Wednesday, February 7, 2018

First Finish For 2018

It is only 12" square, but it is a finish!
I used leftover Modern Bow Tie Blocks from the 2015 Swap.  Hanna called "dibs" on it right away.
I use a single binding on these little quilts so there isn't a big bump where it joins the quilt.  Here is a post on how I do it.
 To make my life easier, I start and end with a straight corner, and miter the rest.......Naughty I know, but it's my quilt......
 I ALMOST got the backing straight. Oh well maybe I should have fused it?  any suggestions?
It looked so charming in Hanna's room with her lavender walls.  The lamp was from Target.
How are my swappers doing?  You would think I could find an hour to finish my last 4 blocks right?   ha ha ha.  Maybe today - another snow day here in CT.
Pets really seem to get the whole Hygge philosophy.  Relax Coco.
 I need to switch out Mr. Starbucks Christmas accessories, but he's always in there.

Congrats Eagles Fans!  Great Game and Big Win for Philly!

Survey:  What does your family call these?  It is beef, sausage and cheese on a mini pumpernickel bread?  I know of 4 names but wonder if there is more.
Olympics start on Friday Night! woo hoo