Monday, July 24, 2023

Summer Quilting Update

Nutmeg's Puff Quilt....She hates it.
Now you may wonder why I made this.  All I can say is that I wanted to try this method because I think they have a old timey charm and I wanted to understand how it was done.

We picked out fabrics.  These were from a 5" charm pack by moda.  the line is called Slow Stroll.
She liked this part
Here are all my little pockets ready to fill and sew.   I used this tutorial which I first saw on Instagram. 
Here is the back before adding the backing
I layered it and pinned it 
Then I tied each corner with perle cotton .
I used the floral print from Hanna's wedding tissue covers.  I brought the backing to the front and machine stitched it.
I made it to fit in the box she likes to lay in.
What can I say?  She hates it.

In other news:
I made a special label for  Hanna and David's wedding quilt using several label books.
I got that wonderful flat light box - where else?  Amazon.  Here is the one I purchased.

I combined several designs by tracing them, and I did the lettering myself.  It is not perfect, but it was done by my own hand.
Here it is on the back of the quilt.
I'm still doing big stitch quilting on my Vedderstone Ranch quilt.
On my Design Wall:
This is a quilt I started in 2015 - yep, that's 8 years ago folks.
The only thing left to do is sew on the top border and appliqué those top animals.  That is all that is why did I put it a drawer for  so long???  

If you are still here, thanks for  reading my post today.  I'm feeling very conflicted about blogging at the moment.  So many great quilters and friends have given it up.

Like my friend, Wendy Reed, I am going to continue for myself and to journal my creative endeavors.

Here are a few photos out on the sound with my boys.
I love to watch the clouds out there in the open sky.
Happy Summer.