Thursday, June 14, 2018

Blogger Bummer

Hello!  Hello??  Anyone there??  See the end of the post for my rant about Blogger.
Friendship Medallion - 35" x 35"
I finally used my paint by numbers fabric.  I love this fabric.   You can see all the quilting.  I really do like the fans in the corner. What do you think?
I will never, EVER use wool batting on a small machine quilting project again!  I fought it the whole time! Too Puffy!!  I am going back to 80/20 or cotton.  What do you recommend for machine quilting?  
I had to quilt it much more than usual and the tension of the stitching skewed it - arrrgghhhhh
marked it with Crayola Washable Markers and the Blue Water-soluble Pen.  All marks came out fine with the help of these products.  My son laughed about my Alchemy.
I gave it a 30 minute soak then lots of squeezing and squishing followed by a rinse and spin cycle in my machine.  Here is a beauty shot.
I makes a good table topper for my DR.  Maybe I'll offer a pattern for it in my Etsy Shop.
It was National Sewing Machine Day yesterday.  I sewed all day.  It was wonderful.  I'm working my way through the entire Twilight Zone series on Netflix.  They early ones are really interesting and weird.
Starbuck has been on duty chasing the chipmunks.  I'm so frustrated with them they are digging up all my flowers :(      Do you have any suggestions?  By the way, he's already brought 1 upstairs in the house and caught another yesterday and waited for us to open back door.  
 Here is a peek at what I worked on yesterday.  I'm working in a new direction with a series in mind.  It fun to be excited about something new.
I wish you all a Happy Day 

Now for the rant.....
Blogger is has made a change to not publish open ID comments.  So only people with a Blogger or Google profile can leave one.  I blog to connect to a community of quilters but this is really getting in the way of that!   Also, as you all have noticed email notifications on comments have stopped too.

This is not a PROBLEM this is a CHANGE made by Blogger.  What to do now?  I am emailing commenters directly from my email since I know most of them.  I am not, however, going back to all the blogs I leave comments for follow up responses which may or may not be there.   

I recommend that you use the orange button on this screen shot and send them a message about how unhappy we are with the changes.  
this button right here 

One thing you can do after posting is leave a comment on your own blog and click the box that says "follow up" emails then you'll get them, but you still won't be able to email responses  from that.......

waaaa.  waaaa.  waaaa.  Maybe it's time to use own website domain, which I already pay for and get off Blogger or drink the Kool-aid and just post on Instagram.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Happy June

Back from a little blog break with a new finished quilt top~

Friendship Medallion -  40" square

It has a little twist - can you find it?
Why the name?

Three churn dashes were gifts from the 2018 swap.
The two blue dutch floral borders are a gift from Doreen.
The red broken dishes blocks are from the 2016 swap.

Thank you Everyone Who contributed!
This is another sample for my new workshop: "Magic Medallions".  These are not my typical colors but I really like them together in this quilt.

I ordered this beautiful little self published book from Gwen Marston.  She told me she had been wanting to make this book for many years.
each page has a Tree quilt and a poem or proverb.
It is delightful in every way!!  One of the things I've been busy with is planting my summer pots.  I've planted 10 this year.
I think you might be able to get yourself a copy of it here.

I received this hilarious oven mitt as a Birthday Gift.
 see anything weird about her cooking utensils?
Check out the funny details on the  Thanks, Sheila!
I leave you with a photo of the Watercolor that Kelly sent me.  Isn't it sweet?
Happy June - See you Soon

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Missing Post - ooops

I found out I wasn't supposed to share even a sneak peeks on social media - ooops.

I'll share here the other parts of the post.....which isn't much.

I found another great example of Large Baptist Fan quilting on this antique log cabin quilt.
I've been nursing a sprained back (which is a bummer)!!  But with a little help I got my seedlings planted along with some pansies.
 my nasturtium seedlings :)
 potted mint for tea and a little solar mason jar I picked up at the hardware store.
Sale on Etsy.  I have a 20% off everything in my Etsy store through June 5th.  I don't think you need a code, but if you get that prompt it is FANFUN.
Did you watch the Preakness?  Justify is quite a horse!  He likes to get muddy.
Could he be the next Triple Crown Winner?  I'm gong to root for him for sure!  It's been three years since American Pharoah.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sharing - All Quilts Matter

All Quilts take planning and time to create.  They are all a reflection of the makers vision.  I would not be the quilter I am today if Quilters before me had not shared their work.

A group of Berry Basket Quilters shared a whole day with me making Liberated Houses. They were such a talented and nice group!  Thank you for spending the day with me.
here are some of their houses~
Blair brought her beautiful basket quilt to share with me.  She is quilting it with my Baptist Fan Stencil.  I love her smile!  and Carole is obviously in awe behind her.
Susan shared her Evening Star quilt.  I've made this beauty twice.  Her version is spectacular!
I recently heard from Quilts Inc. that my Mother's Garden quilt was accepted to exhibit in Houston this fall.  I'm so happy to be sharing this with a wider audience.
Janet of Mrs. Sew n' Sew blog took my encouragement to heart and entered her fabulous Bird of Paradise Quilt and it will be on display this year!  This quilt will be shared with so many people who will be inspired by it.
I am so happy that they offer a place to "exhibit" as well as  "compete".  Just because you might feel a quilt isn't "prize worthy", or  even good enough to get in a juried show, doesn't mean that it doesn't have great value to viewers of the show.

Like quilt shows?  Enter a quilt!  My favorite show is a Guild Show.  That is where I see (achievable) unique and original work.  Here is some from the Northern Star Quilters  recent show.
 I think this was my favorite - there is a charming little mistake in it which made me smile.
 Best in Show
Wonderful version of Florence Peto's Calico Garden quilt - this one is for you Barbara S.
 I loved this unique modern quilt!
I entered my Snowflower OBW quilt.  I loved every single part of making this quilt.
My friend, Elizabeth, won a red ribbon for her version of a Sue Garman applique' quilt pattern.
Norma won a HM for her charming Witch Quilt.
Speaking of sharing, Lori of Humble Quilts shared our mutual friends, Susan McD's quilts from the QuiltFest of NJ.  Click the link above to see and read more.
We as a community should take time to share our quilts and to support our sister quilters.  Go to shows, enter shows, read blogs and leave a comment.  Be encouraging.

As you can tell I'm very passionate about this subject.  If you are too, consider sharing this post to Spread the word of Sharing!