Thursday, September 24, 2015


It's here!  It's here!  Autumn has arrived in New England and I'm loving it!
I added a few nice fabrics to the magazine for the giveaway.  Thanks for all the comments, I wrote email responses to all those who do not have "non-reply" status on their google setting :(   sady, a lot you fell in that category, but it was nice to get your comment.   Hanna texted me a number between 1-60 and the winner is:

Blogger Cathy said...
Your Alice Payne blocks are fantastic. Can't wait for you to produce the pattern.

Great magazine for a giveaway.

Hugs, Cathy
Our retreat at Rosa Mountain House was wonderful.  Click here to Pat's website. If you are looking for a lovely setting to sew with friends, she offers dates in the spring and fall.
Norma looks very serious here sewing away....We had such a good time as table and room mates.
I read an article about my buddy, Rachaeldaisey.  Her quilt was the cover girl of QuiltMania's new Simply Modern Magazine.  Congratulations Rachael!
 We solved the problems of the at a time.
I caught up on the last 4 stars for the Stars in a Time Warp sew along.  I did NOT finish my retreat project yet.  I hope to show it to you next time.
This should give you a big hint as to how I might set the stars.
I received a touching and very surprising package from my teacher and friend, Gwen Marston.   She is retiring at the end of this year and gifted me her travel applique' needle.  She taught with exactly 1 needle in the zippered, inside pocket of her coach purse.  She also sent along one of her signature sweatshirts.  

At the end of an email this week she wrote:
Glad you like the gifts…now you are all set…completely set….to become the queen of folk art appliqué…spreading the word of doing your own work! Go forth and multiply!   Gwenny

I was literally moved to tears and see it as a good omen because this weekend I'm visiting an applique' group near Boston to give an Applique' Quilt Trunk Show and a Workshop on Designing Folk Art Quilts - Your Way.

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my Alice Payne project. Next week I'll be posting the finished top! 

p.s.  I've added the tab at the top of the blog for the coffin needle case since we're getting closer to Halloween.  click here to see the original post.  If you want the PFD leave your email  or email me using the form on the side.  Thanks!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's HOT here.....

and frankly I'm tired of it.  I love fall and I just can't wait to turn the A/C off and enjoy some!

Here is my Eagle block (some of you saw it on FB or instagram).
Here is Alice's.  I decided to ink the block instead of embroider.  I added the blue star because her bars just weren't for me (sorry Alice).  I also made the claws yellow.  Her's are green???
Here is the last block I'm making for my version of Alice's quilt. The  Flower Pot block~
I made several changes to Alice's block block in colors and cleaning up the pattern.
Look how mad Mr. Starbuck is about all the applique' lately.  What a stinker!
Hooray!  Tomorrow I'm going away on my annual fall retreat.  I'm bringing bow ties to make, 4" stars and a little project with these fabrics:
Hhhmmm, what could I be making?  Any guesses?

This is for My Mary, who says she always scrolls to the bottom first to see if coco makes an appearance.  Here is herself visiting at Daddy's office.  Isn't she thrilled?
Actually, I think she is exhausted from saying hello to everyone.  It was her first time at WTNH-TV.

Surprise Weird Giveaway -
If you've made it to the end, I have a weird give away.  I found my all time favorite magazine ever published on the "free" table at guild last night.   For some reason I find this publication all the time and pass it along to friends who really appreciate Good Traditional Patterns.
Would you like to have it?  Leave me a comment.  I'll ship anywhere in the whole wide world.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Planes, Cars and Boats

Howdy.  I recently returned from a very busy Labor Day getaway with Mr. Fun.    While away I was able to have a little photo shoot of this quilt that I made for Hanna in 2011 for her high school graduation.  It's called Tropical Breeze.  You can see the original post here (which has better quality photos).

The pool at the farm with the hibiscus seemed a good location.
I finished my Alice Payne Eagle block at 25,000 feet on the way to Seattle.  I was surprised that my stitching turned out so well after drinking a WHOLE BOTTLE of wine lol.
While in Seattle we had an awesome power boat ride, an exciting sail and some paddling in a kayak.  My Brother and Sister In Law have a wonderful fleet of boats and water toys.

Here we are sailing to Bainbridge Island.  You can see Seattle on the right.  Look how far we are heeled over - yikes!
We stopped at Pioneer Farm in Illinois for a few days.   Here is a InstaGram collage I posted.  So happy that the implement shed has a new sleeve.  It looks like new!
I'd say this corn is as high as an elephants eye - I'm 5'3"

Bow Tie Swap Update
Looks like everyone is doing well with the bow tie blocks.  I know some people who are making them even though they are not in the swap.  They are so fun and fast.  I'm starting to receive them and they look great.

Civil War Swapper, Barbara, posted these 2 cute bow tie quilts she made for her twin grandchildren.  Pop over and visit her blog to see what else she has including a stunning star quilt she's working on.
Katy who is also a swapper posted this great bow tie quilt on her blog.  She is a very prolific blogger - check it out here.
Did you know that I have a designated Fun With Barb Facebook group?  Everyone is welcome to join.  It is a place where anyone can post photos of swap blocks and quilts.  I'll be posting my fall schedule there soon.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful and generous comments on my Reconciliation Quilt post.  It is so encouraging to hear from so many readers!