Friday, November 15, 2013

Brownstone Quilt Show 2013 - Part 2

Happy Friday!

I won this wonderful little quilt at the mini auction.  It is hand quilted and the perfect size for a couple of candle sticks.

Here are some views of our special Red & White exhibit -

My favorite is my good friend, Norma's.   Isn't it jolly!!

We had a  4-Patch Posie, One Block Wonder and Stack and Whack exhibit.  All of these quilts start with layering and cutting blocks out of 1 fabric, and reassembling into a totally different looking fabric.

Norma is the queen of the 4-patch posie.  Here are 2 of hers.

Isn't Pauline's OBW stunning?

 This is Pauline's too call "Look at me Now".  It was made from a panel print with a beautiful bird.

The bird is at the top of the panel and I couldn't get it - sorry.

The next two are made by Kathi Kruk with a scull and rose fabric in 2 color ways.  I absolutely love these!

Susan H made a 4 patch posie from the Ghastlie fabric that I used with a white background.

Our raffle quilt and the second place runner -

Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone -


  1. I love all that beautiful embroidery on the Candy Cane Christmas. It is fun to see your quilt show from my computer!

  2. What a wonderful show! Red and while quilts still steals my heart.. Reminds me of that fabulous experience. Your guild has some amazing quilters!

  3. Norma's quilt is wonderful. I love red and white quilts. It will look so very good displayed over the holiday season. She does nice embroidery.

  4. What a great show! I think I shall never tire of r&w quilts! I'm making one now!

  5. Oh, I do love the red and white exhibit! They are stunning! Love the raffle quilt too!

  6. What a fun little quilt you won!
    Great show, Barb. I am always amazed and inspired by these online shows, since the guilds in my area do not put on shows.

  7. What a spectacular show! Love that red and white winding ways... stunning!
    Your new mini quilt is a score... beautiful!

  8. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful quilts. Red & white quilts..oh be still my heart!...will always be my favorite. What a talented group of quilters, WOW!- must make your show a "road trip" one of these years!

  9. Beautiful quilts! I love the little one that you won!

  10. Your hand quilted mini is beautiful! Looks perfect on the table.
    Love love love that redwork quilt your friend did. Such beautiful stitching.
    I made a stack and wack, and four patch posie has been on my want to do list for a long time. Now all these amazing quilts make me really need to do one. And a one block wonder. sigh so many quilts, so little time. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your little Amish quilt is adorable, what a great win!! I'm loving all those 4 patch posies, I'd love to try one one day. The red and white quilts are always so striking, that Christmas one is so jolly and fun. Thanks for sharing these quilts, you're part of a very talented guild!!

  12. Always love to see quilt shows. So interesting to see what others are working on! Thanks for sharing! Great little win too--that ones definitely a keeper.:)

  13. The red and white quilt with the stitchery is my favorite.

  14. Oh boy another win for you! What a lovely little Amish Jewel think you should play the lottery?
    Red and white quilts are so yummy, I'd love to make that winding ways divine! Thanks for the show, what talent ladies you quilt with :0)

    Happy Sewing,

  15. Lots of eye candy in this post :0) The mini quilt is very pretty! I like how a different quilting motif is used in all the borders.

  16. It's amazing when one fabric is cut in a particular way, it can create such awesome and interesting quilts. I have a friend named Norma too, who is super creative. Must be a good name to have.

  17. Love these quilt show posts.

    I came to know Pauline's work when good friend of mine, who lives in Portland, showed me all of her quilts (they correspond). So I feel like Pauline is a familiar "face" and loved seeing her quilts here.

    Congrats on being a winner!

    Elizabeth E.

  18. Wow -- such beautiful quilts. I Love Norma's R&W quilt -- so happy and pretty and perfect for Christmas! And the raffle quilt is gorgeous!

  19. Barb,
    We met at the NJ Quilt show. You inspired me to make a Ghastlie's 4 patch posie. Your quilt is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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