Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun For Friday - OMG! Quilt Surprise

Happy Friday from hot, HOT, HOT Connecticut!

Last weekend we went to a wedding in Indianapolis.  It was lovely and what a huge quilty discovery was found at the Columbia Club where the reception took place.

My long sought after, much appreciated, and endless source of inspiration - Political Campaign Bandanas!!!

I was so thrilled and whipped out my camera as fast as I could.

Here are two of my quilts that were inspired by political textiles.

What a huge quilt surprise~  Here is another one, meeting my friend, Mary, who lives in the Indianapolis area for a drink.

And finally, I guess the new trend at weddings is to have a fun photo booth.  It was really fun.  You leave a strip for the bride and groom and you get one to take home!

Boy you can tell we haven't been out lately :)

Have a great weekend and stay cool!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun For Friday - Chocolate Lab and Cake

Hello from Connecticut~  I hope you are having a great summer.  Our move was long, wet and difficult, but we are here and the unpacking has started and will continue for some time.

Coco is missing her fenced yard and freedom.  She'll be getting an invisible fence soon but in the meantime, I made her a frozen treat for fun.

Freeze in a bowl:
Beef or Chicken Broth
Miscellaneous treats (I used rawhide and jerky strips)
Miscellaneous rubber toys (if your dog likes them)

We put it in a plastic bowl on the deck.

We soon lost the bowl and I assisted to keep it from sliding around.

Coco moved to the grass for a better biting angle.

Then the front yard, where she kept a suspicious eye on me.  Our drive way winds around this large rock outcropping.  I am planning to do a lot of planting around it this fall and in the spring.

Success!  She finally got the rawhide out.  That's our new home behind her.  Not an older traditional home I had hoped for, but we love it.  It is set on 2 private acres.  Quite a switch from Jersey :)

And now for the beloved humans in my life - Copycat Chocolate Cake from Chicagoland's Portillos Restaurant.

On our recent trip to Illinois we made an emergency stop for Chicago Hot dogs - Oh my.....

All the recipes on line are the same Click Here.  Surprise a cup a mayonnaise - just like my friend Maureen's recipe. 

They all use Betty Crocker Frosting, but I always make my own.  Click Here for the one I like best.

Portillos' version here:

And Mine:

I hope your summer is filled with fun, family and some stitching - see you soon.