Surely it was supposed to be blue.

I bought a great batch of fun stamps on line from USPS.  No extra charge and no shipping.

A friend asked me to share her Granddaughter's Theme Park Teen blog.  This young lady is an excellent writer and offers a lot of great information to anyone visiting a theme Park.

She has also opened her own Etsy shop.   Good Luck Megan!

Oh, how will ever live without my Mad Men!?!  Only 4 episodes left.  Last Sunday I spied this 1950s, polyester, yarn tied patchwork quilt.

Fabric APB Alert!!!  Please check your fabric stash for my friend, Barbara.  this is what she is looking for.  You can see her post with details here.

I've started quilting on the Boy Quilt and it is going really well.  I'll make a full report soon.  I'm off to the "big show" in Paducah next week.

Have a Fun Weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Back to the Sewing Room

Aaahhhh, that's better.  I've been able to spend 2 afternoons in the sewing room and was wonderful.

Here is my basted "boy" quilt.  Notice anything funny?   Where are PINS?

I accidentally bought this batting (or they accidentally put in my order).  It's FUSIBLE batting.   I used it on a very small piece and decided to try it on this lap quilt.

Have you used this?  What did you think?  I'd love to hear your opinions.

I bought these clips at Lowe's to aid in all the pin basting I'll be doing soon. They are much easier to open/close than binder clips, but they hang off the table a lot, so I'm not sure about them yet.

See how bulky they are?  :(
You would think I would have opened only one package....arrrggg.

According to directions you "simply" fuse all three layers with a hot iron.  I did it one section at a time and was lucky that the top fit perfectly on the width.  The back had a lot of wrinkling, despite going slow and being extra careful. 

Funny when you work slowly and closely on something.  What happened to this block?  How did I not notice it until now??  It's staying, of course.

I've been using this toile' in different colors for years and never noticed that Judy's name is on the building!

I received some very special quilty gifts recently.  This is a crystal thimble and is absolutely beautiful (and heavy).

Here you can see the size and facets.  Beautiful.   What a lovely gift for a quilter.

I also received these Coats thread collections for sewing on the go.  They have 288 strands braided together and you pull out 1 at a time.  Super cute tissues for my sewing kit.  Thank you so much MC.

I'd like to say a special thank you to the Brownstone Quilters for their warm welcome home.  Thank you to those who attended my lecture and/or workshop.   I had a great time and can't wait to see your Hex blocks!