Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodnight Irene and Good Riddance!

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me such nice and supportive comments.  I really appreciate each one!

We are survived!  While gathering candles and flashlights, I found this one, how funny is that.

We lost power at 2:45 Sunday morning - but awoke to no flooding and little tree damage.  We were quite surprised.

A few more limbs came down in the wind after Irene had moved north.

It pays to have sailors in the family!  Rich, Andrew and I took a walk Sunday morning during a lull.

This photo was taken 3 blocks (downhill) from our home.  The brook is usually 12 feet UNDER that white wooden bridge.

The water has filled the gully, filled the parking lot, filled the parkway, and filled the street - incredible!

This was a drive by shooting of the football field at the high school.  Can you say Maroon Lake?

Hooray - Andrew and I played all these games on Sunday.
Andrew won Careers, Sorry, Monopoly and Life.  I won Battleship, big deal.

Thank goodness for a gas range.  We had a lovely dinner of spaghetti, bread and wine.  This is with the flash.

This is how it actually looked.

We are so grateful that it wasn't worse.  We know that many people suffered flooding and property damage.  When the power returned Monday 6am, we were shocked to see how bad it Irene really was for the East Coast.

Thanks again everyone for your concern and thoughtfulness!

Now, back to quilting.....

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Real Hum-Dinger!

Happy Friday -
What a week here in NJ.  First the earth quake and now a hurricane?  crazy times.

On Tuesday shortly before the earthquake, (yes, I did feel it) a hummingbird flew into my family room through the open back door - what??  No-way.

I tried guiding it out but he only wanted to fly up, not down and over to the door.

I finally gently put my hands around him and then released him.  It was amazing.  Especially for a bird person like me.  What a gift.

I'm sharing a quilt and story today that I made years ago.  Yes, the machine is still waiting for a part, so only hand quilting at the moment.

I named it Bird Lady - see next photo

The backing fabric is beautiful birds.  After completing this quilt, I felt it was looked too new, so I threw the whole thing in the washer with a box of taupe rit dye.  They were out of tan.  I thought my quilt buddy Jill was going to have a heart attack when I told her that.

This is another copy cat quilt.  Here is the original "Evening Star".

Here is a close up of some of the fabrics I used.  I collected large scale florals and fruit for quite a while to make this.

Look at these modern fabrics, asian coi and little red riding hood.  All I can say is, I thought the color and scale looked right.  


Here is my favorite cable machine quilting that I did on the border print.   

It was awarded "The Governors Award" at the New Jersey State Guild show in 2007.  I was presented with a hand signed letter from Jon Corzine, the governor at the time.  I have put it in a very safe place, and now I can't find it...ever do that?

Making this quilt was destiny for me.  I found this oversized calendar page of it in 1990 while living in Illinois.

Then I took this picture in 2003 on a historical home tour in Indiana.

Then I found the photo in my favorite quilt book.  It finally dawned on me that I kept admiring this same quilt over and over.

When I finally made the quilt in 2004, after moving to New Jersey, I learned that it was made in Summit, New Jersey.  Destiny, right?

Here is a photo (of a photo) of a smaller version I made with left overs for a non-quilting friend.   Notice; less blocks, wider border ;)

I have an entire file folder of quilts based on this simple star pattern.  I've made many versions, including my recent baby quilt.  The possibilities are endless with this timeless block.

Wish us luck with Irene!  We're going to be battening down the hatches tomorrow for her.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Splendor in the Grass

Do you ever talk about doing something for years and never do it?

Well I fixed that last weekend.  We finally, after 8 years, went for a picnic in New York's Central Park.

The runners went for a nice run on the bridle path (over achievers)!

Then it was time for lunch!  It was a simple affair.

It was really fun to stretch out and relax and people watch.  Here is Hanna reading her summer book for college.  We moved her in last Thursday and she's very happy.   Me?  Oh, I'm fine....really.

So, what's this quilt you ask?  It's my best copy cat quilt, I think.  One of my guilds did a project where we chose quilts from the New Jersey Heritage book to make.  We could replicate it, change it, reinvent it, etc.

Here is the original:

Here is mine.  I named it:  Elegant Migration.

It's a little hard to see, but I used several muslins and tone on tone lights.

Here is the back.  I love this Jo Morton fabric.  Don't you?

Here you can see the machine quilting.

How funny is this?  Doritos has reissued this original bag for their taco flavored chips.  This chip was introduced in 1967 - hence my little troll friend.  Anyone remember watch Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, etc and munching these chips?  How about with an RC cola?

Have a fun week!  Keep your fingers crossed that my machine comes home this week!

Friday, August 12, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Happy Friday!

I thought I'd do a project update.  I definitely hear the clock ticking down the time for my guild's October 11th quilt show.

Here are 3 projects that I hope to finish in time for the show:

Mother's Garden - quilting a little everyday

It's hard to capture, but the center, top and side outlining is done.

Abe Challenge:  just pin basted it.  My machine is in the shop and has been for 4 weeks now.  I need a new button board and they are waiting for the part :(

Here is my four patch posie.  This quilt really took an interesting turn.  I've ordered over 600 crystals for this one, so stay tuned.

Here's what I've done on the tumbler doll quilt since the cruise - Nadda, nuttin', zilch...

I'll take it next week when we take Hanna to school.  I do, however, love my "free with purchase" cosmetic bag.  It's perfect for holding the entire project.

Update on gardens - after a little rain and cooler weather, they have perked up a bit.

I'm really happy with my Home Depot pots this year.  They filled in nicely.

And just for fun:
I was sending a Birthday gift to one of my best friends and I used this Asian newspaper for wrapping.   I've seen free newspapers at Greek, Asian and Mexican restaurants, so keep your eyes pealed.

Final days of summer for my kids.  Playing some sort of horribly violent and loud game on PS3

Have a Fun Weekend!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pie Maker, Pie Maker, Make Me a Pie!

Before I went away, we had a visit from Mary!  So the cupcakers were united for a lovely afternoon on Jill's porch.

Jill planned a little project for us.  Pie pin cushions - so cute!

**added on Friday:  Pattern Credit should have been given to "Chitter Chatter Designs".  Here is their website if you are interested in the pattern:  Chitter Chatter 

First step was to make  circle that would fit our little tins.  We made lattice topping with pre-sew strips.

Look at this handsome devil!  It's Jill's new Golden-doodle, Carson.  He is such a good boy and so friendly.

How luscious to sew on the porch.  Here is susan doing a little machine work, so serious, lol.

I love this photo of us all doing our thing - I wish I could remember what was so funny!

Lunch break-

What a lovely simple lunch for a hot day - thanks again, Jill!  Best pasta salad - ever.

Here are my watermelon decorated cupcakes on Jill's super cute cake stand.  She has a wonderful collection of these.  I just used colored frosting and mini-chocolate chips.

We made little muslin pouches to hold the walnut shells.   You can see Jill cinching up hers.  Before stuffing, we added a little gathered flute of fabric to represent crust.

Susan getting some serious Carson love -

Here is our best Country Living pose -

Just for fun - I picked this up at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
He is a "hub man".  So now I can keep the ipod and both camera USBs plugged in.  Look how happy he is to be helping me :)

I hope you have a fun day!