Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I'm In Love...

....with my new 4-block Applique' Project!
My working title is Whigging Out, but that might change.
I'm using chrome yellow as my background.  It isn't for everyone.  What do you think?

Here are some photos of my early designing process.  I won't bore you with all of them....there were many ideas that were thrown out.
I had to piece my background, but that makes it authentic as I'm not buy more yardage when I can make do.  
You can also see my placement lines which I press in to help arrange my elements.
Once I was happy with the corner design, I traced it onto medical paper.  Tissue paper will also work.  As you can see it is a rough tracing.
Then I slip it underneath to layout the other corners.  I like wonky - but not cray cray.  You know what I mean?
I pin the block to the paper to keep it in place.
I slipped a piece of template plastic underneath so I didn't pin every piece to the paper.
This is Olympic level pinning.  I like to sew baste my applique so it is ready to travel.  It stays put and stitching without pins is a dream.
Here is where I'll be next week.  
I still have openings in my 2018/2019 booking schedule.  Email me if your group is interested.  I love to meet you in person.

I am offering a new pattern in my Fun With Barb Etsy Store.  My Hot Flash Quilt. The pattern is full size, so no need to go to the office store.
Here is a fabulous new recipe that I tried recently.   My family loved it!!
 Find the recipe by clicking here.  I made 2 changes to the recipe; I used low fat cream cheese and I added dollops of pesto on top.   It was so good, I opened a bottle of red wine on a weeknight!
This is going to be a very brave bright quilt.  I'm so excited to have a new happy applique project!
Swap Blocks are due in the mail now.    Please send them asap so I can swap and return the blocks - woo hoo.
Have a great week

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sewing at Sea

Hello Friends~
I'm back after a week in the Caribbean.....aaaahhhh that's better.  I had a little stitching time on the way to Ft. Lauderdale.
We cruised on the Nieu Amsterdam of the Holland America Line.   I met several quilters who were at Quilt Camp at Sea.  When it was too windy outside I stitched at the top of the ship with a beautiful view.
On Valentines Day Mr. Fun and I celebrated our 31st Wedding Anniversary.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and best friend.
 The ship had special flowers, treats and music it was a wonderful day.
On Key West we rented bikes and rode all around and took a tour of the Truman's Little White House.  It was fascinating. 
Somewhere Over the Rainbow....
 The ship was redecorated in December - it looked gorgeous.
 Oh, there you are....
I love this presentation at the Asian Lounge; Tamarind.
aaahhhh - Half Moon Cay
 Grand Turk - they are still recovering from the hurricanes of 2017.
Travel Tip:
When you book airline tickets online double check then triple check your dates.    Do you see the problem here???
I didn't see my error until the day before we were leaving the ship and I couldn't do anything about it until morning.  :(

Luckily we got new flights - for a change fee of course.
Unluckily our 2nd flight was CANCELLED due to weather.
Luckily we got tickets on Amtrak Washington DC - New Haven, CT.
Unluckily it takes 5 hours on that train.....
Luckily there was a club car.
What a meal - Wine and a Marshmallow Treat.

Thanks for all who left comments on our Superbowl snack.
We call them Hanky Pankys, but they are also known as:
Sh*t on a Shingle
Polish Mistakes
Barf on Bread
I think it is mainly a American midwest thing but I've had them here on the East Coast too.

Thank you Silver City Quilters for giving me such a warm welcome and for being so engaged in my Lecture and Trunk Show.  I'd love to meet more blog readers, so please share my information with your program organizer or quilt shop.  See Top Tab on this blog.

Swap News:
Mailing instructions have been sent via email.  Thank you for posting on IG, FB and in Bloglandia.  I'm excited to start seeing them here in CT.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

First Finish For 2018

It is only 12" square, but it is a finish!
I used leftover Modern Bow Tie Blocks from the 2015 Swap.  Hanna called "dibs" on it right away.
I use a single binding on these little quilts so there isn't a big bump where it joins the quilt.  Here is a post on how I do it.
 To make my life easier, I start and end with a straight corner, and miter the rest.......Naughty I know, but it's my quilt......
 I ALMOST got the backing straight. Oh well maybe I should have fused it?  any suggestions?
It looked so charming in Hanna's room with her lavender walls.  The lamp was from Target.
How are my swappers doing?  You would think I could find an hour to finish my last 4 blocks right?   ha ha ha.  Maybe today - another snow day here in CT.
Pets really seem to get the whole Hygge philosophy.  Relax Coco.
 I need to switch out Mr. Starbucks Christmas accessories, but he's always in there.

Congrats Eagles Fans!  Great Game and Big Win for Philly!

Survey:  What does your family call these?  It is beef, sausage and cheese on a mini pumpernickel bread?  I know of 4 names but wonder if there is more.
Olympics start on Friday Night! woo hoo