Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jolly Good Show!

Happy Friday and Fall!

Before I share the show photos, I'd like to share with you a great new product.  If you thought my photo purse was a good shopping aid check this out!

It's called Swatch Buddies -

The kit comes with a key chain, and plastic pallets.  They provide double sided tape to affix your swatches.  On the back side you can attach labels with all the fabric info.

They are nicest people and I think they have a fun and useful product.  Here is their website:
Wouldn't they make great gifts for quilty friends?

And now on with the show.....
Best of Show-

Sorry, couldn't get a full view - too many admirers.  Has anyone else noticed that the winners for the past few years have almost all been diamond in a square style quilts?

John Flynn quilts -

I really want to do a storm at sea - maybe next year.

Beautiful quilting -

A few from Pepper Cory's orange and black exhibit -

Since I'm working on an India quilt myself, I really enjoyed this one-


I like the way she quilted this -

I thought this was a very cool piece-

I hope you enjoyed the mini-show - have a fun week!


  1. What a fun way to begin my Wednesday--at a quilt show! Thank you for posting all of these photos for us to enjoy. I'm amazed at some of these quilts, and like you, I want to try Storm at Sea some time. Love that last quilt of the "graffiti." Thanks again!!

    Elizabeth E.

  2. Loved the show, especially the best of show...amazing!

  3. Graet show! I bet you had a wonderful time too!!

  4. Thanks for posting some wonderful photos of some spectacular quilts. I love that fact that I can visit a quilt show almost anywhere through the eyes of our blogger friends. It's always great inspiration.

  5. Thanks for the show, Barb. I'm sure I'll check back to take another look!

  6. some beautiful quilts thanks for sharing with us
    love that baltimore album and well the red stars, wow the quilting is amazing, really love the flower garden quilt too...


  7. Thanks for the pics, Barb! It's funny, I posted pics of many of the same ones from the New Hampshire show....I guess we like the same stuff! Even down to the "I like the quilting" on the flower garden quilt! I said the same damn thing! HA!

    And the vendor booths were terrific in NH as well.....tons of great stuff! Yay!

  8. Thanks for the quilt show. What lovely quilts.

  9. i could comment on every single one of these amazing works of art but the two that seemed most relevent to what i'm doing right now were the flower garden quilts.
    i've recently dug my hexie flowers out and am considering how i'll finish them up . . .
    these two are set in what i would call a honeycomb type setting and i'm leaning in that direction . . .
    and the quilting on the second one is interesting. my first thought was to quilt mine a quarter inch inside each hexie but have wondered about the integrity of the (hand) piecework being reinforced by quilting that crosses over the seams somehow and this is a great example of that.

    thanks so much for sharing.


    p.s. in thinking ahead to yet another project i was totally inspired by the storms at sea . . .

  10. Thanks fdor bthe show Barb!! Were Pepper Cory's quilts antique quilts? I love the white and black stars on the orange background one. If it's not an antique she's done an amazing job on the color placement to make it look like one!

  11. Wow -- some beautiful quilts! I especially love the Baltimore Album quilt -- gorgeous!

  12. What a great variety of different styles!! I love that about quilting! and they're all wonderful!! Thank you for sharing these with us!! I love the swatch tags, what a fun idea!!

  13. It was so nice to see you at the show...I can't believe I forgot to take a picture!

  14. Sweet Candy Dots, the Pineapple quilt, the Storm at Sea quilts, all wonderful. Thanks so much for the pics.

  15. Oh MY!! I'm swooning...I'm reeling from all these FAB quilts!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing them!! What great 'eye candy' to inspire me!!

  16. I never tire of looking at great quilts,,,thanks for sharing your pictures, and doing such a great job of giving credit to their makers.

    Happy Sewing

  17. Great quilts, thanks so much for sharing the photos, especially the ones from NZ, I took a class with one of those ladies.
    One of my favourites was the orange and grey star.

  18. Thank you for sharing so many beauties from the show. The 41" square Baltimore Album quilt is spectacular.
    I appreciate seeing the quilting on the hexagon quilt. I'm glad to see that not everybody quilts around the inside of every single hexagon. Now maybe I won't be afraid to hand quilt my hexagon project.

  19. Thanks so much for sharing the show pics! I really like the way that one hexie quilt was quilted and hadn't seen a Storm at Sea with such a variety of colors. Eye candy! :)

  20. Great show! Thanks. That Aurora Borealis one is stupendous!

  21. One of my first major quilts was a storm at sea. I wish I had a good picture of it. Loved seeing the range of work being done in Pennsylvania.

    Thanks for visiting me at daintytime Barb!


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