Thursday, December 15, 2022

Failing Along - The December Edition

 I was so excited to finish the Double Wedding Ring top.....until I noticed a big mistake.
Thank you to everyone who gave me so much encouragement and positive feedback.  Can spot the error?   Here it is below before it was all sewn together.  Check out the red and blue rings.

I will be fixing it and I show you the error at the end of the post.

I saved a Titmouse in our garage recently.  He was so stunned he sat on my hand for about 5 minutes.  I was able to pet him gently.

I  made an elaborate Dickens set up this year.   You can see more photos and videos on my Instagram.  Coco is a real fan.
Andrew and I cut our own tree this year - first time in my life. Okay, he cut, I picked out, ha ha
It was fun and we'll do that again.   It is still completely undecorated.
This year I put out the big vintage lights - just for  fun.  It is very nostalgic for  me to see them with a little snow.
Everything was going well until covid got me.  I got sick last Thursday and on Sunday tested positive for covid.  I had a telehealth appointment and was prescribed Plaxlovid.   Here is the written information.  Yikes.
Luckily I have a spare TV and moved into a guest room for movies and relaxing with Nutmeg.
I've done a little gift crocheting....and some ripping out....thanks covid.
I received this sweet Christmas gift from a quilting friend.   It is perfect for  my morning coffee and my evening wine.  Sometimes the small things mean so much.
I'll leave you with this vintage photo that I found recently.  It is me and my mother 60 years ago this Christmas.  I am 6 months old and she is 20.  She died on December 10, 1996 so it is a very special little photo to me.
I wish you all Health and Happiness during the Holidays.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and friendship you have shown with me through my quilting and life journeys.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Here is the big mistake:  the center four blocks which were sewn together first, were put in wrong.    The arcs that are circled are inverted.  I need to rotate the whole section clockwise two turns, which is180 degrees, right?
It should look like this - the red ring has all reds arcs, the blue ring has all blue arcs.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

stuff and things

 That is our family answer when asked: "what you been up to?" Here goes....

I had a great time teaching a Liberated House Workshop for the Wayside Quilters in Sudbury, MA.

There are no two houses the same and it makes it a lot of fun to see what happens.
I love this quirky one.
It is so rewarding to see students having fun!
I took a workshop hosted by my guild; the Ninigret Quilters make to make this bag.  Our teacher, Charlie was wonderful!
I did most of my homework, while still taking care of Mr. Fun and his new knee.  I used two pretty large scale florals for the outside.
and two others that look like 1970s polyester sheets to me.  ha ha
So, I decided to approach the workshop as a fun day out and did not pressure myself.  I did make the complicated zippered pieces.  I will finish it at some point.  Stay tuned.
I was honored to be awarded 2nd place Hand Applique' at the Connecticut State Fair Banquet for my Chrome Quilt.
Every quilter who attended the banquet  received a nice zippered pouch and gift certificates from two local quilt shops; what a nice surprise! I also received a nice $35. money prize.
I'm back to winter beanie crocheting with this new pattern for  my guild's Holiday Charity silent auction.
Hope you are all staying warm and doing well.

Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the blog world.  I know it is not as popular as it used to be, so I appreciate it even more!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Hello Out There

I made this in 2006 with swap blocks from a Yahoo Group.  Remember Those?  I love a simple strippy quilt, don't you? 
It is official; this is longest break I've taken on my blog but I'm still committed.   Thank you so much for continuing to read and comment.  I write it for myself, but I love the little community that has stayed with me over the years.

This a very old nine patch that I made with swap blocks from my Piecemakers group in Illinois.  I love a simple strippy quilt, don't you?

I've stalled a little on my daughters DWRQ, but I've made progress.
I got called out a little on FB for using so many pins.  I know I wouldn't need this many with just two fabrics, but when you are adding the pieced arcs, it really helps and doesn't distort or pull the seams on the arc.
So I've been busy with Mr. Fun who had a knee replacement about 11 days ago.  What a nice dog visitor at the hospital.
Lots of meds to administer.  Home PT and recovery is going very well. 
It has been a pretty fall here in CT.  Azure blue skies and pretty oranges and yellows.
I hope this caterpillar makes it before the frost.
My town is having their annual scarecrow festival.  I love to take coco and check them out.  How cute is this one?
and Frida 
On a recent family trip to Washington DC, we visited the African American Museum of History and Culture.
I was thrilled to see this Amazing Quilt in person!  It was made by Jesse B. Telfair, circa 1975.   She was fired from her kitchen job for  registering to vote.  
I'll be working at the polls next week, so please keep a thought for me and our Democracy.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Fun Fall Festivities

Wee!  All the pieces are cut out for  Double Wedding Ring Quilt.
I'm trying to take my time and enjoy the process.   The tracing and cutting was slow, but allowed for  lots of good TV and Movie viewing.
Thank you Narragansett Bay Quilters for  having me come and share my Scrap Secrets Lecture.  We had a fun day of building houses too.  I love to see each unique house come to life.
My friend, Wendy Reed, has an 8 page feature in Quilt Mania Magazine!!!  It is amazing.  The article was written by Cecile' and it tells the heartwarming story of how Wendy got started quilting and her passion for  Potholder Style Quilts.
Congratulations Wendy! Such wonderful and deserved recognition.

My Sparrow quilt flew home from Wisconsin with a beautiful ribbon.
My Chrome quilt won 1st Place in Applique'.  To be fair, it was the only Large Applique' Quilt.   It is great news because it means I will be invited to the State Fair Dinner Banquet which is always fun.
Here is the big Award winner of Cliff Geisler Family Award.
Best Pieced, Machine Quilted.
And here is Best in Show.
A few photos from the fair.  Rich loves the goats.
and Kettle Korn.  He would get a bigger bag if they offered it. 
Here was our first course of fair food.....
And speaking of piggies....
We have a tradition of going on opening night and watching the Demolition Derby. 
Speaking of Demolition; we had our driveway replaced.  It was a huge job.  We had a big crew and lots and lots of trucks.
I've done a little fall decorating to usher in the season.  I'm looking forward to the leaves changing colors here in New England.
Happy Autumn.