Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Color My World!

Popping in for a "Hot Flash" update.

My little sparrow has flown into the project

Aren't they Cheeky?

Here are my first four blocks -

Here are Susan's blocks.  I love the shape of her flower.

We put them on the design board together.  They don't look as bad as I thought they would!

Hooray for Color!  The painting crew started yesterday.  It sounds and smells like progress!  Coco and I are sequestered in the basement together.  Mr. V and I usually do our own, but didn't have the ladders for this house.

I can't wait to have some color in my home!  Here are my master color lists.

Hope you are having a great (and colorful) week!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Brownstone Quilt Show 2013 - Part 2

Happy Friday!

I won this wonderful little quilt at the mini auction.  It is hand quilted and the perfect size for a couple of candle sticks.

Here are some views of our special Red & White exhibit -

My favorite is my good friend, Norma's.   Isn't it jolly!!

We had a  4-Patch Posie, One Block Wonder and Stack and Whack exhibit.  All of these quilts start with layering and cutting blocks out of 1 fabric, and reassembling into a totally different looking fabric.

Norma is the queen of the 4-patch posie.  Here are 2 of hers.

Isn't Pauline's OBW stunning?

 This is Pauline's too call "Look at me Now".  It was made from a panel print with a beautiful bird.

The bird is at the top of the panel and I couldn't get it - sorry.

The next two are made by Kathi Kruk with a scull and rose fabric in 2 color ways.  I absolutely love these!

Susan H made a 4 patch posie from the Ghastlie fabric that I used with a white background.

Our raffle quilt and the second place runner -

Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone -

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brownstone Quilt Show 2013 - Part 1

Presenting some of my favorite (and by no means all) quilts from our recent guild quilt show -


Best use of Color and Viewers Choice went to my friend, Elizabeth.  Congratulations!

My sewing buddy Susan H won a first place in Pieced Bed!

This was a presidents quilt that guild members made.  Mine is a pink one.

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful quilts!

See you soon for part 2