Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Now where was I?

Oh yes, still stitching clams for the Birdie border on my Medallion Quilt.  Three down, with only one to go - woo hoo!
Hint~  I find the best way to press applique' with a clear water spritz, right side down on top of a clean bath towel.  

This way your pretty applique won't get flattened as you can see below.
I use a print out of my design as a road map.  It helps with color placement when things have been "simmering" a while.   I spy George and Abe tee hee.
It is a little like dealing cards finding the right placement for the little clams.

Using a long banquet table works great for this kind of prep.

OBW update (it's a good news/bad news situation)

I made it 90% through the second marking of my OBW and realized it is off again (did you hear my wailing and gnashing of teeth?.   I then had a "ah ha" moment and realized it is the wrong design so I have a new plan and will share it soon.  This is getting boring at the this point.

On to the borders.  I'm using a portion of my newest fan stencil.  It is "Snowflower and the Secret Fan" after all......
Hint~  when you're only using a portion of a large stencil, mask off the area you don't want mark.
It also really helps to keep things straight.  Of course you have to put the tape on straight ha ha ha - you get me.
I have had the sweetest nectarines this summer.  I found this great recipe for a cobbler to take to quilt friends for a sew day.
Have a wonderful Week!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bingo, Blunder, Boats and Birds

I have a funny post today with nothing much, especially if you follow me on IG which I hope you do.

First an oldie but a goodie and never shared before.
Fairy Mini Quilt - just 11" x 11"
The center was inked by an Illinois friend, Laurie P.  I paper pieced the borders from a Kathleen Brooks pattern.
 Another early epic fail of labeling but it says 1996 on the front.
I had a marking plan and even bought juicy new water soluble pens (which worked against me).

I am using the Tea Cup design.  Perfect for an Asian quilt, right friends?
Well, in my excitement, I picked up a pen and just went at it, picking a random area to start.  In no time I was off my markings....which was very evident by looking at the seam lines on the quilt.
I share this in the hopes you don't make this mistake.  Marking should line up in some way with the seams.  I didn't think about this pitfall until it was too late.  Worse yet, I kept marking thinking I could fix it.  ha ha ha the quilt Gods laughed.
It took many many sprayings to remove the juicy dark lines and by then I lost my flat quilt top - but I repressed/starched yesterday and I think it will be okay.  Keep a good thought for me and this quilt.

Mr. Fun crewed on his 24th Chicago to Mackinac Yacht Race last weekend on his childhood friend's boat.  I tracked it at home on an app. It was fun to watch the fleet progress up Lake Michigan.
 For the first time, Slapshot won a flag by finishing 3rd in their class, J109!  Congrats to all the crew aboard and the Skipper Scott.
This hummer was at the kitchen sink window feeder. Check out those sweet feathers on her  legs.
She hears or sees me - clever girl.
 Here is my Nyger Thistle feeder, which the house finches just love.
I'm caught again!
 I'm taking these through the window, but they still catch it.
B I N G O !!!
Don't laugh, but this was a life dream.   To play at a big hall bingo at Foxwoods. There were about 4000 people and we played 34 games with 9-card sheets. We didn't win, but we had a great time and will go again!
Thats about all I got this week.   Hope you have a fun week.

p.s. one more thing to be happy about - Winter is here.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

This is the name I have decided to give my One Block Wonder. I finished the top yesterday - Banzai!
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is one of my 3 favorite books.  I wept the first time I read it.  I met the author, Lisa See, at a Author Luncheon many years ago.  I met her one on one for a few minutes in the ladies room of all places and had a short chat.
She is a lovely lady and I have read all of her books and especially like the Joy books and her latest~
I used 3 different black on black prints that had an Asian look from my stash.
I added a plain border to the left side to highlight the fabric.  I did piece it so I could include the best bits.  I think once quilted it will be hard to see the seams (I hope).
Adding this strip also made the quilt more square, which to me has a more Asian look.  I just made that up, but I think its true, do you?

Here is an earlier iteration.  This is how I envisioned handing the borders.....but it didn't work for me.
This was some really picky piecing (which is not my strong suit).  I used aLOT of starch.
 I added 5 borders, but I sewed on 8 do the math, lol
I have a plan for the machine quilting with silk thread.
Thank you for taking my Presidential tour last week and leaving such nice comments.  I received a wonderful gift from a long time reader, Sandy H.  It was beautifully wrapped and was a joy to find in my mailbox.  Quilters are the nicest people I know.
Have a super week!

p.s. wow has it been fun to watch Wimbledon this year.  The early rounds have been very dramatic.  I love sewing to tennis!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

High Flying Flags

Happy 6th of July.  What can I say?  It is summer and there has been much to do.

Here are some flag quilts that I have and have made:
Flour Sack Flag
 I love the eagle on this
 the back
 Made by my dear Mary~
This is a "Little Quilts" pattern.
 What an epic label fail!  I think I was intending to gift this little quilt and kept it for myself....I must have felt guilty.   also the elvis print is upside down...or the label.
Here is my kitchen window dressed for the 4th through Labor Day.  It features 2 wooden flag apples made by Susan McD.
 A collection of my Presidential learning tools.  I always wanted to be a Presidential Scholar.....still working on that.
 A vintage hankie that I bought on Ebay
 And I am finally sharing my Hall of Presidents.
Silhouettes of Martha and George.
 My Lincoln quilt and framed Stamps.
 Going the other way - you can see Janet's swap by the door.
I hung Janet's quilt here where I see it multiple times a day by the front door.
My front hall table area.
This was an incredible gift from Barbara S.  You can read more about it here on her blog.
This bust and book was a gift
Mr. Lincoln standing sentinel on the hall landing.
 My friend, Susan McD made me this winning little Presidents Quilt.
So here is the Hall of Presidents in panorama view in two parts:
Just in case this isn't enough you can see posts that feature Abe there is more here and here.

Some day I should honor President Madison, since like you know....I live in Madison which is named in his honor.

Happy Birthday America!