Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pie Maker, Pie Maker, Make Me a Pie!

Before I went away, we had a visit from Mary!  So the cupcakers were united for a lovely afternoon on Jill's porch.

Jill planned a little project for us.  Pie pin cushions - so cute!

**added on Friday:  Pattern Credit should have been given to "Chitter Chatter Designs".  Here is their website if you are interested in the pattern:  Chitter Chatter 

First step was to make  circle that would fit our little tins.  We made lattice topping with pre-sew strips.

Look at this handsome devil!  It's Jill's new Golden-doodle, Carson.  He is such a good boy and so friendly.

How luscious to sew on the porch.  Here is susan doing a little machine work, so serious, lol.

I love this photo of us all doing our thing - I wish I could remember what was so funny!

Lunch break-

What a lovely simple lunch for a hot day - thanks again, Jill!  Best pasta salad - ever.

Here are my watermelon decorated cupcakes on Jill's super cute cake stand.  She has a wonderful collection of these.  I just used colored frosting and mini-chocolate chips.

We made little muslin pouches to hold the walnut shells.   You can see Jill cinching up hers.  Before stuffing, we added a little gathered flute of fabric to represent crust.

Susan getting some serious Carson love -

Here is our best Country Living pose -

Just for fun - I picked this up at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
He is a "hub man".  So now I can keep the ipod and both camera USBs plugged in.  Look how happy he is to be helping me :)

I hope you have a fun day!



  1. The pies are adorable! What fun!

  2. What a great time you had! Loooove those pies!.........and the cup cakes! Yum!!

  3. What a fun day - love the little pies, and your cupcakes look delicious!

  4. oh my gosh those pies are just adorable.

    looks like the perfect way to spend a day!
    visiting and crafting!
    love that little man I need one of those too!

  5. The screened porch looks like a fun place for the cupcakers to get together. You are always so creative!

  6. Adorable pie cushions and I think I need a Hubman.

  7. Those pie cushions are just awesome...looks like all of you were having such a grand time...

  8. What a great place to sew, and those little pie pin cushions are just adorable.

  9. wow~!!~those vacation shots in your previous post make me want to go somewhere a lot more interesting than where i happen to be~! how lucky for you and your family that you were able to go and see these amazing places.

    the cherry pie/tart pin-cushions are way too cute~!!!!!!!!~

    the labradoodle looks like a very large dog and what a funny combination. i've heard that they are a great pet though.


  10. Oooo lordy! I love that porch for sewing/creating. If she was my friend I would make her do it every week all summer and into fall. The pies are too darn cute and my don't I like pie! I think I'll keep a look out for a hub man. What a handy dude. Great post!

  11. Sewing with friends is one of my favorite things, they so get it! Th pies are so fun, great idea for a group prject.

  12. You guys are having way too much fun!
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Looks like you had some fun! Sewing on a screened porch, aaahh.
    Sweet little pies; you should send that pic in to Country Living!

  14. The pie cushions and your cupcakes are cute as can be, but I'm even more envious of the opportunity to sew on that screened porch. What a perfect day that must have been.
    Sewing with friends -- priceless!

  15. Love the pin cushions and the cupcakes...YUM! You guys always look like you are having such a good time together. That looks like a fantastic place to sew!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  16. Those are the cutest pin cushions! Love the idea...

  17. Loved the post about our wonderful sewing day. Carson is a big galoof and he really did enjoy his sewing day on the porch with the ladies...lol.


  18. I love the pincushions. So cute. The cupcakes look delish. I've been craving cupcakes. That porch you were sewing on is awesome. How fun.

  19. OH my GAWD!!!!!
    I CAN'T wait to catch up. lol
    Well, #1: I don't blog anymore. lol
    #2 : I was in upstate NY and could have taken your dog, but they had a better time. lol
    #3: Sounds like you plan your vacations like I do:
    I.e, for me, : buy tickets at 4Pm and fly out at 6 a.m.....
    Then, tell everyone when you get there! lol

    Loved catching up!!!! so envious!
    Dh wants to go E.Europe so bad.....
    but, does not want the flight...
    we sent tickets for grands and family to come for FALL (Week of , including!~Halloween)
    Life is good. XO
    isn't it?!?!?! :)

  20. Ah, sewing outside--one of the best things about summer. Your little pies are adorable!!

  21. You guys always make some fun things when you get together. I was lucky enough to win one of those pie pincushions way back, yours all look great!
    Love Jill's dog, he's gorgeous.

  22. I love your pincushions. Any chance of a little tutorial?

  23. You Cupcakers sure have a lot of fun when you get together...and you eat very well too :0)


  24. Sewing, lunch and friendship..nothing better!

  25. Sounds like a fun project to do with friends. Ahhh! I see that bag of walnut litter - probably a better deal than the small bag of crushed shells I bought at a quilt shop.
    Carson is quite handsome. Goldendoodles are great dogs - intelligence of the poodle combined with the friendliness of the golden retriever. I love mine!

  26. Oh please do write a tutorial on the little pies. I absolutely must make one!

  27. Very cute little pies Barb. It looks like you had a super fun day!

  28. Those little pincushions are just adorable! It looks like you had a wonderful time -- I love sewing days with the peeps. My sister has a golden doodle that looks just like Carson -- aren't they just the cutest dogs?

  29. What a cute little project! You girls always look like you're having a great time together.
    Fun food, cute projects, good company, nice environment, and puppy love..what more could anybody ask for? : )

  30. I came back to look again at your lovely photos of the time you shared. I see your BIRDSNEST BOX!!!! So fun to see you using it! :)
    What a wonderful project! You've inspired me. Once Again.

  31. Now those are fun pin cushions!! The watermelon cup cakes are so pretty I thought they were pin cushions too! Lol. Love the shots of you all sewing, sewing with friends is the best!


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