Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Happy Tuesday -

Today I made a block for Amy, Mrs. Schmenkmans Quilts, who recently lost her husband.  Sarah Fielke is organizing the blocks and hopes to make a quilt for Amy and her daughter, Anabel.

Here is the block that I made.  She is asking for Kaffee fabrics and the design is to resemble a base line on a stereo.   Amy's husband, Dan, was had a passion for music.

You can email Sarah for the full instructions, or you can leave a comment here and I'll forward Sarah's email to you.

I don't know Amy personally, but I do know that quilts can offer comfort when it is need it most.

Last week when I visited Boston, MP and I scooted up to Lowell to see the New England Quilt Museum.  What a treat!

The exhibit of Maine's Heritage Project was Wonderful!!  sorry but no photos allowed.  I sketched a couple of things and I may be doing a new english paper pieced project inspired by a quilt we saw, right MP?

The have a wonderful library and they were having a little sale.  So I picked up this sales brochure of the Jinny Beyer commemorative Discovery line from 1992.  I was able to purchase 1 few pieces of it a couple of years ago so it's nice to have this.

I didn't realize the backing fo my Moby Dick quilt is part of that line.  My friend, Diane, gave me that backing, and it was perfect for Moby.

I also picked up this interesting 2 piece set.

It's a book and pattern set form Women's Day.  It encompasses all different needle art forms and it's really interesting to study for inspiration.

Have a fun week!


  1. Your last item looks very familiar...a friend (who garage sails, but doesn't quilt) found some of the needlework collection for me and brought them to me a couple of weeks ago. I am will trying to digest all the patterns and pieces. LOTS of fun (I don't think it is the whole thing). The outer container full of stuff is familiar, and there is a second bundle tied up with selvage strings. It does look like interesting reads! I LOVE those old vintage patterns! Have fun dortin through your pile.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  2. I don't think I have any of those fabrics....but I do love them!

  3. I am planning a trip to Boston later this fall, and now I can't wait to visit the museum! Thank you for sharing the link. And your treasures look like fun, too.

  4. I love that fabric with the ships! I just bought that box of patterns and book recently too!
    Glad you were inspired by the Maine exhibit, did you like any of Judy's quilts?

  5. The pattern collection you picked up is the companion of a book by Rose Wilder Lane. Keep an eye out for the book to complete your set.

  6. Great finds. Some of the older books are true treasures.
    Your gify block is really special and I'm sure will be loved.

  7. Oh fun goodies! Those look like I could have fun with them for awhile!

  8. OOOh! Gorgeous things! That box of patterns looks fabuloso. I'm very intrigued by your hint at an English paper pieced quilt (I'm so addicted to paper piecing right now). Can't wait to see....

  9. I missed that line of fabric but it looks wonderful, I love the ships!! I can just imagine what amazing quilts you would have seen at the museum. Your block for Amy is beautiful, pink is nurturing colour. The idea of a bass line is so clever!

  10. A visit to the New England Quilt Museum - sounds wonderful!! Looks like you did well at the library sale :0)

  11. Lucky you visiting the museum.I love the look of the boxed patterns, great inspiration there.

  12. What luck finding Rose Wilder Lane's Women's Day set! That is definitely on my wish list.

    I have a few pieces of the Discovery line; isn't the ships-eagle-Liberty fabric a wonder!

  13. Sounds like a fun and inspiring place to visit. You sure did pick up some treasures.

  14. wow!~Wish I'd known about that line of fabric when it was out.. but I was not quilting then. It reminds me of an Hermes scarf I've coveted for a long time... Columbus' Discovery with ships, indians, flora & fauna, maps... sigh... Girl, you sure do get out and about a LOT!~good for YOU! Love seeing what you have to share with us.

  15. sherryhutchens@comcast.netAugust 6, 2012 at 3:50 PM

    Hi there - I hope it's not too late to get instructions for the block you made for Amy and Anabel. I saw the finished quilt on Amy's blog and googled a pattern, but came up empty handed. If you can share the instructions I would be enormously grateful! Thanks. My email is sherryhutchens(at)comcast(dot)net


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