Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Christmas in August

Toile' The Night Before Christmas!  66" x 66"
 At the last Clamshell Quilt Show I won a prize certificate for free long arm quilting by Debbie L.  I picked a swirly pattern.
I finished this top January 2016!!!!  yikes.  
I was playing with these in August of 2014.  They are blocks that I swapped with 3 friends from Illinois; Sheila, Kathy and Mary Pat.  You know I love a good swap!  We swapped cheddar nine patches, each combination making a pair.  We used my swap instructions you can find here.
I used two Circus themed fabrics for the backing.  It was quite a complicated piecing feat.
It is a funny "fake" Ringling Bros. print, avoiding trademark issues I assume.
I met up with Christine Wickert while at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  She is a such a nice woman and I admire her work so much!   Many of her quilts have won multiple Best In Show.  Click here to see a video of Christine. 

She had asked me to bring my quilting stencils so we had a little "boot sale".   Here is a quilt that she hand quilted for a special girl named Alice.
Summer Fun for Dogs:
I made some Pup-sickles for Coco and a visiting puppy Hoot.  I used low sodium beef stock and a few dental chews and cookies.
Coco loves them
and Hoot loved it too!
Up-cycling and paper crafts came together in a little Birthday package I made for a friend.  I'm trying to reduce my one-time use purchases so I used bits and pieces found in my craft stuff.
I always snap up old patterns from the free table at guild meetings.

I saw this construction punny "horse" on a walk with coco.  I love when people go the extra step to make something fun.
Hope you're enjoying these last days of summer!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Spray Basting Wall

Do you spray baste?  I do, but I want to do it safely so I made an outdoor spray basting board and I'm sharing how I made it.
The hardest part was bringing the home insulation board home in the car from Home Depot.  I have a SUV and was just able to fit it along the inside of my car above my head.

Can tell you Nutmeg was all in for this project.
I wanted a 60" board since that is about the size project that I would spray basting.  For larger quilts I use pins so I can fold and roll it and manipulate it.
Mr. Fun used a utility knife and quilting ruler.  Nutmeg supervised.  Remember the carpenters rule:  Measure Twice, Cut Once.
The cut edge was raggetty and making a Styrofoam mess, so I taped it.
You don't have to use cute duct tape, but I happened to have this in my sewing room (safely out of other home projects supplies :)
I cut and folded the corners to keep them neat.
Aaahh, much better.
So we taped the pieces to make a 60" square. 
I used large T pins to hold the backing down.
Here is argument for NOT ripping fabric.  See how it pulled the white threads along the edge?  If I had enough fabric, I would have re -trimmed it even more.
After I pinned the backing, I smoothed the batting over it.
and then the top.  (this is when I realized that Abe was upside down.....or my quilt marking was......
I'm using a spray that I got at Joann's or a quilt show.   There are different brands.  Look at this scary label!!  CANCER AGENT.  Look at the list of dangerous ingredients.
Here is the label from a NEW CAN that I bought.  They have changed the ingredients and reduced the dangerous ones.


I happen to have this good painting mask, so I used it.
I set up an oscillating fan too.  I wanted the airborne particles out of my area as soon as possible.

What I didn't show you (because I was working fast).
  1. I pulled back half of the quit top and batting and sprayed the backing.
  2. I smoothed the batting down, then sprayed the back of the top and batting
  3. I smoothed the top starting in the center.
  4. I repeated these steps for the other end.
I've heard it is a good idea to also press the sandwich.  I'm a little mixed.  I worry that heat might release chemicals again.  Thoughts?

I used my board laying flat like this, but you could also prop it up against the garage or deck railing.

I hope you consider making a board to use outside, as that is the safest place to use spray basting.

Happy Quilting!