Monday, January 27, 2014

Gwen Marston & Quilt Along

Good Monday Morning!

I received a nice note from Gwen Marston about her one woman show at the Dennos museum in Traverse City, MI.  The exhibit is stunning and gallery space is perfect for showcasing her work.   She sent me a link to a slide show with 100 photos.  Click HERE to see them.

If you've read my blog for awhile, you know that I consider Gwen a mentor as well as a friend.  Her philosophy and work ethic has informed my quilting journey.  Thanks Gwen.

The museum recorded Gwen's 45 minute lecture and it here it is.  How wonderful that we can enjoy it from our couch.   I've heard Gwen lecture many many times but I am always inspired and awed by her insight and point of view.

Make a cup of tea and enjoy!

Hooray!  Lori is presenting another quilt along for us.  Join in the fun.  It's always fun to have a new little project.  Click here for the link to MidWinter Blues.

Here are my sets -

I've decided to double down.  I've made 2 sets and will make 2 little quilts.  I plan to set them with different colors.

Fabric ABP!  My Mothers Garden quilt was saved by a generous woman in Michigan.  She sent me some of the background so I could finish my quilt.  She is desperately searching for this fabric.  It is from the Windham Presidents Collection line.  Do you have any?  Please leave a comment and I'll get you her info.

Please search your stash for this:

How can all this primrose beauty cost me only $1.67 at the grocery store?

Thanks Stop and Shop.   Have a great Week everyone!


  1. I like the cheddar and good for you for making 2 little quilts! Thank you, thank you, for the Gwen Marsten info. I plan to pour myself a cup of tea and enjoy it later today. And the primrose is so promising of spring coming. I must get one for myself. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and info on your post today.

  2. OH dear... you have given me so much to do here... a video to watch and a new quilt to start!

  3. I'm looking forward to our drive over to Traverse City next week - eye doctor and then Gwenny!! We couldn't make it over for the opening of the exhibit and her talk so thank you for the video. I'm going to go look for that quilt along - I'm happy with little projects these days. Stay warm!!

  4. I love your blocks Barb! Perfect color combination as well!!
    I love Gwen and will enjoy the show later today. Thanks for sharing the link.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing Gwen's show and lecture! Her life's work is so deserving of wide recognition. I'll enjoy her lecture later today. Good luck finding your fabric!

  6. I got on the tread mill this morning and enjoyed Gwen's lecture. The time flew by!

  7. Thanks for the link to the lecture. I have never heard Gwen and I look forward to enjoying it later today.
    Your little sets of blocks look so fun. Here you have two sets made and I haven't even started!
    I didn't think that fabric looked familiar, but I searched anyway, to no avail. Sorry.
    I love when primroses come to the store in late winter. Such a happy splash of color!

  8. Thank you! I will be back to listen to watch this video as soon as I have a spare minute! Good luck with your fabric!

  9. Gwen came to our local guild a few years ago and she is so great. I am going to go look at every picture and listen to her lecture after I get some work done so I can relax and enjoy it.
    I had some of that fabric, but I am sure I donated it when I moved. I will double check.

  10. Thank you for the link to the sildeshow, I'm so going to make a cup of tea and enjoy Gwens beautiful quilts, and then her lecture. I'm a huge fan!! Lori's quiltalong looks fun! I like that you're making 2, it'll be great to see them in different settings. I'm crossing my fingers that someone will have that fabric your friend is looking for. Beautiful Primrose !! When I buy them I find it hard to choose one colour and end up with 5.

  11. Really like your fabric choices for Lori' s Midwinter Blues block. How smart to make two at a time! Thanks for the link to Gwen' s lecture!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing the links, I'm going to enjoy them. Sorry I can't help with the fabric, I hope someone can. Loving the new little quilts.

  13. I love her too! I am going to check out the videos right after dinner.
    I don't have any fabric like that so I can't help you out. I love the cheddar in the MidWinter Blues, it sets off the blue perfectly.
    Primroses are a favorite, now I will have to go scout some out!

  14. Thanks for the link, Barb. I really enjoyed Gwen's lecture.
    I participate in the quiltalong by enjoying other peoples progress! Love those blues!
    Pretty primrose!

  15. Thanks so much for that Link. I've been a fan of Gwen for many years!

  16. Your quiltalong blocks are wonderful - love the blues with the cheddar. I don't have any of that red - it's a very nice one I hope someone has some. Thanks for the links - I'm off to check them out:0)

  17. i am proud to say that i have most of Gwen's books and love every one of them. i will come back soon when i have a bit more time and enjoy the links. thank you.
    those primroses are gorgeous~!!~
    i am trying to justify doing Lori's QAL . . . so little time but it looks like a wonderful one to do and i really like the colors. you are coming along with yours (x2) very nicely.
    i don't recognize the fabric but will have a look through my stash and see if there's a piece hiding in there . . .


  18. I saw that video mentioned on another blog too -- it's a sign -- I really need to sit down and watch it! Your little blocks are perfect -- I love that pop of cheddar!

  19. Thanks for the link to Gwen's lecture. I watched/listened to it on my iPad while quilting yesterday. I do love her approach! It prompted me to pull out some of her books for a good shot of inspiration.
    The blocks look great ~ how smart of you to make two at once. I've often thought (after the fact) that I should have done the same on some small projects.
    Sorry, no luck on the fabric.

  20. Thanks for the link to Gwen's talk. I know what I'll be watching while making soup this evening.

  21. Thanks for the info on Gwen's show! QAL blocks look great!

  22. Well that was a real treat, thank you for sharing it with us. I have only had one retreat with Gwen
    but I do have all her books and just love her know her must be to love her she is so generous
    with her time and ideas.

    Happy Sewing

  23. Planning to list to Gwen later today. I do enjoy her work and I enjoy seeing all the wonderful projects that her inspired students have made. How special it must be to know her and to spend time with her.

  24. Thank you for sharing that presentation. I have always loved Gwen's work. I have that same love of solids and hand quilting. So interesting, wish I lived near there so I could see her exhibit in person. Thank you for the great start to my day!

  25. Thank you for the Gwen info. I have the fabric, well some of it :-)
    Send me her contact info.

  26. Thanks for the link, I'm going to listen now. Love the header, is that new?

  27. Gwen liberated my quilting early on and I was honored to attend one of her Beaver Island Retreats. Wish I lived closer to see her exhibit. I will enjoy the video -- thanks!

  28. Contact The Patchwork Co. store in Windham, NY: or to search for your fabric, Barb. Ph: 518-734-6838. It's worth a try.

  29. i have been following you for a bit when i discovered you thru pinterest--i also love PW and have her cookbook and first novel---they are both signed--however--i wasnt lucky enough to actually see her in person~i just mailed the books to her and she sigend them!!! love your blog..
    Lethbridge woman show


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