Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missed Seminar and Miami

This past weekend was the American Quilt Study Group's seminar and it was in my backyard....  and I missed it.

This is a great organization if you like to study and learn about antique quilts you should check them out.  This year they held their seminar in Cherry Hill, NJ.   The next seminar is in Lincoln, NE.  HHmm, great steaks and quilts, what could be better?

While I was not able to attend, some of my handy work did.
Along with my cupcaker buddies Jill and Susan, we supplied the seminar with the centerpieces.

We made the oak leaf and reel into a table topper about 14" square.

I made 13 of them.

I used a reproduction rubber stamp and a fabric ink pad to make the labels on mine.  Yes, they are fused on.  Kind of a cop out after hand stitching all those bindings... (or maybe because of it).

We did the quilting and the stitching at the same time.

It was fun laying them out.  It would make a lovely quilt.  Since we redrafted and made the pattern, I think I may one day.

coco gave them a spin and liked them.

The other component to our center piece were canning jars with 4 FQs of reproduction fabric in different color families; red, blacks, yellows, etc.

Now there are only a few things that would prevent me from going to a great quilting event; Rich, Andrew or Hanna.  Last weekend I got 2 out of 3.  Thanks, Andrew for watching coco!

The building of her (current) declared major.

We were lucky enough to be there for a broom ball game.  Her team are "ice holes" pretty funny.  A sport that is a mix of ice hockey, field hockey and soccer.

Hope you had a great weekend too!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jolly Good Show!

Happy Friday and Fall!

Before I share the show photos, I'd like to share with you a great new product.  If you thought my photo purse was a good shopping aid check this out!

It's called Swatch Buddies -

The kit comes with a key chain, and plastic pallets.  They provide double sided tape to affix your swatches.  On the back side you can attach labels with all the fabric info.

They are nicest people and I think they have a fun and useful product.  Here is their website:  www.swatchbuddies.com
Wouldn't they make great gifts for quilty friends?

And now on with the show.....
Best of Show-

Sorry, couldn't get a full view - too many admirers.  Has anyone else noticed that the winners for the past few years have almost all been diamond in a square style quilts?

John Flynn quilts -

I really want to do a storm at sea - maybe next year.

Beautiful quilting -

A few from Pepper Cory's orange and black exhibit -

Since I'm working on an India quilt myself, I really enjoyed this one-


I like the way she quilted this -

I thought this was a very cool piece-

I hope you enjoyed the mini-show - have a fun week!

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Bee" Happy

Happy Friday!

I was getting out some fall quilts and I found this one that I made for the 1999 at Gwen Marston's Quilt Retreat.

The theme was string quilts.

Each of the five years I went I made a signature quilt and name tag to match the theme.  The name of retreaters are on the muslin strings.

I hand quilted it with  a honey comb pattern.

Here maybe you can see the quilting on the back-

and my name tag -

Hooray!  Tomorrow is my bus trip to the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza. If you see me, say hello, I love meeting readers and other bloggers.

If you see me, you can buy a ticket for this quilt for $1.00.

I have prepared a simple photo purse to help me shop.

I don't know where I first saw this, but I think it's brilliant!

Fabrics I need to match

Shopping list -

And lastly, my machine is safely home.  Not repaired, not cleaned but after 8 weeks; home.  The small shop is dealing with a serious illness and I wish them well.

Thank you, Jill, for lending me your machine and to my other  quilt friends for offering their machines.  You are the best!

See you next week with quilt show photos.
Have a fun weekend!