Monday, January 27, 2014

Gwen Marston & Quilt Along

Good Monday Morning!

I received a nice note from Gwen Marston about her one woman show at the Dennos museum in Traverse City, MI.  The exhibit is stunning and gallery space is perfect for showcasing her work.   She sent me a link to a slide show with 100 photos.  Click HERE to see them.

If you've read my blog for awhile, you know that I consider Gwen a mentor as well as a friend.  Her philosophy and work ethic has informed my quilting journey.  Thanks Gwen.

The museum recorded Gwen's 45 minute lecture and it here it is.  How wonderful that we can enjoy it from our couch.   I've heard Gwen lecture many many times but I am always inspired and awed by her insight and point of view.

Make a cup of tea and enjoy!

Hooray!  Lori is presenting another quilt along for us.  Join in the fun.  It's always fun to have a new little project.  Click here for the link to MidWinter Blues.

Here are my sets -

I've decided to double down.  I've made 2 sets and will make 2 little quilts.  I plan to set them with different colors.

Fabric ABP!  My Mothers Garden quilt was saved by a generous woman in Michigan.  She sent me some of the background so I could finish my quilt.  She is desperately searching for this fabric.  It is from the Windham Presidents Collection line.  Do you have any?  Please leave a comment and I'll get you her info.

Please search your stash for this:

How can all this primrose beauty cost me only $1.67 at the grocery store?

Thanks Stop and Shop.   Have a great Week everyone!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fifty Shades......of Lavender!

Hooray!  My first big finish (top) for 2014.  This is a quilt for my daughter Hanna's bedroom.  It's not really 50 shades of lavender, but I couldn't resist naming it that.

You can see by my boot prints that we got lots of snow, about 8 inches.  I'm working on a quilting plan with variegated purple thread and a gorgeous backing fabric.

Here is a view of the 8" of snow on the deck early this morning.

I love when the snow looks blue in the early morning.  Coco is making a serious inspection of it.


A good batch - I'm planning to do a little snow shoeing later with this wild animal.

Jubilee quilt update - I've nearly finished the whole center portion!

You can see it better on the back.  I'm always amazed how different the quilted areas look and feel.

I've posted more photos and information on The Jubilee Quilt blog.

I've got lots of new ideas and projects percolating and hope to be posting more in the future.  Time seems to be flying by lately!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year, New Little Quilts

Happy New Year!

I am so late in posting a new years post!  I've been doing a little hand quilting on the Jubilee quilt every day and my goal is to finish before my June birthday.  Wish  me luck!

I made two little Downton Abby inspired quilts this week.  I'm so happy that the show is back for another season of family business and fashion.  Margaret sent me the Downton Abby fabric, thanks dear friend, miss you!

I used these two toile's on the back.

To get my mojo going, I reworked this little doll quilt top for one of the quilts.
This -
became this-

We had a nice family Christmas with the kids -

The Birthday dog, Coco, is wondering why she isn't in the photos -

Our 2013 Christmas card.  This American Gothic themed photo was taken at the family reunion and memorial for my mother in law and father in law and Rich's aunt at our family farm 4th of July weekend.

The little Downton Abby quilts are very versatile mug rugs.  Weather you prefer tea and bisquits or a little sherry and crackers they are the perfect size.

  Hope your year is off to a great start and you are staying warm in the face of the Polar Vortex!