Lectures & Workshops

Due to Covid-19 All my lectures are ready to present and entertain your group on the ZOOM Platform

I have received very positive feedback from several guilds and I'm happy to meet you on ZOOM

Quilts - The Story of My Life
A PowerPoint Presentation followed by a trunk show of quilts representing my 30 year journey in quilt making and design.  I present my quilts chronologically to show the evolution of my work from commercial patterns to adaptation to original work.   I share my inspiration sources and how I have interpreted them in my work in hopes that it will inspire others to tell their own story.
I recommend this lecture if I'm visiting your group for the first time.   

Scrap Quilts - The Secret to Success 
A PowerPoint Presentation using antique quilts and my own work to decode the secrets and patterns of success scrap quilt making.   Through a study of these quilts I will discuss design techniques such as color, contrast and composition and how they are employed to create beautiful quilts.  The lecture is followed by a trunk show of scrap quilts.  

A Brief History of Quilting in America
A PowerPoint Presentation providing a visual journey of the Quilting Tradition that we love.  I have created a guided tour through the historical trends, tools and revivals that have helped to shape our industry from the 1700s to the present day.  This is a great program for any group that has "seen in all".  I will share a trunk show of my quilts as a companion to the presentation.

New 2020 Lecture available September 1st
Sensational Solid Quilts 
A PowerPoint Presentation exploring the origins of Solid Quilt Design and what might have inspired them.  I will guide you on a visual journey of color exploration and appreciation.   I share sensational quilts made with solid fabrics from early Quiltmaking in America through the Modern Quilt Movement of today.
I will share a trunk show of quilts as a companion to the presentation.


**Due to Covid-19 some of my workshops are not available.  Design workshops are for better suited for in-person and one on one teaching situations**

Lollipop Garden  **Available on Zoom**
A fun workshop that teaches quilters how to make perfect circles! This is a sewing machine class where students will learn the technique of finished edge machine applique'.   I will teach an easy method for making stems and tips for  making a scrappy string border.  This class is great for all skill levels.
Full Day Workshop.  Class limit 20.

Kit fee required which includes pattern and circles.

Three Projects to choose from:

Lollipop Mini (16" x 19")

Table Runner (44" x 22")

Lollipop Garden Wall Hanging (43" x 35")
the same techniques were used to make these 2 modern quilts.

Magic Medallions  **currently unavailable due to Covid-19**
Using leftovers, strips, UFO or swap blocks, learn how to compose different elements into a cohesive pleasing composition.  Students can work in a liberated way or traditional style and will explore the importance of contrast and auditioning.  This is a hands on design class for all level of quilters.
Full Day Workshop - 20 class limit

Hex Vex – English Paper Piecing - **Available on Zoom**
Learn the basic techniques of English Paper Piecing to start your own unique hexagon quilt.  We will discuss the importance of color and scale when choosing fabrics for this scrap quilt.  Students will learn how to achieve intricate patterns and designs using commercial fabrics.
Full Day Workshop.  Class limit 20.

Liberated Houses - Pattern Free Piecing Fun **Currently Unavailable due to Covid-19**
In this fun workshop there is very little prep and lots of sewing fun!  I will demonstrate and guide students in making liberated house blocks in different styles and sizes.  This is a fun way to use scraps or make a holiday themed quilt.  I will discuss how to set the blocks to finish your house quilt.  Fun class for all skill levels.
Full Day Workshop - class limit 20.
This is such a fun class that most students wish it was longer. A two day workshop allows students to expand and explore their house building techniques and to design setting ideas.  It is perfect for a guild or group retreat.

Applique’ The Fun and Easy Way   **Available on Zoom**
Learn how to make simple freezer paper patterns to create your own original designs.  We’ll explore source material and inspiration ideas.  Students will learn how to sketch and cut out simple shapes.  We’ll explore color and composition for a small quilt.  I’ll demonstrate how to make bias stems and berries.
Full Day Workshop - class limit 20
I also offer this in a two day workshop where students have an opportunity to refine their compositions, learn and practice making stems, berries, basting and needle turn hand applique'.  I will also introduce how I apply lettering to quilts. 

Created By Hand **Available on Zoom**
I offer a full and half day workshops on Hand Quilting and Hand Applique'.  I will share my tips and techniques for these time honored traditions in quilting, including stems and berries.  I have been awarded Best Hand Workmanship, 1st place Applique' and Best Hand Quilting.   
Full Day (6 hours) or Half Day (3 hours)  - Applique'
Full Day (6 hours) or Half Day (3 hours)  - Hand Quilting
Full Day Workshop - Both Techniques are Demonstrated with some time for practice.  
Class limit 20 to provide one on one support

Thank you for considering My Programs.

See my Bio page for endorsements from Gwen Marston and Guilds that I have visited.

Please contact me for availability and fees.  
barb.vedder@gmail.com or phone: 201.220.9132