Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Bits and Pieces

This year I decided to hang my Asian Grandmothers Flower Garden in our BR for the winter months.
It's nice to see an older quilt get a little display time.  I hand quilted this EPP quilt in 2009.  My friends thought I was crazy.  EPP was not popular at that time.
It has one of my favorite backs.   I only had a half yard of that asian print, so I created a window effect.  I also matched the sleeve, which is my preferred sleeve application.

Last week I delivered my quilts to The New England Quilt Museum.    I had a nice morning with Pam.  I helped her move the other quilts that will on display and we checked 26 of mine in.

Click the photo for a link to the Museum

What a great job to be able to see all the quilts that come to the museum!

The museum is in an old bank building, complete with a quilt vault!
I'm working on Cecile' and Corine's sew along and pieced two more blocks yesterday.  They are very simple blocks to go with the folk art applique'.
My current movie project is Alfred Hitchcock.  Here is my very messy coded list.  It has been very entertaining and interesting.  Half the fun is trying to find where to watch them for free.  Today I'm off to the library to pick up DVDs.
On sunday I (re)watched North by Northwest while doing a little applique on Jill's quilt.  It may be my favorite. 
Have you been playing Wordle?  It is a little challenging but very fun.  Here is the link if you want to play.  You can also play on your phone.
Well, that's about all I have to report at the moment.  I hope you are staying well and warm.

I think Nutmeg has the right idea on getting through January.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

2021 Intention Review

January means I hang up Flat Stanley!  

For my 2021 intentions, I batted 500, which sounds better than I did only half of what I intended to do.

Whig Rose - I have finished quilting the center and 1 border so this is a definite.
SUCCESS - Hooray I finished this and earned a ribbon in my guilds show! 
Here is Chrome Sweet Chrome

Jill's Quilt - Half of this top is appliqued.  I intend to finish this top and if I have time, start big stitch quilting.
FAIL - I'm putting this on the 2022 intention list.
Love Birds - I will machine quilt this one.   
FAIL I'm definitely putting this on the 2022 list.
Teatime at Downton Abbey - I will machine quilt this one.
SUCCESS! finished!
Finished quilting 
coco loves it 
Animal Crackers - I need to finish the machine applique and machine quilt it.  
FAIL! I'm disappointed that I didn't even work on this! on the 2022 list it goes.
Chernobyl - I intend to make a total of 16 blocks add machine applique' borders and machine quilt it.  
SUCESS! Yay for me again, I finished it and received a ribbon in my guild show.
Finished in early summer :)
I have decided to join my friend, Cecile', with her 2021 Quilt Along.  The theme this year is "curves".  how fun.
SUCCESS! I made a special quilt for under my TV

I'm going to join in this years QAL.   The theme is a sampler, so it will be making pieced and appliuqed blocks but they all have to be different.  I'm going to do 16 blocks I think, 8 of each.

You can register here until January 20th on Cecile's Blog.  It should be a lot of fun!

I received a Chia pet from my thoughtful and nostalgic son for Christmas.  I named her Harriet and here is her journey:
So I'm off to start tackling some of my 2022 intentions.
Stay safe, healthy and warm!

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Happy New Year News

Happy 2022~ Please!  

Many of you may have seen this big announcement on my Instagram and FB.  
I will have 24 quilts, spanning 30 years on display at the New England Quilt Museum.  Click here to see a preview

I am delivering them tomorrow and on Monday, I decided to add a sparrow to the back of the quilts that did not already have one on the front.  A bit of an undertaking along with lint rollering and steaming them, but worth it to me.
I used lot of different techniques.
This is a fancy label that was a block that made twice.  Nothing was too much work when I first started quilting.  I need to reflect on that.
We had a big disappointment (along with many many people) this Christmas.  After decking all the halls and setting the menus, we were unable to have our week together with Hanna and David in CT.  
They both got covid.  DC saw an explosion of omicron cases in mid-December.  boo hoo.  Thankfully they are recovered and will come this weekend!

Here they are on Christmas Day.  David got a beard decorating kit in his stocking, ha ha.
It is our tradition to take our sweet Coco to her favorite State Park on Christmas, which is also her Birthday. She must directly in front of Rich.   She is an old granny at 12!
My vintage pink and red tree in my sewing room has been very cherry I mean cheery.
I kept busy getting the quilts ready and making more crochet hats.  I know, I'm addicted~  I find it relaxing and fulfilling.
I will be back soon to share how I did with the intentions that I set last January.

Until then, I wish you Peace and Good Health.