Friday, January 20, 2023

Sweet Retreat!

Happy Friday!  The big stitching has begun! 

I first machine quilted in the ditch all the blocks and arcs......sigh.

I'm making color choices as I go along.  My plan is to do the 4 patch intersections the same way and use black on all the backgrounds.

I got away for  3 days for  a quilting retreat.  It was wonderful.  I always bring a pillow and quilt from home to sleep under if I'm driving.  This one went perfectly with my hotel room decor.

First up, was the tissue covers for  my daughters wedding.  They will be added to the welcome bags.

Retreat Tip:  Doing your cutting at home with fewer distractions.
If you get; you get it.

I was in mass production mode.


they still need pressing - yes, I press them after I put the kleenex in.  See the cover third up from bottom on the right.  That one is pressed.

I made a dolly quilt inspired by Beth's quilt in Yellowstone.

I didn't have the right grey, but I made do.  I also added the yellow floral print.  My sewing neighbor, Alice, agreed it added some sweetness and color.
The way to appreciate a doll quilt is on a doll bed.
I also made a block for  the house sew along.  A hen house.  Here is my sketch.
and my finished block.  The girls are inside laying eggs. ha ha
I'll leave you with this gorgeous photo of sunrise yesterday from my front stoop.
The old saying is true: Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.  The day ended with an electrical storm with lots of lightning and thunder!

Take care and stay well friends!

Monday, January 9, 2023

Thank you for Coming!

Happy New Year and Happy January!  Thank you for visiting.
I love the fresh start of a new year.  I don't even mind that it is January. All I need is a cozy quilt, a quilt book and some good movies.
Here is the full quilt I made in 2005.   It is not big, but just big enough to cover me up on the couch.
The baskets are 3" finished.   I swapped them with my Illinois friend, Sheila.
 Here is the rough pattern I use if you want to try sewing some.
I can not thank you all enough for  continuing support of my DWR quilt.  It really has been a labor of love.  I did take out the center (with a new seam ripper)
Under my bright sewing light, I actually could see that these browns were just slightly different and went with the other browns. 
Live and learn.
Here is the backing with a hidden seam.
It is hard to see the seam on the back, but there is one.
I basted it last week while watching the nonsense in Congress.
I spent the weekend machine quilting it in the ditch to stabilize it.
  This year I'm practising Dry January, which means no Friday Cosmopolitan and no wine.  I'm getting pretty good at mocktails.  Kombucha with fruit is my favorite evening drink. (second favorite)
I'm having lots of fun thinking about the houses I'm making for  Corrine's and Cecile's 2023 Quilt Along.  See details here.
I'm planning a rural farm scene and will be making a horse house, or barn next.

So blog friends, how are you keeping up with your blog reading?  I am having a challenge since Bloglovin is gone.  I have built a list on my home blog page and I also check my blogger dashboard reading list, but it is more challenging.  

When boggers leave a comment, I am adding them to my blog homepage. 

Thank you for visiting and I wish you a Peaceful Happy New Year!