Tuesday, July 26, 2022


Color Wheel Fun is happening here. I'm developing a new workshop using Analogous Colors.

I think I'll call this red hot chili peppers.
Narrowing the color scheme is a fun way to explore values and colors.
I think this one will be really fun.
My boys bought a new boat!  It has taken many months but we have a new Andiamo.
I shared this old quilt in IG. It is a signature quilt I made for Rich 23 years ago.
I had forgotten that it had an early panel on the back.  
In other boating news; my guys headed to Chicago for the annual 333 mile race to Mackinac Island.  It is like taking a first day of school photo each year.
Sadly due to horribly stormy weather they withdrew within hours of starting the race.
Better to be safe, especially since they were down 2 crew members.  They drove up to island and are having a good time anyway.
Can you sense my husbands disappointment? 
Meanwhile, I have been getting ready for  three days of teaching a quilting fun at Maine Quilts.  
I'm teaching three all day workshops:
Pretty Pineapples
Liberated Houses:
Lollipop Garden 
I had a few friends come up for quilt camp while the boys were away.
I think we chatted and ate more than we sewed.  Sounds right, doesn't it?
coco has been enjoying swimming at the lake.  
Nutmeg is watching the hummingbirds.
I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Friday, July 1, 2022

60 Birthday Round Up

Birthday Bow Ties - 18" June Monthly Mini

I've been thinking about a chrome or cheddar bow tie little quilt for  a while and this week I needed some nervous sewing time (no comment on the current situations in America).
Birthday Bow Ties - 18" square - blocks are 3 1/2" 

How cute is this backing?
I am continuing to work on my Three Mile Island Quilt.  
This is my favorite block.  So 70s
Randy Danto recommended this book to me, and I loved it.  It is set in the 60s and female centric.  
We've been enjoying wonderful weather here in CT.  Low humidity and nice temperatures.
I had my final  60th Birthday celebration last weekend which included this fabulous cake!
and these gorgeous flowers!
Coco made a great model.   Go to Wendy's blog for  a link to all the merry mini makers.

Happy July Everyone! xo