Lectures & Workshops

Lectures - Approximately 1 hour

Quilts - The Story of My Life
A Powerpoint Presentation followed by a trunk show of quilts representing my 25-year journey in quilt making and design.  I present my quilts chronologically to show the evolution of my work from commercial patterns to adaptation to original work.   I share my inspiration sources and how I have interpreted them in my work in hopes that it will inspire others to tell their own story.
I recommend this lecture if I'm visiting your group for the first time. 

Scrap Quilts - The Secret to Success 
A Powerpoint Presentation using antique quilts and my own work to decode the secrets and patterns of success scrap quilt making.   Through a study of these quilts I will discuss design techniques such as color, contrast and composition and how they are employed to create beautiful quilts.  The lecture is followed by a trunk show.
This is my new lecture and has been very popular.

My Workshops are for all levels of experience.  Class limit is 25.

Folk Art Applique’ – Your Way (this is a designed based workshop) 
Learn how to make simple freezer paper patterns to create your own original designs.  We’ll explore source material and inspiration ideas.  Students will learn how to sketch and cut out simple shapes.  We’ll explore color and composition for a small quilt.  I’ll demonstrate how to make bias stems and berries.   A selection of Barb’s original patterns will be available for sale.   Full Day Workshop or 2-Day Workshop which would also include making berries, stems, lettering and hand applique' instruction.

2 or 3 sewing machines for students to share
Box of Freezer Paper, pencils and paper scissors
Iron and Ironing surface (a few to share is okay)
Basic hand sewing kit (Needles, pins, thread for applique’, fabric scissors)
Fabric marking pens or pencils

One yard piece for background, muslin or neutral fabrics work best.
8-10 Fat Quarters or large scrap pieces in colors you like and that work together.

Hex Vex – English Paper Piecing
Learn the basic techniques of English Paper Piecing to create your own unique hexagon quilt.  We will discuss the importance of color and scale and when choosing fabrics for this scrap quilt.  Students will learn how to achieve intricate patterns and designs using commercial fabrics.  Full Day Workshop

$12.00 Class kit (required) paper pieces to create 3 different styles of hexagon blocks for a total of 15 completed blocks (papers can be re-used to make more)
Plastic template material for auditioning fabrics
Marking pencils/pens for fabric
Basic hand sewing kit:
Pins (for pin basting papers to fabric)
Threads to match fabrics
Scissors (paper and fabric)
Iron and Ironing surface (to share)

10-12 fat quarters (or larger pieces) of a wide selection of fabrics that work together, like reproduction fabrics, bright modern prints, etc.  Consider finding a multicolored patterned fabric and selecting those colors in different prints.  Bring large and small-scale prints, stripes, geometrics and novelty prints.

Study the fabric variety here to get an idea of what to bring.  Consider working in a theme such as Halloween, Christmas, Patriotic, etc.

Liberated Houses
In this fun workshop there is very little prep and lots of sewing fun!  I will demonstrate techniques for making liberated house blocks in different styles and sizes.  This is a fun way to use scraps or make a holiday themed quilt.  I will discuss how to set the blocks to finish your house quilt.
Full Day Workshop
Basic Sewing Supplies:
Fabric Scissors (large and small)
Rotary cutter & Mat
Rotary Ruler - at least 6"
paper and pencil for notes and sketching

Sewing Machine in good working order with cords.
Irons and boards to share

Fabric Requirements:
Scraps of all sizes and colors from 2" to 10"
1 1/2" - 3" inch strips work well.
3-6 Fat Quarters for roofs and backgrounds.
(I will also have scraps to share with students)

Created By Hand
I offer a full day workshop on Hand Quilting and Hand Applique'.  I will share my tips and techniques for these time honored traditions in quilting.  I have been awarded Best Hand workmanship, 1st place Wall Applique' - Hand Quilted and many other awards with my hand work.
Full Day Workshop.

Supply list upon request.

Contact me for calendar availability and fees   barb.vedder@gmail.com or phone: 203-350-5043